BY Desire of the Trustees of the Creditors of Andrew Ste- by etssetcf


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									       , ... .*           ,.       -.     London, June 30, 1781.                    Symond's-Inn, Chancery-lane, London, on Wednesday tllS

T                                                                                    18th of July next, at Six in tHe Afternoon;. All t at com-
                                                                                    pact and Freehold Estate, with the capital Mansion and Manor
           HE "term of Partnership between Mess. Read, Rigby, of Eiiilstbne;. fituate and being ih the Parisli of IJurclear id
             arid Darbjr, of the Old Jewry, Lpndon, expiring this the County of Southampton, bf about the yearly Rent bf
 Day, Notice thereof* is hereby given j and that all Debts due 6001; Particulars whereof may be hid at the said Master'!
 to and from the said Partnership will be received and paid .by Chambers.                                       ,   , .   .       • ••-
  them, at theii: Compting-house, No; 3 1 , Old Jewry;
                                                       Johh Redd.
                                                      Geo. Rigby.
                                                                              T                O be sollJ, pursuant to a Decree of His Majesty's Court
                                                                                                 of. Exchequer at Westminster, before Francis Ingram,
                                                                                    Efqj Deputy Remembrancer of the said Court, at the King'3
                                                                                    Remembrancer's Office in the Inner Temple. London, T h e
                                                       John Darby.                  Estates of John Freeman Jones, Gent, deceased,.fituate iii
                        f ,                          j " ioi 1781.                  Droitwich and Salwarp in the County of Worcester. P a r t i -
      ^ T b t i c e is Hereby giVen, tfiat the Partnersliip between culars may be had at the King's Remembrancer's Office afore-
      ^ j William Lewis an.d Thomas Arndell; Apothecaries and said...
  Chymists, of Mili;bahk : street, Westminster, was dissolved by
 Jnutual Con lens oh tlie 6t*h of January last. It-is agreed by                P            tsrsuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery,
                                                                                            . t h e Creditors and Legatees of William Plees, late of the
 ihe saicT-PartVerSj that Mr; W . L e w i s do receive all MiinifeS, Pariih. of Boughton Blean iii the County of Kent, Clerk",
 and "pay all just Debts'due'upoh the said Partnership Account j deceased, are to come iii and prove their Debts and claim
 and it is requested that,all person's who may have any Demands their Legacies respectively; before John Eames, Esq; one
 upon the- said Partnership Account-.dp, signify the fame, Iii or- of the Masters of the said Coart, a t his Chambers in Sy-
  der to theif "beirig settled ;. and'all Persons indebted to the said mond's-inn, Chancery-lane; London, on or before the zoifk
 Partnerihip are earnestly desired^, to pay in their Debts to Mr. Day of- July next, or in Default tliereof they will be peremp-
 "^illiani Lfewis, in order to close the Partnersliip" Account.                     torily excluded the Benefit of the said Decree.
          .,                             .- .        Wm. Lewi's.

    ***._ ,
                                                     Tho. Arndell.
                                           Glasgow; June 20,' 17,8$.
                                                                               F            Ursuant to a Detree of the High Coiirt of Chancery;
                                                                                            -the Creditors and Legatees of Elizabeth Byerly, late
                                                                                    of the Parish of St; George Hanover-square in the County

 B       Y. .Desire of the Trustees of the Creditors of Andrew Ste- of. Middlesex, ' Spinster, are to come in and tprove theit
            phenson, Merchant in Glasgow, the whole of ;the. Cre- Debts and claim their Legacies respectively; before J >hn Eames;
 ditors are requested t > a t t e n d . a General Meeting, r.or he; held Esq; one of the Masters of the said Court, at his C h a m -
  within the House of Peter. M f i n l a y , Vintner in Glasgow, bers in Symond's-iiwi; Chancery-lane, London; on < r before                     >
 bn Fiiday the ioth Day of August next, at-Six o'Clpck After- the zoth Day of July next, or ih Default thereof they will
  noon, for the. Poi-pose of chusing-new Trustees; in, tj>£.Room be-peremptorily excluded the Benefit df the f»id Decree;                               t

