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									                    Introduction to HOSA – Part 2
                             Lesson Plan

Student Learning Objective:
Instruction in this lesson should result in students achieving the following
              1. Identify various facts about the HOSA organization.
              2. Describe the different national HOSA Competitive Events.

List of Resources:
      Leadership Grab Bag (see attached sheet for details)
      Website Scavenger Hunt (one for each student)
      Competitive Events Puzzle Pieces (see attached sheets)

List of Equipment, Tools, Supplies, and Facilities:
Writing surface
Leadership Grab Bag items (see attached sheet for details)
Website Scavenger Hunt copies
List of Competitive Events
Competitive Events Puzzle Pieces
Computers with Internet access

The following terms are presented in this lesson (shown in bold italics):
       There are no new terms for this lesson.

Introduction/Interest Approach:
       Use an interest approach that will prepare students for the lesson.
Teachers often develop approaches for their unique class and student
situations. A possible approach is included here.

       Review yesterday‟s lesson briefly, spending time to discuss the term
“leadership”. Pass the leadership grab bag around the room and have each
student take a zip-lock bag from the grab bag. Now, instruct the students to
find the person who has the item that matches theirs. When they find their
partner, they should brainstorm ideas on how their item relates to leadership.
Give them about 2 minutes to formulate their answers. Go around the room
and have each pair share their item and how it relates to leadership with the
Page 2/ HOSA Lesson Plan # 2

Summary of Content and Teaching Strategies:
Objective # 1
Identify various facts about the HOSA organization.
Anticipated Problem:
When was the organization founded? Etc.

         Using the HOSA websites (www.hosa.org, www.hosa.cccs.edu) have
         students complete the Website Scavenger Hunt

         Check the answers together as a class.

Objective # 2
Describe the different national HOSA Competitive Events.
Anticipated Problem:
How many national Competitive Events are there? What are the names of the
Competitive Events and their focus?

   II.   HOSA offers a variety of Competitive Events that allow students to
         make a difference in their own lives, careers and communities.
         These Competitive Events give members the satisfaction of knowing
         the have made a positive impact and can provide them with
         recognition for their accomplishments.

         A. See listing of Competitive Events
Page 3/ HOSA Lesson Plan # 2

Use the student learning objectives as the basis for review and summary.
Have students explain the content associated with each objective. Use their
responses in determining which objectives and concepts need to be re-

Use the Website Scavenger Hunt and the National Competitive Events Puzzle
Activity to apply the information presented in this lesson.

Evaluation should be based on student comprehension of the learning
objectives. This can occur during instruction, review, or later as students
apply the information. The attached sample written test can also be used.

Answers to Sample Test
Part One: Matching
      1. e
      2. a
      3. f
      4. d
      5. b
      6. c

Part Two: Completion
      1. 1976
      2. Find the answer on the national website: www.hosa.org

Part Three: Short Answer
       1. make realistic career goals, be flexible for inevitable career
          changes, manage basic survival skills, build self-esteem, develop
          enthusiasm and maintain motivation, communicate more effectively,
          interact with health care and community professionals, develop
          workplace readiness skills.

Introduction lesson plans were originally developed by Marta Lockwood,
Illinois FCCLA State Adviser. The HOSA Website Scavenger Hunt was
originally developed by Cindy Perry, Health Science teacher at Ebbertt
Education Center in Anderson, Indiana.
Introduction to HOSA – Part 2

Part One: Matching
Instructions: Match the Competitive Event with the correct category.
              a. Health Science Events
              b. Health Professions Events
              c. Emergency Preparedness Events
              d. Leadership Events
              e. Teamwork Events
              f. Recognition Events
    1. Parliamentary Procedure, Creative Problem Solving, Biomedical
    2. Medical Terminology, Dental Terminology, Medical Math, Nutrition
    3. National Service Project, HOSA Week, Outstanding HOSA Chapter
    4. Researched Persuasive Speaking, Extemporaneous Health Poster,
       Medical Photography
    5. Clinical Specialty, Medical Assisting, Nursing Assisting, Physical
    6. Epidemiology, MRC Partnership, EMT

Part Two: Completion
Instructions: Complete the following statements.
    1. HOSA was founded in the year ____________.
    2. ______________ __________ ___________________ is where this year‟s
       National Leadership Conference will be held.

