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					K3 Factsheet

Cash Book

To provide system-wide bank reconciliation information on cash inflows and
outflows, allowing optimal and efficient cash management.

The Value of SYSPRO Cash Book                               Audit Trails and Reporting

 • Provide visibility of current bank balances               • User defined number of months for history retention
                                                               and reporting
 • Track transactions that have not cleared the bank
                                                             • Comprehensive audit trails for all transactions
 • Know in what form cash resources lie
                                                             • User defined cheque and remittance advice
 • Produce cheques online
 • Increase the speed and efficiency of bank
                                                             • User defined selection criteria for flexible reporting
                                                             • Recurring entries report highlighting unposted entries
 • Provide statement balance inquiries
                                                             • Journal and G/L distribution reports
 • Allow the forecasting of cash positions with automated
   cash projections                                          • Reconciliation and consolidated statements

 • Facilitate electronic payments                            • Bank balance report

 • Inter-company postings                                    • Foreign currency variance report

                                                             • On-line cheque register

 • Cash Book integrates with General Ledger, Electronic
   Fund Transfer and Work in Progress                       Matching SYSPRO to Your Business

 • A/P Payments and A/R Deposits flow through the             • Manage numerous bank accounts
   Cash Book                                                 • Maintain local and foreign currency bank accounts
 • Email reports and produce remittance advice               • Handle foreign currency transactions through local
   documents through MS Word utilising Office                   currency bank accounts
                                                             • Associate each bank with a unique General Ledger
                                                               control account for accurate auditing

                                                             • Record bank deposits and withdrawals quickly and
K3 Factsheet

Cash Book

 • Perform bank reconciliations, both manually and              • Process transactions in prior periods
   electronically quickly and easily
                                                                • Process A/P payments and A/R deposits in new
 • Process recurring entries automatically                        month without closing Cash Book

 • Update exchange rates for foreign currencies on the
   fly while processing entries

 • Easily adjust previously entered deposit and
   withdrawal amounts

 • Post transactions to multiple companies from the
   same screen

 • Drill down to source transaction of A/P and A/R
   generated entries

About K3 Business Technology Group

K3 are the world’s largest supplier of SYSPRO ERP systems - one of the most widely installed Enterprise Resource
Planning applications. Coupling robust, advanced functionality with first-class service and support, K3’s scalable,
integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are designed to address manufacturing, supply-chain,
distribution, financial, customer management, human resources and e-commerce needs.

Our customers benefit from local supply and support backed by SYSPRO’s global organisation and it is our reputation
for excellence in customer service that has led many of the UK and Europe’s leading manufacturing and distribution
companies to choose K3 solutions.

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