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					Board of directors
David Arculus (58) Chairman (b) (d)                                                                           Rudolf Lamprecht (56)
David Arculus was appointed to the Board in 2003 and became Chairman on 28 July 2004 at the conclusion        Rudolf Lamprecht was appointed to the Board on 30 March 2005. He is presently a member of the
of mmO2’s 2004 Annual General Meeting. Mr Arculus is Chairman of the Better Regulation Task Force and         Management Committee of Siemens with responsibility for Osram (lighting), the Fujitsu joint venture and
a non-executive Director of Barclays. He has also served as Chairman of Severn Trent. Mr Arculus was          household appliances. He was previously a Board member at Siemens and held a number of senior positions,
previously Chairman of IPC Group Limited and, before that, Group Managing Director of EMAP.                   including President of information and communications products. He is highly experienced in complex
                                                                                                              business-to-business technology, sales cycles and multiple channels to market.
Peter Erskine (53) Chief Executive Officer (b) (c)                                                             Patrick Lupo (54) (e)
Peter Erskine was appointed to the Board in 2001 as Chief Executive Officer. He joined the Company from        Patrick Lupo was appointed to the Board on 10 August 2004. Mr Lupo was previously Chief Executive and
BT where, since March 1993, he held a number of senior positions including Director of BT Mobile, President   then Executive Chairman of DHL Worldwide Express. He is currently a non-executive Director of Hilton Group
and Chief Executive of Concert, and, from 1998, Managing Director of BT Cellnet. Prior to joining BT, he      and was also, until March 2004, a non-executive Director of WH Smith. Patrick Lupo held a number of
was European Vice President of Sales and Customer Service for Mars and Senior Vice President Sales and        senior positions at DHL Airways Inc and DHL Worldwide Express between 1984 and 2001, where he was
Marketing for UNITEL. Mr Erskine is also a member of the Advisory Board of the University of Reading          instrumental in establishing it as the global market leaders in international express and logistics.
Business School.
                                                                                                              Kathleen O’Donovan (47) (a)
                                               (b) (c)
David Finch (49) Chief Financial Officer                                                                       Kathleen O’Donovan was appointed to the Board on 30 March 2005. She currently chairs both the audit
David Finch was initially appointed to the Board in 2001. Mr Finch is the Company’s Chief Financial Officer    committee of the Court of the Bank of England and the pension fund of Invensys, the engineering group
and has extensive experience in financial management, having previously held senior finance positions at        where she was previously Chief Financial Officer. She is also Deputy Chairman and senior non-executive
Exel, Novar (formerly Caradon) and Grand Metropolitan. In addition to Group Finance, he has direct            Director of Great Portland Estates, and holds non-executive directorships at Prudential and EMI Group.
responsibility for the Group Treasury and Investor Relations functions.
                                                                                                              Andrew Sukawaty (49) (d) (e)
Rudolf Gröger (50) CEO O2 Germany                                                                             Andrew Sukawaty was appointed to the Board in 2001. Mr Sukawaty was the non-executive Deputy
Rudolf Gröger was appointed to the Board in 2003. He joined the Company in October 2001 as Chief              Chairman of the Company and senior independent Director until 31 December 2004. He is Chairman and
Executive Officer of O2 Germany. Prior to this, he was Managing Director of T-Systems International GmbH,      Chief Executive Officer of Inmarsat Group. He is President of Cable Partners Europe LLC, which invests
a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, from 1999 to 2001. He played a key role in the acquisition of Debis         in and operates cable television services in Europe. He is Chairman of Xyratex Group Limited. He is a
Systemhaus GmbH and its integration into Deutsche Telekom. He has also worked for Siemens and was             former Chairman of Telenet. He has considerable experience in the mobile telephone industry and
head of its German information and communication product operations.                                          telecommunications industries in the United States and Europe, having at different times in those periods
                                                                                                              held the offices of Chief Executive and President of Sprint PCS, Chief Executive Officer of NTL, and Chief
NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS                                                                                       Operating Officer of Mercury One2One. He has also been a former Chairman of the Cellular Telephone and
Stephen Hodge (63) (a) (d) (e)                                                                                Internet Association (CTIA) in the United States.
Stephen Hodge was appointed to the Board in 2001. Mr Hodge was Director of Finance of the Royal
Dutch/Shell Group, prior to his retirement in September 2001, where he had responsibility for all financial    COMPANY SECRETARY AND GENERAL COUNSEL
and investor relations issues for the Shell Group and its parent companies. He has extensive knowledge of     Philip Bramwell (48)
the financial management of international companies, having worked throughout the world including              Philip Bramwell joined the Company from BT, where he was employed since 1998, initially as Legal Manager,
Australia, the Netherlands, Venezuela and Argentina in a variety of financial positions. He is Chairman of     Group Strategy and Development and then as Chief Counsel, Corporate Development. Before joining
Shell Pensions Trust Limited and Deputy Chairman of the Franchise Board of Lloyd’s of London. Mr Hodge        BT, he was a partner in DDV, a European specialist telecommunications consultancy firm. Prior to this,
was appointed as non-executive Deputy Chairman and senior independent Director on 1 January 2005.             he held the position of Vice President and General Counsel at BellSouth Europe and Legal Advisor at
                                                                                                              SmithKlineBeecham Pharmaceuticals international division. He was called to the Bar in 1983.
David Chance (48) (a) (d)                                                                                     Key to membership of Board Committees:
David Chance was appointed to the Board in 2003. Mr Chance was Deputy Managing Director of BSkyB              (a) Audit Committee                                   (d) Nomination and Governance Committee
                                                                                                              (b) Chairman’s Committee                              (e) Remuneration Committee
until June 1998 and is Chairman of Modern Times Group and Top Up TV Limited, and is a non-executive           (c) Executive Committee
Director of ITV and Sunderland AFC. He previously held senior marketing and business development roles at     All of the non-executive Directors are considered independent of the management of the Company.
US telecoms companies, Scientific Atlanta and Grass Valley Group, and European satellite broadcaster, SES.                                                                                              41

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