Part Three: Short Answer
Instructions. Answer the following questions.
    1. List 3 of the 8 „things‟ that HOSA helps students develop.

   2. List one Competitive Event and explain how that Competitive Event
      helps members prepare for a career.
                      Leadership Grab Bag Activity

Prepare two or three identical zip-lock bags (depending on how many you want
in a group) for each item listed below. Place the zip-lock bags with the single
items in a large grocery bag.

Examples of items to use:
Paper clips, post-it notes, rubber bands, chewing gum, computer disks, Kleenex
tissues, pennies or nickels, pencils with erasers, white out, matches, lifesavers
candy, index cards, highlighters, etc.

   1. Pass the bag around the group and have each student pull one of the
       items out.

   2. Have students find the person(s) that have the same item as they have.

    3. Once paired up, the students should brainstorm how their item relates to
       leadership. Example: rubber bands relate to leadership because as
       leaders we are often forced to stretch ourselves or rubber bands can help
       bring things together like leaders bring people together to accomplish a

    4. Have each group share their item and how it relates to leadership with the
       large group.

    5. Emphasize that leadership skills can be gained through participating in
                                                   Name _______________________
                                                          Date _________________

Go to www.hosa.org to retrieve information. Answer the following questions NEATLY,
using blue or black ink.

 1. What is the National Theme for this school year?

 2. Which state submitted the national theme?

 3. What do YOU think the national theme means?

 4. In what year was HOSA founded?

 5. What is the mission of HOSA?

 6. What books are on the list for Medical Reading?
7. Check Section B of the HOSA Handbook for a listing of competitive events. List
   the six categories (i.e. Health Science Events)

8. What does ―extemporaneous‖ mean? (Pull up the pdf file to read about one of these
   events to help you arrive at your answer. You may have to see what the 3
   extemporaneous events have in common to answer this question.)

9. Where will the next National Leadership conference be held?

10. What is the name and email address of the State Advisor for Colorado?

11. In what month is the national conference held?

12. Look in the student handbook section for member services. Find the section titled
    ―How Does HOSA Help You?‖ and list the eight things HOSA helps students
    develop. (i.e. ―communicate more effectively‖)
      HOSA National Competitive Events Puzzles

Using the national Competitive Events sheets below, prepare
puzzles for each of the Competitive Events by doing either of the
following options:

  1. Print each row and mount it to a colored piece of construction
     paper. Cut the paper into a puzzle.

  2. Print each row and cut in half (or thirds) on the solid line.
     Mount the picture to one side and the description to the other
     side of a colored piece of construction paper. Cut the paper
     into a puzzle.

  3. Puzzles should be cut so that each person in the class would
     have a piece.

  4. Randomly distribute the pieces among the students and ask
     them to find the other pieces and be seated with their

   5. Go around the room and have each group talk about their
     national Competitive Event and read the description of the
      Competitive Event.
                                COLORADO HOSA
                       COMPETITIVE EVENTS – WHAT IS RIGHT
                                   FOR YOU?
Health Science Events
Event                    What?                                                Who?
Medical Terminology      These events are written tests. They include         Do you do well on written tests? Do you
Dental Terminology       100 questions and some tiebreaker questions.         like to study and learn the facts? Can you
                         The event guidelines contain resources to help       copy your existing knowledge to new
                         the HOSA member in deciding what to study.           information in order to figure out the
Medical Spelling         Both events are like a traditional spelling bee.     Are you a naturally good speller? Are you
Dental Spelling          Competitors must correctly spell a randomly          cool and able to think under pressure? Are
                         selected word. One miss and you sit. The last        you willing to study and learn medical or
                         remaining competitor wins.                           dental terms, and all the root words,
                                                                              prefixes, and suffixes?
Medical Math             Competitors learn the conversion table in the        Do you love math? Are you willing to
                         event guidelines and then solve math problems        learn the conversion tables?
                         to complete a 50-question test plus the breaker
Knowledge Tests          These events are 100-item written tests.             Do you do well on written tests? Do you
 Human Growth and       Competitors select one of the knowledge tests        like to study and learn the facts? Can you
Development              to take, study the area using the resources and      apply your knowledge to new information
 Nutrition              following the event guidelines, and then take        in order to figure out the answers?
 Pathophysiology        the test for competition.
 Concepts of

Health Professions Events
Event                    What?                                                Who?
                         These events involve both a written test and         Do you plan to pursue a health career in
Clinical Nursing         skill performance related to a specific health       any of the skill event areas?
                         career. (With the exception of Clinical
Clinical Specialty       Specialty.) Competitors practice, practice, and
                         practice until they are proficient in ALL the        Are you willing to take the time to learn
Dental Assisting         skills in the event guidelines.                      all the skills in the event guidelines?

