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									Wii homebrew guide

If you haven’t experienced the world of Wii Homebrew and the awesome free Games I’m
going to fill you in on what it is, and all the new features your Wii could have within just
minutes With Homebrew.

What is Wii Homebrew?

It games, programs, applications that have been created by gamers for gamers through either
writing code (game) from scratch or using an existing platform and modifying it to either be
better or add new features to a game. The cool thing is that Wii Homebrew is not licensed
through Wii or Nintendo so you can seriously download thousands upon thousands of games
and applications..

But for this you will need to unlock your Wii!!!

In earlier days of the Wii Homebrew 2007 when the console first made its début you would
need to Mod chip your Wii which meant instantly voiding your Warranty in order to unlock your
Wii to the world of Homebrew. Now, thanks to team Twizzer for creating the software files,
you no longer need to physically alter you console in any way which also means you get to
keep your Warranty.

A great thing about unlocking your Wii is with software compatible with the Homebrew you
can easily backup all of your current Nintendo Wii games to regular old DVD’s. Of course it has
to be a blank DVD but that’s ok. So now you can put your original gamers in a safe place and
play from the backed up games you just burned.

Play emulators which are games that literally turn your Wii into any machine you want from a
regular NES to a Super NES, Sega Genesis, Atari you name it you could do it…

How much do all these emulators, homebrew games, applications cost?

Nothing at all they are completely free for anyone to download and it’s completely legal in
every way…

The trick here though is that you will have to find the proper files and a guide to easily help
you unlock your Wii to Homebrew… If you happen to miss a single file or not load one of the
software you can easily brick your Wii console.

So if you’re like me and want to never have to buy a Wii game ever again because of a scratch,
and want to play Homebrew games that you can easily get for free then you need to check
out here.

Their guide is truly phenomenal; they have a fully illustrated guide and follow along video
tutorials that will have you running homebrew in under 5 minutes.

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