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									  To talk to someone about these changes,
 please ring 01707 361269 or you could ask
your friend, key worker or one of your family
          to read this leaflet to you.

 If you want to let us know what you think,
          you can write to us at:

         The Consultation Officer
             Charter House
           Welwyn Garden City
                AL8 6BR

                 Or email:
                                                Easy read leaflet
Talking about health services near to where you live
Doctors and nurses are asking people what              Making it possible for your doctor and the
they think about ideas to make changes to              people that work at the surgery to give you
some health services in Hertfordshire.                 more health services closer to where you
They are asking about:
    What hospital you go to if you are very ill    These are just some of the changes that
    and have to travel there in an ambulance       doctors and nurses want to happen.
    What hospital you go to if you have to have
    an operation                                   They think that making these changes will
    Where you go if you have to have a test like   mean that patients who live in Hertfordshire
    an X-ray                                       will get better health services.
They would like to know what you think about
                                                   Because these doctors and nurses want to
their ideas.
                                                   talk to lots of people about their plans, they
What are these possible changes?                   are holding some meetings so that they can
                                                   explain how these changes could affect you.
They are:
    Changing things in hospitals. This might       If you want to go to one of these meetings or
    mean that if you had a heart attack you        would like to talk to or write to someone
    might go to one hospital. But if you cut       about what these changes could mean contact
    your finger and needed stitches then you       details can be found over the page.
    would go to a different one.

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