Home Health Aide
                         During the actual event, competitors take the        Are you willing to demonstrate your skills
Medical Assisting        written test and then may go to a clinical site to   to one or more judges?
                         perform one or more of the skills in the
Medical Lab Assisting    guidelines.
                                                                              Do you prefer to work alone?
Nursing Assisting
                         Skill events offer an excellent opportunity to
*Personal Care           extend classroom learning and to work directly       Can you apply your knowledge in a
                         with health professionals in your chosen career      written test?
Physical Therapy         field.

Sports Medicine

Veterinary Assisting
Emergency Preparedness Events
Event                   What?                                              Who?
CERT                    Certified Emergency Response Team includes         This 2-person team event will require you
                        skills needed to respond to their community’s      to use critical thinking skills in the
                        immediate needs in the aftermath of a disaster,    scenario and will be timed and evaluated.
                        when emergency services are not immediately
CPR/First Aid           These skill events are for two-member teams        Do you want to work with a partner? Do
EMT                     who take a written test and then work together     you want to become skilled in providing
                        to demonstrate their skills in a simulated         emergency care? Are you willing to study
                        emergency situation.                               and practice the skills and knowledge
                                                                           outlined in the event guidelines?
*Personal Care          These events are similar to other skill events.    Do you want to improve your skills in the
*First Aid/Rescue       They are designed for secondary HOSA               area of patient care? Do you want to learn
Breathing               members with special needs, and involve the        more about first aid? Do you like to
                        demonstration of selected skills as described in   compete against other HOSA members to
                        the event guidelines.                              prove your skills?
Epidemiology            This event is a written test and a case study      Do you like to figure out the why and how
                        relating to epidemiology – the study of the        of people falling ill? Do you want to
                        effects of health and disease in populations.      improve your scientific literacy? Do you
                                                                           want to learn more about public health
MRC Partnership         This event is to encourage HOSA members            Do you like to develop relationships with
                        and chapters to develop a partnership with the     adults involved in health care? Do you
                        Medical Reserve Corps.                             like to plan activities to promote HOSA
                                                                           and the Surgeon General’s priorities? Do
                                                                           you want to learn more about the Medical
                                                                           Reserve Corps?
Public Health           This team event is to teach others about public    Do you like to speak in front of
Emergency               health emergencies. Each year, a topic is          audiences? Do you like to present
Preparedness            selected for the public health emergency. The      information to groups of people? Do you
                        team develops a presentation to educate the        have a desire to learn more about public
                        public on the specific topic.                      health?

Leadership Events
Event                   What?                                              Who?
                        You’ll be given a secret topic related to the      Do you want to improve your public
Extemporaneous          HOSA theme (ask your advisor for this year’s       speaking skills? Can you express yourself
Speaking                theme) and will have 10 minutes to prepare a       clearly, distinctly, and with passion? Can
                        2-4 minute speech. Judges will rate your           you think on your feet? Are you daring
                        speaking skills and how well you cover the         enough to walk into the virtual unknown
                        ―surprise‖ topic. You can practice this event by   and turn it into a speech in 10 very quick
                        asking your friends, family, and HOSA advisor      minutes?
                        to make up secret topics for you.
Researched Persuasive   This event allows you to take a stand, either      Do you wan to improve your public
Speaking                for or against one of three selected topics.       speaking skills? Can you use facts to
                        You’ll research the topic to gather facts to       support your opinion convincingly? Can
                        support your opinion, write a paper, and then      you think on your feet? Are you willing to
                        give a speech to a panel of judges. After your     write a paper that clearly takes a stand, and
                        speech, you’ll answer questions from the           supports the issue at hand?
                        judges about the topic you presented.
Extemporaneous          Competitors are given a secret topic that is       Do you want to improve your writing
Writing                 health related, and have one hour to write an      skills? Can you express yourself clearly in
                        essay on the topic.                                writing? Do you have a general
                                                                           understanding of health related issues? Do
                                                                           you have neat handwriting or good work
                                                                           processing skills?
Medical Photography     Competitors showcase photographs taken of          Do you like photography? Like to take
                        different health science careers.                  pictures? Like to explore different health
                                                                           science careers?
Job Seeking Skills     In this event, competitors write a resume, fill     Do you want to improve your ability to get
                       out a job application, and then participate in a    a job? Do you have access to a computer
                       simulated job interview. Your resume must           and printer where you can create an
                       look professional. Your job application must        impressive resume? Do you understand the
                       be complete and very neatly done. Finally, you      role and responsibilities of someone in the
                       must be able to speak with knowledge and            job you are applying for? Do you have
                       confidence in your interview.                       neat handwriting or good work processing