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                         * -•"'
                                : : - \ ^ -:'. ' r.„        2" -.-.*{:•-•
                                  • -. - i ; &Jbhn Kobertsoii*.
                                       ' -"* '•- J'o'hii Dugliid. • '
                                                                               P            Ursuaht to a Decree of the High Court bf Chancery, the
                                                                                              ^Creditors (if any) of John Christian Suhring, Jate o f t h e
                                                                                    Parisli of St. Mary Whitebhapel in the County ol Middlesex;
                                                                                     Sugar-refiner, deceased, are peremptorily to come in ahd provfe
                                      -; '-' : . DwdsdMlitftl,                       their Debts before Johri Ord; Esq; one of the Maste'rs ot the
                                                                                     said Court, at his Chambers in Lincoln's-inh, on or before
  ~r                 ..               " Gainfburgh;" JuHe 2 ? , 17-81.
                                                                                   . trie 20th Day of July next; or iii Default thereof they will be
  ^ T ^ H E Assignees bf the.Estatfc aad Effects' of M r . J o h n
                                                                                     excluded the Benefit of the said Decree.
     X        Hutton,* late of Gainshurgh in the County of Lincoln,
  Attorney a t Law,, deceased, hereby give Notice to all-the
  -Lnsatii-fced Creditors of the said Deceased,, that they will make *
  a Dividend*" arhongst the said Creditors,, at the Office of Mr.-
                                                                                B            Urfuant to'a Decree of the High Court of Chancfery; all
                                                                                               Persons claiming to lie the next of K i n of j jhn Jacobs,
                                                                                     late of Letchlade in the County of Gloucester; Y-omanj
                                                                                     deceased, ivho died Intestate,' ire to pome ih b-fore John
  Harrison, Attoriiey at "Law, in -feainsburgh aforesaid,. Upon -
                                                                                     Fames, Efqj one of the Masters of the said Court; at h i i
. t h e Twefity-sixth and Twenty-seventh Days of July. next.
                                                                                     Chambers in Symond's-inn, Chancery-lane; Lbndon, ahd tnakfc
  All Persons who have riot yet delivered iii their Claims on the
                                                                                     out their Relationfliiji to the said Intestate.
  said Deceased, are requested immediately to send in an Amount
                                                                                    " T J U r s u a n t to a Decree of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer
  thereof to the said Mr. Harrison ; and all the said Creditsits
                                                                                    ~Jt_ at Westminster, the Creditors and Legatees of J a m e i
  are desired to receive their respective Dividends atfthe-Tiqge
                                                                                     Meyrick, late of Parliament-street, Westminster; Army Agent;
  and Place last .mentioned, and then and there ito inspect Mhe,
                                                                                    ^deceased, are peremptorily to come in and prove their Debts i n d
  Assignees Accounts.                                  . jr
                                                                                     claim their Legacies, before Frahcis Ingram; Esq) Deputy
            O be peremptorily sold, pursuant to'a Decree;and sub-
 T            scqjentf Order of the High Court of Chancery, before
   Samuel Pechell, Esq; one of-the Masters of the saii Court,
   at his Chambers in Symdnd'3-inn, Chancery-lane, London,
                                                                                     Remembrancer of the said Court, at the King's Remenibrahi
