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									                                              easy-wire smoke alarm
Mains powered, simply wires into your existing lighting circuit, can be linked to other smoke alarms without wiring.
         Ideal for new homes, refurbishments, extension or simply updating the smoke alarm system.

                                                         • Alarm installs directly into existing                        • Suitable for any light fitting
                                                           lighting circuit, can also be used                           • Lights to indicate alarm powered
                                                           as a conventional hard wired alarm                           • High grade sensing chamber
                                                         • Easy flick alarm test and                                    • 10 year warranty
                                                           silence with the light switch                                • Slim, sleek design
                                                         • Failsafe interconnect                                        • Certified to BS 5446-1:2000
                                                         • Integral, re-chargeable long-life                              by the Loss Prevention
                                                           lithium powerpack                                              Certification Board (LPCB)
There are over 72,000 house fires in the UK each             Integral self-charging power pack, recharges when light
year resulting in 500 fatalities and 16,000 injuries.        is switched in via switched live or permanently charges
Many of the casualties are in homes that had a               if connected via permanent live.                                 Protection level explanation:
battery operated smoke alarm fitted, but the alarm
failed to operated. This is ususally because the             Three ways to install the alarm. Standard switched live,
householder removed the battery due to nuisance              permanent live or both. Standard, recharges alarm                Protection level 5
alarms, often caused by cooking fumes, or to place           when light is on, enables light switch test and silence.         Class leading in terms of performance
in a gadget or childs toy.                                   Permanent live, works as a mains alarm with battery              and features, no battery maintenance is
                                                             back-up.                                                         required for the life of the product
Hard-wired alarms are recommended for fitting
in new build and renovation circumstances.                   Failsafe interonnect                                             Protection level 4
                                                             Up to 12 EZ smoke alarms can be interconnected in                Advanced performance and unique
The easy-wire alarms are failsafe. Different to              a single dwelling. The failsafe design shields the
other hardwired alarms they can be wired into the            alarms from electrical overload and short circuits
                                                                                                                              features, only minimal maintenance is
lighting circuit it can constantly charge or charge          in the buildings wiring, to ensure worry free operation,         required.
up when the light it’s connected to is switched on.          even if the wires are damaged in a fire.
                                                                                                                              Protection level 3
Historically, hard-wired alarms have been installed on       10-year powerpack                                                High performance products with
their own separate fuse within the consumer panel.           Integral, re-chargeable and non removeable                       features, only minimal maintenance is
So when a user gets frustrated with ‘nuisance’ alarms        ,the built in powerpack is warrantied to last the                required.
there is a tempatation to switch off the alarm at the        10-year life of the alarm. Being re-chargable
consumer panel. As the easy-wire can be installed            no maintenance is required.
directly into the lighting circuit and has an integrated                                                                      Protection level 2
re-chargeable battery supply, it does not have a             Low profile design                                               Meets or exceeds the industry standard
separate fuse that can be removed to disable                 The sleek modern design of the easy-wire range is                performance, annual battery
the alarm. Furthermore the temptation to disable the         discreet and stylish.                                            maintenance is required.
alarm is reduced, instead of reaching to the alarm at
ceiling level, the easy-wire it can be controlled by         Visual power on and function indicators                          Protection level 1
simply flicking the light switch for testing and             The use of high quality red and green light                      Basic requirement products, meets the
silencing.                                                   indicators make it simple to check which mode                    industry standard performance, could
                                                             the alarm is in, and shows if it’s functioning
                                                             correctly.                                                       require replacement within 12 months.

                                                             High grade sensing chamber
                                                             With a design based on commercial system
                                                             sensors, the excellent quality stainless steel
                                                             dual chamber ionisation sensor reduces the
                                                             instances of false alarms, and unlike some
                                                             other domestic senors it is not prone to
                                                             degredation over time.

                                                             Certified to BS 544601: 2000 by the Loss
                                                             Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)
                                                             Purchase with complete confidence, as the
                                                             easy-wire range has been rigorously tested
Protection thoughout the home                                and certified in accordance with all the                         Wireless interlink COMING SOON
                                                             relevant standards.                                              Contact 024 7623 6600
No new mains cabling routing required.
Install directly into lighting circuit, saving lengthy       Cost effective for domestic installation projects up to 12
wiring.                                                      Easy-Wire Smoke Alarms can be installed. Making
                                                             this a sensible hard-wired solution for the installer,
Connects directly to switched and, or permanent              whilst providing the end user with unique features and
live to charge                                               worry free protection for 10 years.
Ground level
Automatic test and silence from light switch when
connected via switched live. So no ladders of
chairs are needed.

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     EN A

     10                                                                    +44(0)24 7623 6603


        RRAN                                                        @      info@fireangel.co.uk
                                                                                                                                                        EZ Range
EZ wiring schematics

                                                                                                  The EZ range of FireAngel
                                                                                                  smoke alarms is designed to
                                                                                                  utilise the existing lighting circuit
                                                                                                  of your home, to allow for ease
                                                                                                  of installation and light switch

                                                                                                  This makes the EZ-range, the
                                                                                                  ONLY hardwired smoke alarm
                                                                                                  to be specifically designed and
                                                                                                  manfactured to wire into lighting
                                                                                                  circuits as recommended by the
                                                                                                  Building Regulations 2000,
                                                                                                  approved document B,
                                                                                                  clause 1.18.

                                                                                                  Wireless interlink
                                                                                                  No wires are needed to interlink
                                                                                                  EZ smoke alarms to each other
                                                                                                  with the RF (radio frequency)
        Specifications                                                                            option. Without the need for
                                                                                                  extensive interlinking wiring,
                                                                                                  substantial fitting time and
                                                                                                  therefore expense can be saved.

Standard - Used in new construction and for        Switched - Used in retro-fit when there is
retro-fit, when a permanent hot (live) wire exists not a permanent hot (live) wire in the light
in                                                 wiring box.
the light wiring box.

        RF interlinked easy-wire smoke alarm specifications

        Power supply:                             230v (AC)
        Battery:                                  Non-removable, 9v rechargeable Lithium Manganese Dioxide
        Sensor Type:                              High performance stainless street dual-chamber ionisation sensor
        Casing:                                   Injection moulded, flame retardant ABS
        Weight:                                   0.65 Kg
        Size:                                     153mm by 33mm (at max depth)
        FireAngel manufactures a full range of products for complete protection, including
                    the award winning PS-101 Plug-in Smoke Alarm and the
                            CO-828 Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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