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									              Toolkit for SCHOOLS

     Welcome to ART fits VERMONT!
Thank you for enlisting your school in the Vermont Arts Council’s second
statewide community arts project, ART fits VERMONT. In doing so, you are
joining a community of creativity that spans the state. Over the next two years,
more than 60,000 Vermonters will create and share puzzle pieces in
communities across the state. You are part of something extraordinary…a
project ―that’s greater than the sum of its parts‖!

This tool kit is designed to provide guidance and suggestions for making your
ART fits VERMONT activities successful. While every school, community and
event is a little different, the following information can help you make the most
of this opportunity in your school.

  If you have questions at any point along the way, feel free to contact any of
                 these ART fits VERMONT project managers:

   Diane Scolaro     dscolaro@vermontartscouncil.org        802-828-5423

   Jen Pelletier     jpelletier@vermontartscouncil.org      802-828-5422

   Lindsey Harty     lharty@vermontartscouncil.org          802-828-3292

TOOLkit contents

      Your puzzle packet               3
      Art Fits Vermont timeline        4
      Stay Involved and Informed       4
      Resources                        5
      Ideas for Community Engagement   7
      Promotion                        8
       o Art Mobile                     8
       o Logos                          9
       o Branding & Media guidelines    9
      How to…
       o Assemble a press kit           11
       o Write a press release          12


The first step is for schools to place their order for paper puzzle pieces using the form on the
Vermont Arts Council’s website.

Completed orders will be shipped to a central location in each county. We’ll let teachers
know when and where to pick up their order. Each ART fits VERMONT puzzle packet for
schools will include:
           Paper puzzle pieces ordered
           One wood puzzle piece for each teacher
           One event form with return envelope
           Instructions for entering your public events in the Vermont Arts Calendar

ART fits VERMONT timelime
April 16, 2008: Official ART fits VERMONT launch on Arts Achievement Day at the State

May – December 2008:

      The Arts Council distributes puzzle pieces, tool kits and marketing materials.
      Community events take place across the state and are promoted by the Arts Council.
       Note: Some schools are choosing to do puzzle-related activities before the end of the
       2007-08 school year but it appears that most are incorporating it into 2008-09
      The Arts Council’s Art Mobile attends community events with a display of
       representative puzzle pieces and craftmaking activities.

January – December 2009:

      Community events continue. The Arts Council promotes these activities and the Art
       Mobile attends more events throughout the year.
      The Council hosts an exhibit of puzzle art in the Spotlight Gallery in February-March.
      PuzzlePalooza, a statewide gathering of puzzle participants and art, takes place in
       July in conjunction with the Lake Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration

February 2010: Project finale at the State House as part of Arts Achievement Day


ART fits VERMONT will begin in Spring 2008 and continue until February 2010. This
means the project will take place over three school years. We hope you and your school will
discover ways to stay involved throughout the project. We have included some suggestions
in the ―Resources‖ and ―Ideas for Community Engagement‖ sections below.
We also look to participants for input and ideas. In the near future, the Arts Council hopes to
create an ART fits VERMONT blog where educators and other community organizers can
share resources, experiences and ideas. Until that is up and running, we suggest that you
visit the Arts Council’s website frequently (www.vermontartcouncil.org) and subscribe
ArtMail, our bi-weekly e-newsletter to keep informed of events and opportunities you and
your school might be interested in.
We also encourage you to send us images of your school’s puzzle activities.
        Images should be a .jpg, .gif or .tiff file
        Resolution should be 300dpi
        Email images to Jen Pelletier at jpelletier@vermontartscouncil.org
        Note that images may be posted on the Vermont Arts Council website, used in
          print and made into downloadable screensavers

Schools are free to use the puzzle pieces in whatever way they choose. Some teachers are
creating single-class projects while others are involving the entire school community. Some
are linking their pieces with art made by local artists and other community members (the
wood pieces are slightly larger than the paper pieces but can connect symbolically.)

One great resource for ideas are the other educators, artists and organizations taking part in
ART fits VERMONT. A list of participating schools and organizations with contact
information can be found in the ―Community Arts Project‖ section of the Arts Council’s
website (www.vermontartscouncil.org).