Extemporaneous         Competitors in this event create a visual           Do you like to express yourself creatively?
Health Poster          display of a health career issue/topic using        Can you take information and illustrate
                       poster board and pencils, crayons, a ruler, ink     that information? Can you work neatly and
                       pens, colored markers/pencils, erasers,             artistically?
                       charcoal, pastels, and a pencil sharpener. The
                       key focus is on the development of the secret
                       topic (health issue) and the quality of
                       information presented.
*Interviewing Skills   This event includes filling out a job application   Do you want to improve your ability to get
                       and being interviewed by judges. It is for          a job? Do you understand the role and
                       secondary HOSA members with special needs.          responsibilities of someone I the job you
                                                                           are apply for?
*Speaking Skills       This event involves giving a prepared speech        Do you want to improve your public
                       to a panel of judges. It is for secondary HOSA      speaking skills? Can you express yourself
                       members with special needs.                         clearly, distinctly, and with passion? Can
                                                                           you write a speech that is uniquely you
                                                                           and shows a deep understanding about
Prepared Speaking      This event involves giving a prepared speech        Do you want to improve your public
                       to a panel of judges.                               speaking skills? Can you express yourself
                                                                           clearly, distinctly, and with passion? Can
                                                                           you write a speech that is uniquely you
                                                                           and shows a deep understanding about

Teamwork Events
Community              This is a community service event. Chapter          Do you work well as a member of team?
Awareness              members work within their community to              Will you carry out your responsibilities as
                       select a health-related issue and then raise        part of the project? Would you like to
                       community awareness of that issue. The              present your ideas and activities in a
                       product of the project is a notebook of             creative and professional way (either by
                       activities and an audiovisual presentation that     computer or by other, more traditional,
                       presents the project. The presentation will         means)? Do you truly desire to help your
                       consist of 2-4 HOSA members.                        community by providing health
HOSA Bowl              Teams of four HOSA members take a 50-item           Do you work well as a member of a team?
                       multiple choice written test on HOSA                Do you like to study and memorize health
                       knowledge, parliamentary procedure, medical         care facts, HOSA information, and
                       knowledge and medical history. Teams that           parliamentary procedure? Do you have
                       score high enough go on to play in a single         quick recall under pressure?
                       elimination tournament by ringing a buzzer
                       before the other team and correctly answering
                       the most questions.
Health Education       This event involves a team of 2-4 members           Do you work well as a member of a team?
                       who select a health-related concept or              Do you like to teach others?
                       instructional objective, then prepare a lesson,     Would you like to present your ideas and
                       provide instruction, and evaluate results. The      activities in a creative and professional
                       instruction must include the use of presentation    way (either by computer or by other, more
                       tools such as a student-made video, computer        traditional, means)?
                       demonstration software, slides, overhead
                       transparencies, or any other form of media.
Parliamentary           In this event, teams of 5-8 members learn           Do you work well as a tem member? Will
Procedure               about parliamentary procedure. For                  you study Robert’s Rules of Order (Newly
                        competition, they take a 50-item written test.      Revised) and learn how to conduct a
                        Then, after having 15 minutes to analyze a          business meeting? Do you think well on
                        secret problem, they conduct a simulated            your feet?
                        business meeting, addressing the motions in
                        the secret problem.
Creative Problem        Teams of 3-4 members will take a written test       Do you work well as a member of a team?
Solving                 on 2 books they have already read, and the          Do you have good critical thinking and
                        teams with scores in the top-half will continue     problem solving skills? Do you think well
                        on to the problem solving round where they          on your feet?
                        are given a secret problem related to a health
                        issue. They have 30 minutes to analyze the
                        problem and then 10 minutes to present their
                        solution to a panel of judges, who will ask
                        questions about their solution and the problem
Biomedical Debate       This event will consist of a formal debate          Do you like to debate? Do you like to
                        loosely following the Lincoln-Douglas debate        collect information and organize data? Do
                        format. The new topic of debate will be             you work well as a team member?
                        announced annually. The teams will consist of
                        3-4 members.
Career Health Display   Teams of two competitors shall develop a            Do you like to express yourself creatively
                        visual display of a specific career in health, or   and can concisely and expressively
                        a cluster of careers, by using a variety of         illustrate information? Do you work well
                        mediums.                                            as a team member?
Forensic Medicine       Written tests and forensic medicine case            If you watch and are fascinated by the
                        studies—oh my! Try your hand at both in this        forensic experts on CSI and have a strong
                        event.                                              stomach, this event is for you!
Public Service          What do you have to say about health                Creative? Outgoing? Interested in
Announcement            sciences? Partner with some friends and come        producing a DVD? If you said yes, then
                        up with ways to increase awareness or educate       this event is for you.
                        the general public on a healthcare issue or
Medical Reading         Teams of three competitors will be presented        Do you like to read?
                        questions by a panel of judges. These               Do you retain information?
                        questions will require the students to apply,       Do you work well as a team member?
                        analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information
                        from reading the assigned books.

