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									                                            10th January 2010

    Can bad folk ever come good?
Some people just do not want to think
that miracles can and do happen. They like
their lives predictable and under control so
they think.
But God is not bound by our way of thinking.
He is able to reach into our comfortable ordinary lives
and do remarkable things. He can and does change
situations and people.
The greatest strength we have in our faith is the
knowledge that God is in charge. Jesus came to
change bad folk, that’s us, into perfect saints like Him.
Let Him change you this year and see miracles happen
before your eyes.

                   For our mission planning
                   For the emergency services
                   For our schools and colleges
  New to St Martin’s...please see the welcome desk by
the Main Entrance for details on our groups & activities
      We have large print bibles available, a
    hearing loop installed, disabled toilets &
                     baby changing facilities
                        Four evenings covering how to
make sure everyone who comes to St Martin’s feels
welcome. An integral part of our mission is welcoming
people not only at our services but into the worshipping
life of our fellowship and our wider ministry to others.
More details of the course from Raphael

We have a meeting with the director of
Parish Mission Rev George Fisher to help
us to plan for our mission weekend with
Bishop Clive in November & how to fit it into our other
mission work here in Bradley. If you want to get involved
speak with Dawn Smith or Raphael for more details.

Enjoy a great lunch with friends at the The Crown in
Sedgley, see Elsie Howard for details.

We will be running the Marriage
Preparation Course soon for those
preparing for marriage. If this includes you or you know
a couple who are thinking of getting married then ask for
details from Raphael.
The Voyage that Shook the World retraces
Darwin’s journey, exploring the places and
discoveries crucial to the formulation of his
Theory of Evolution.
Filmed in South America, UK, North America, Australia
and Europe, The Voyage features dramatic period
recreations and stunning nature cinematography
interwoven with scholars sharing their perspectives on
the man and the controversy.
Movie will be shown on a giant screen with surround
sound, it’s a film for everyone about Darwin’s voyage on
the Beagle with refreshments and time to talk after with
Philip Bell from Creation Ministries International.

                    An evening with music and tales by
                    Dave Bilbrough himself at
                    St Matthew's Church East Park.
                    Tickets will sell out quick so if you
                    want to go see Rosemary for details.

It is annual report time, so start writing your 2009 reports
for your groups and getting your accounts together.

                                                         -
    Monthly Communion Service at Bradley Senior Citizens Centre
10.15 am    Morning Communion Service—St Martin’s
            Reading: Isaiah 43.18-25, Mark 2.1-12
            Prayer Ministry
            Fellowship Lunch
6.00 pm     Memorial Service
            Reading: 1 Peter 1.3-9

 9.30 am   Morning Prayers
10.00 am   Funeral Service Margaret Evans—St Martin’s

1.30 pm       Rocket Club for the Elderly—Lower Hall

9.00 am    Coffee & Chat—Lower Bradley Community Centre
9.30 am    Walking for Health
12.30      Tuesday Fellowship lunch out at the Crown Sedgley
7.30 pm    Everyone Welcome Course—Lower Hall

 6.30 pm   Slim with Kim

 9.00 am   Sunshine Corner —Lower Hall
10.00 am   Hotch Potch—Coffee Bar
 6.00 pm   Icthus, Martin’s and YTeam
 7.00 pm   JTC and Senior Corps
 7.30pm    Churches Together Prayers—St Leonard’s Bilston

10.00 am    Cleaning Team F

10.15 am    Good News Service—St Martin’s
            Reading: Matthew 12.28-34
6.00 pm     Communion Service—Geraghty Court
            Reading: 1 Corinthians 12.1-11, John 2.18-22

Rev Raphael Duckett      Tel 650101
St Martin’s Church, Slater St , Bradley    WV14 8PF
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