Some teachers are using the concurrent timing of ART fits VERMONT and the Lake
Champlain Quadricentennial to explore the history of the Lake Champlain region. The
Quadricentennial Commission has a number of educational opportunities listed on their site
at www.celebratechamplain.org.

These include:

The Vermont Women’s History Project’s ―Women and the Lake‖ honors 400 years of
Vermont history. The goals of the project are to identify and research women who represent
key aspects of the historical development of Lake Champlain, and to develop interactive
educational resources for classrooms (grades 3 – 8) and the public about these women.
The cornerstone of the educational materials will be the creation of puzzles representing
each woman in collaboration with Art Fits Vermont project. Each puzzle package will be
accompanied by grade-specific lesson plans and educational resources. For more
information visit www.womenshistory.vermont.gov/

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is developing a multi-disciplinary, standards-based
curriculum that focuses on the year 1609, as well as being a broader exploration of the
10,000 years of culture in the Champlain Valley. The curriculum, a guided examination of this
pivotal time period, is designed to help teachers and students gain multiple perspectives on
our shared history - both looking backward to pre-contact native cultures and forward to the
merging with European cultures that occurred upon settlement of the Lake Champlain Basin.
The program is being developed in close partnership with regional experts, scholars,
historians, and local teachers, including Dr. Fred Wiseman, professor at Johnson State
College and Director of the Wobanakik Heritage Center; Elsa Gilbertson, of the Vermont
Division for Historic Preservation, and Joan Robinson of the Flynn Center for the Performing
Arts, among many others. For more information, visit www.lcmm.org.

ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center in Burlington will be featuring special school
programs starting in October 2008. In February 2009, they will open a new Quadricentennial
Signature Exhibit, Indigenous Expressions. April of 2009, marks the start of a spring
conversation series featuring contributing writers to the new commemorative book, ―Lake
Champlain: An Illustrated History‖. During the July 3rd – 12th Signature Week, ECHO will be
a venue for cultural exhibits and films that explore indigenous cultures of the Lake Champlain

Basin, and a place for people to learn more about Quadricentennial activities around the
region. For more information, visit www.echovermont.org

Footprints Across Time is a cluster of workshops occurring in seven communities around
the lake. The project celebrates the sense of ―arrival and exploration‖ through watershed-
wide activities including footprint making, community workshops, and time capsules. The
workshops center on the concept of footprints as a means of understanding and tracking all
those who have left their mark on the Lake Champlain Basin. Footprints reveal information
about our geologic and prehistoric past through the present and into the future.

Timeline of Vermont CD project--The music of eight eras in Vermont’s history will be
captured for CD and web. Vermont musicians will re-create the music of the past four
centuries, bringing examples from different eras together in a CD set for educators and the
public. For more information, visit www.vmls.org

Planning local events to showcase your project will help connect the school community with
the greater community. The easiest way to do this is to incorporate ART fits VERMONT
into existing events that are already planned in your community, but there’s plenty of time to
think of NEW events that will support your project! Work with your local partners to explore
possibilities that will generate excitement, inspire good will, and help stimulate your local

Consider exhibition of the work essential: it’s the logical conclusion of your efforts and will
not only increase pride but will raise awareness of the value of art in our lives and
communities. Auctions and sales of artwork can serve as fun fundraising tools for special
community projects, or for arts education programs. Please remember that creating art is an
occupation for many people, so consider giving a percentage of the proceeds from any sale
or auction directly back to the artist who contributed the work. If your organization has
experience with online trading, consider utilizing eBay … and fulfillment houses based in
Vermont to assist with delivery. Or contact buyvermontart.com, nimbit.com, or
benefitevents.com to create a permanent online archive of your project and manage sales
of the artwork.