Event                   What?                                               Who?
Outstanding HOSA        Chapters plan activities all year following the     Is your chapter active and involved? Are
Chapter                 areas in the Outstanding HOSA Chapter               you willing to take pictures and keep
                        guidelines, and then create a scrapbook that        records of chapter activities? Are you
                        contains proof of those activities. The             willing to follow the event guidelines and
                        scrapbook is judged and chapters who get the        do all the things an outstanding chapter is
                        highest score earn gold, chapters with the          judged by?
                        second highest score are silver, and the third is
National Recognition    This event lets you learn about and practice in     Do you want to be the best HOSA member
Program                 a variety of HOSA activities that build             you can be?
                        leadership and organizational skills. Everyone
                        who completes the National Recognition
                        Program is recognized for this achievement.
Healthcare Issues       This event is a 100-item written test. It           Do you do well on written tests? Do you
Exam                    measures a HOSA member’s knowledge of               like to study and learn the facts? Can you
                        current health issues. All members who reach a      apply your existing knowledge to new
                        mastery level are awarded certificates of           information in order to figure out the
                        achievement.                                        answer?
National Service        Does your chapter want to learn more and do         Do you want to make a difference for
Project                 more for another Healthcare organization? See       another organization and the people they
                        your advisor for this year’s project. All           serve?
                        chapters who participate are recognized.
Barbara James Service   This event provides recognition to individual       Do you want to make a difference in your
Award                   HOSA members for outstanding volunteer              community?
                        service in their community. HOSA members
                        fill out an application that describes their
                        volunteer efforts, and are recognized for their
Chapter Newsletter      Chapters are encouraged to submit their             Does your chapter have a newsletter?
                        newsletters for recognition at the national         Well… send a copy to Indiana HOSA!
                        level, and for possible inclusion of chapter
                        activities in the HOSA National Magazine.
HOSA Week               HOSA chapters who identify volunteer                Did your chapter complete activities
                        activities in three goal areas that serve the       during HOSA Week?
                        school and community during HOSA Week               Do you want recognition for activities you
                        will receive recognition for their contributions.   did during HOSA Week?
                        These three goals are: 1) provide school or
                        community service, 2) promote opportunities
                        in health care, and 3) show appreciation to the
                        health care community.
Pin Competition         The Pin Competition winner’s design will be         Are you creative and artistic? Do you like
(Colorado event only)   featured on the trading pins used at the            to draw pictures depicting Colorado and
                        National Leadership Conference.                     HOSA to the US?
Poster Competition      The Poster Competition winner’s design will         Are you creative and artistic? Do you
(Colorado event only)   be featured on the program for the Fall and/or      want to participate in Fall and State
                        State Leadership Conference(s).                     Leadership Conference?

         Learn more about these events by visiting www.hosa.org or

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