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					    WARM UP GAMES
    1.    TAILS
    Tuck a bib at the back of shorts or belt. All players move around the playing area trying to
    capture as many tails as possible. When a tail is lost, the player is out. The winner is the
    player with the most tails captured.

    The wall is the centre third of the court. Two or three defenders try to catch the rest as
    they cross the wall. When touched, they join the defenders. The winners are the last 3
    untagged attackers.

    3.    FOOT TO FOOT TAG
    IT chases free players. Free players are safe only when they sit with the soles of their feet
    touching another player. Count to 3 and have to get up again.

    4.    SHARK ATTACK
    xxx            xxx                    Coach calls out to each group”Dolphins out to swim”
    Dolphins       Sea Horses             etc until all the players are running around the shark/s
                                          - all running in the same direction
                X                         Coach calls “Shark Attack” and shark tries to tag as
                Shark                     many as possible before they get to their corners – set
                                          corners of third. Those who are tagged go the middle
    xxx                 xxx               and become sharks until everyone is a shark.
    Seals               Crabs

    5.      LAST COUPLE OUT
                                      Use one third of court, sideline to sideline. Pairs hold
                                      hands and stand in file on one sideline. IT stands in
                                      the centre of the third with back to file of pairs and
                                      calls “Last Couple Out”. The last couple in the file
                                      separate and each runs on her respective transverse
                                      line and tries to join hands with her partner before
                                      crossing the other sideline. IT tries to tag one or the
                                      other before they join hands. If IT catches one of
                                      them, she takes the place of the person in that pair
                                      and the caught players becomes IT. If she does not
    catch one of them she remains IT. The chased pair become the leaders on the opposite

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    6.      NERVOUS WRECK
    Half circles of six players each with one player as IT with a ball, six feet from centre of half
    circle. IT throws the ball to each person in the half circle or pretends to throw it. If the
    catcher makes any move to catch the ball when it is not thrown, they must sit down. If the
    ball is thrown, she must catch it or sit down. The thrower must be encouraged to throw fast
    and feint the pass. The last one standing is the new IT. Catchers must not hold on to their
    clothing to avoid flinching, IT must pass at chest pass.

    7.     HUNGRY BIRDS
    Players jog around in a circle. In the very middle are cones (any object) but a number less
    than there players, ie: 10 players and 8 cones Players must keep away from these but on the
    signal -whistle- they are allowed in run in and take cone/object and they must run to the
    closest sideline. The player/s that does not get a cone must try and tag someone with a cone
    before they get to the line. If they do tag someone they take that players place. The
    players who do not get a cone or do not tag someone become trees and stand around the
    cones so that players now have to dodge them to get to a cone and to run to the side line.
    These players cannot move but just stand scattered so players have to move through them.

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