The essence of ―community‖ is meeting and sharing an experience. School fairs or block
parties provide excellent opportunities to join with your neighbors, celebrate what’s special
about your community and its creativity. Art and culture walks or inn and B+B hops are
perfectly suited to display the work and engage people, as are local festivals and that
quintessential Vermont experience: state and county fairs. Enlist parents to organize
progressive dinners or potlucks, or students to staff a rig wash or bake sale, or a puzzle
Trading Day or a bartering benefit. Organize community scavenger hunts to either find
puzzles hidden around town, or to find elements that will be used to embellish the puzzle
pieces later.

Create an atmosphere of fun and vitality. Contact the owners of any vacant storefronts in
your local downtown business area and see if they will sponsor a storefront makeover
showcasing the puzzles. Create contests or a ―Best of the Best‖ selection and award
ceremony to honor students who participate. Sponsor a photo-op day in a park when
people can have their photograph taken with a puzzle. For help in delivering a successful
arts-based event HandsOnProduct.com is a great educator’s art resource.

If your school is planning to use the puzzle pieces as part of a public event, the Arts Council
would like to hear about it. Your community events will be more successful if you take
advantage of the many ways to link your event to the statewide project. Consistently using
the logo, project description and calendar formats will help the public identify community
events and activities as part of the ART fits VERMONT family.

The Arts Council will provide schools with the following resources for promoting your event:
        Posters
        Banners
        Listings on our website and in ArtMail
        Instructions for listing your events in the Vermont Arts Calendar

What is the Vermont Arts Calendar?
      The Vermont Arts Calendar is the Council's FREE, comprehensive database of arts
      and cultural events across the state. It allows users to plan and save travel itineraries,
      map event locations and nearby restaurants, accommodations, and other facilities.
      Listings posted in the Arts Calendar are broadly distributed to newspapers, periodicals
      and other online calendars across the region. Events are also displayed in the
      Vermont Department of Tourism's Vermont Travel Planner (visited by 50,000-80,000
      visitors per month) and in Information Kiosks at the state's Welcome Centers. If you
      are involved in events promotion in Vermont, it's wise to get all of your events listed in
      this database.

Why is this important for promoting school events?
        Let people know what you are doing! Choose the "Art Fits Vermont" category to
          list meetings, calls to artists, exhibits, auctions and other activities.
        The Arts Council will use these listings to select puzzle-related events to spotlight
          on our website, in ArtMail, and in other promotional publications.

Arts Council staff will attend a number of puzzle-related events across the state, bringing a
display of puzzle art and supplies for craftmaking. Events must be listed in the Vermont Arts
Calendar before the Council will consider attending your event.

NOTE: The Council will not be able to attend every ART fits VERMONT event listed but will
visit as many communities as possible during the length of the project.

Visit the Arts Council’s ART fits VERMONT site to download the following logos:
           Art Fits Vermont logo (color)
           Art Fits Vermont logo (b&w)
           Art Fits logo where you can add in your school’s name (Art Fits ____)
           Vermont Arts Council’s logo (color)
           Vermont Arts Council’s logo (b&w)
           Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing logo
           Chittenden Bank’s logo
           Hubbardton Forge logo
           Vermont Artisan Designs logo
           Entergy logo
           Vermont Wood Manufacturers logo
           Celebrate Champlain logo

Consistency is the most important guideline to observe when preparing your materials.
Templates for Press Releases and promotional materials are included in this Tool Kit.
Presenting ART fits VERMONT to your local media outlets, to the general public, and to
sponsors or underwriters in your community affords an excellent opportunity to capitalize on
the branding that has been established. We strongly urge you to always refer to ART fits
VERMONT by its full name. This will to reinforce the brand name over the life of the project
and capitalize on the recognition factor statewide.

The established typefaces (fonts) for the project name and tagline are:
ART (century)
fits (verdana)
VERMONT (arial narrow)

The CMYK colors to use are:
Green = C:46, M:25, Y:71, K:22
Blue = C:56, M:28, Y:11, K:7
Grey = C:44, M:32, Y:29, K:10

The RGB colors to use are:
Green = R:123, G:138, B:83
Blue = R:126, G:152, B:185
Grey = R:148, G:149, B:153

Equally important as consistency in the LOOK of your materials is the information conveyed,
particularly when describing the project to groups or the media. To ensure delivery of a
uniform message, we have created the following brief, all-purpose description of the project:

      Art Fits Vermont is a statewide community arts project presented by the
      Vermont Arts Council and its partners. Modeled on the success of the
      2006 Palettes of Vermont project, the Council is distributing 11,000 wood
      and 50,000 paper puzzle pieces free of charge to any Vermonter that
      wants to create and share art. Each 15‖x15‖ piece will be an individual
      work of art that can potentially connect to other puzzle pieces.
      Throughout 2008-2009, cultural organizations, community groups,
      businesses and schools will exhibit and sell puzzle art in communities
      across the state.