                                                                                     cer's Office in the Inner Temple, London, on or besore the
                                                                                     l i f h Day of July next; or in Default thereof they -frill be e i «
                                                                                     cjuded the Benefit of the said Decree.
   iin Wednesday the 25th Day of July next, between the Hours
   of Five and Six in the Afternoon, The Estates of Sir John - "ttUrsilant to a Pecree of the High Coiirt of ChartceryJ t h e
   Powell'Pryce, fiart. deceased, remaining,unsold, n o t i n Set-'" J ^ P r e d t t o r i j?f Rebecca Scrimsliire, lateof Cat non-street;
   tlement, iii One Lot; situate in the several Parislies of. New-.1 London,. Widow, deceased, are forthwith'to come in and prove
   loWn, Llanlewfchairn, Llahmerewig, and Llandyssill, iix the' t h e k Q e b t s before Samuel Pechell, Esq; one of the Masters 6$
                                                                                                      c,l t :
    County of Mdntgbiiiety;- Particulars whereof may be had the said..C 'fl * ** **'* Chambers in Symond's-inn, Chahcery-
   at the said*Master's Chambers';, - -                  •-'*••      • ' ' - . " * vlaiie; J-ohHon, or in Default thereof they'wiil be excluded the
            O be" fold, pursuant t b a Decree bf the High Court «f< -BenefitjOf the 4ai«l-Decree.                                                   .,
 T            Chancery, before Mr. John Wilson, a Perfon ipprov.ed ."fTT^Hfi Creditors who have proved their Debts tinder a ConU
   of by Samuel Pechell, Esq; one of the Masters of the .said. . . J|_. . mission of Bankrupt awarded and issued a-ainft J o h a
   Court; by Public Au^son, at Eppiiig P'lacej near Epping,. ini ^Wefcster, of Derby in the County of Derby, Banker and M o -
   ihe Covirity of Essexj in one Lot, the Manor or reputed Manor - nej£scriver» afe defired to meer rhe A&gnces of his Estate
   o f Gills, with the Manor-house, Garden; Ofchard, Barn,_. an*Effects, on Thursday the 5th of July next, pretif ly at
   Stables, and otter (Dut-hbtises thereunto belonging, situate itf Foer o'Clock-ih the Afternoon, at thfc Bell I n h , in Derby,
   the said Parish of Eppiiig, late the Estate of Andrew Searle^ •OHrfpfccial 'Affairs. '
   "Eiq; deceaseds together "-tvith several freehold Closes ofArable,*
   Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land, containing in the whol&                      T               HE Cmiitore w h 0 have proved their D^bts uhder a t o r n -
                                                                                                imiffioh of Bankrupt awarded and issued against W i l -
    111 Acres, z Roods, or thereabouts, ,now let to Edward Peri-T Jtarh.Mitchell, late of St. Ives in.the C unty of Huntingdon,
   ihtiy as Tenant at Will,' at the yearly Rent • of n o i            RartW' ->Saiesmih, t iDealer and Chapman, aredefired to m e e t t h e *Vf-
   culars whereof may bd^had-at tht; Plate of Sale, artS aMfae -.figriees'-of his Estate and Effects, oh Thursday the 5t.-Day
I /aid Master's Chambers, in Symcind's-inri, Chancery*ldhe,r- "oE-July neit, at Six of*the Clock ih the Afternoon, at the
   London; ,                                                                          White Hart; St.'John's-street, Smithfield, to assent to or dis-
        N . B . A Plan and Survey Off the Premises rn'ay be seen 3t sent from the said Assignees commencing, prosecuting, or de'i
   Mess. Holt and Barber's; in "gklsgrave Place -in tiie Temple j fending, any Suit br Suits at Law or in Equity for Recovery
    and the Tenant v/ill stnw the*Premises;                                           of any Part of the said Bankrupt's Eftate and Effects ; or t o
             O be' peremptorily sold, parsuant to an Order of the .their compounding, submitting to Arbitration, or otherwise
 T            High Court of Chancery, before John Eames, Esq?; agreeing, any Matter ot Thing relating theteto j and on otheff
    one of the Masters .of th'e said Court, at his Chambers in special Affaiisi

      K 9 I2 2«2*                            B "

                                                                                                                                                              ^ 5 b v ******

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