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Web site (just prompting) You can use as many sources as you want /export.htm#xIntl

Responsible team (3 - 4 people) and date of discussion (the two additional hours)

1. International Business Communications Crossing the Language Barriers in Exporting Importing 2. The Power of Presentations /power.htm /power.htm#xGlobal

3. Global Business Opportunities and the Importance of Trade Commissions Abroad 4. Export Negotiating /chain.htm#xNegotiate /error.htm#xBusiness xLang

5. Business Entertainment, Customs and Strategies 6. Languages of the World Commercial and Spoken Languages (Dialects) Used Worldwide 7. International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS) 8. INTERNATIONAL TRADE Summary of Export-Import Procedure 9. Foreign Visits and Crossing Socio-Cultural Barriers 10. 11. 12. /comTerm.htm ay/summary.htm /visit2.htm#xHours

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