      Art Fits Vermont is presented by the Vermont Arts Council in association
      with the Vermont Wood Manufacturers Association, Vermont Department
      of Tourism & Marketing, Chittenden Bank, Entergy, Hubbardton Forge,
      and Vermont Artisan Designs.

                                      HOW TO…
                       ASSEMBLE a PRESS KIT
A press kit comprises all of the important information about your event, including a press
release, background information on key participants and organizations, and promotional
material. You can distribute a press kit the day of the event to attending media or you can
send a press kit to media to support a pitch for a non-event-based story. A press kit can also
be modified to work as a recruitment tool for potential sponsors.

Generally the materials comprising the press kit are placed into a two-pocket folder. The
following is a list of materials that may be included in a press kit. Keep in mind that the
primary information—press release, participant bios—is placed on the right side. The most
important information, such as the press release, should be visible immediately upon opening
the folder. Supplementary information is placed on the left and should be arranged however it
looks best.

To modify the kit into a marketing kit for attracting sponsors, remove any information related
to a specific event including the press release and bios of the event principals. Instead your
kit might include bios of key organizers of your school's ART fits VERMONT event, press
clips from other successful community projects sponsored by your school, letters of support
from community partners, and/or positive feedback from participants in past community

        Inside Left Pocket:                   Inside Right Pocket:

             Your Art Fits Vermont                Event press release
              Calendar of Events
                                                   Art Fits Vermont FAQs for
             Sample Art Fits Vermont               Communities
                                                   Fact Sheet on your school

                                    HOW TO…
                    WRITE a PRESS RELEASE
This is a sample ―swiss cheese‖ press release that you can customize and send to local
media to announce each ART fits VERMONT event in your community. To use this
release, simply fill in the holes (the date, a description of your kick-off event, your contact
information, etc.) and distribute it to media outlets in your area. You should plan on
distributing this release 4-5 days before your event. You may want to include a full calendar
of events with this announcement even if this information is available online.

For Immediate Release: [DATE]

                                [SCHOOL NAME] HOSTS

part of Art Fits Vermont, a statewide community arts project presented by the Vermont Arts
Council. In [YOUR COMMUNITY], Art Fits Vermont events are presented in partnership with

The event will feature [insert brief description of your event including key participants
and specific event activities].

[You can insert a quote from an organization spokesperson, notable event participant,
or local official in support of Art Fits Vermont and this event.]

Art Fits Vermont is a statewide community arts project presented by the Vermont Arts
Council and its partners. Modeled on the success of the 2006 Palettes of Vermont project,
the Council is distributing 11,000 wood and 50,000 paper puzzle pieces free of charge to any
Vermonter that wants to create and share art. Each 15‖x15‖ piece will be an individual work
of art that can potentially connect to other puzzle pieces. Throughout 2008-2009, cultural
organizations, community groups, businesses and schools will exhibit and sell puzzle art in
communities across Vermont. The statewide project has been made possible with support
from the Vermont Wood Manufacturers Association, Vermont Department of Tourism &
Marketing, Chittenden Bank, Entergy, Hubbardton Forge, and Vermont Artisan Designs.

[YOUR COMMUNITY] is one of 150 communities statewide participating in Art Fits Vermont
from May 2008-January 2009. From [PROGRAM DATES] [YOUR ORGANIZATION] will
celebrate creativity and community with a full calendar of events including [SAMPLE
For more information on this event, please contact [CONTACT PERSON.] You also can view
a full calendar of events for Art Fits Vermont at www.vermontartscalendar.org.



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