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                      Most people associate actions as
                      the chief way that violence and
                      discord enter the world.
                      Immediately they think about
                      wars, crime and evil acts being
                      the agents of such disharmony.
However, it is worth considering that the verbal
language we use can also destroy peace and harmony in
the lives of others.
An organization called Raising Children Network
conducted a survey of 363 parents about the language
used by their children (Herald Sun, 10/4). Alarmingly
the survey showed that nearly half of the children swear
and just on one-fifth of these swearers do so every day.
There is clear evidence in most school communities that
language on the playground used by students (both in
primary and secondary schools) is often crude and
Swearing and the use of harsh and unsavory words is
certainly a way to stop peace and harmony in a
community – or family. Swearing and using vulgar
language is considered evidence of a person who has
few social skills and a limited vocabulary. At SMC it is
our intention always to discourage students from
swearing and using bad language.
This is made even more difficult when one of the top
rating television shows is hosted by Gordon Ramsay, a
chef from Britain whose use of the f… word is constant
and revolting to the point of being boring. Yet his use
of this word towards people might encourage some
younger members of society to consider that it is
acceptable and even normal practice. Indeed it is not an
opinion this College will ever support.
And finally, blasphemy is the ultimate corruption of
language. Too often we hear persons (of all ages)
taking the name of Jesus Christ in vain. Our College
condemns this practice.
May peace and harmony permeate St Monica's College,
Epping through the language we use to each other on a
daily basis.

                  THIS EDITION

Please note that this edition is the same one that
was distributed at DRC this week. A delay was
caused due to a new design on the first page.
                            No. 5, Thursday April 17th, 2008

Congratulations to the following Monicans who are our
official World Youth Day Ambassadors:
Year 12
Alycia Benincasa    Megan Janic           Nathan Slevin
Lauren Newman       Nadia Insolia         Mariam Hanna
Alisha Motha        Luisa De Angelis      Shaun
Matthew Villani     Lorena Colianni       Steven Osuna
Luisa Coco          Natalie D’Aniello     Reine Sfeir
Lisa-Marie Fragapane
Year 11
Jemal El-Assaad      Sheryline Rexley     Grant Mutimer
Kelsey Turner        Janice Francis       Crisanto
Jordyn Annetta       Bianca Lyndon        Meena Girges
Jake Colosimo        Dinh Le-Nguyen       Camille
Anthony Cardamone    Chris Cardamone
Year 10
Matthew Bennie      Kristian Hiho          Teresa Do
Cassandra Hibbert   Melissa Muzzi          Melaneea
Natalie Sacco       Shaun Henderson        Matthew
Laura Dempsey       Bonnie Romagnano Talia Pulis
Andrew Kis-Rigo     Michael Camilleri Daniel

              COLLEGE BOARD NEWS
Mr Gerit Vanderkolk will join the College Board as a
representative from St Luke’s Parish, Lalor. Meanwhile,
Mr Peter Cocks (from Epping Parish) has resigned from
the Board for family and business reasons.

The Visual Arts Faculty would like to congratulate all
students who were involved in the 2008 Principal’s Art
Prize. The winners of each category were as follows:
First Prize ($100 prize and $100 cash)
         Marcus Farchione (Year 12)
Second Prize - DSC ($100 Art materials voucher)
         Mary De Joya (Year 12)
Second Prize - DRC ($100 Art materials voucher)
         Jennifer Georges (Year 9)
Principal’s Choice in Religious Art ($100)
         Ezra Bon (Year 12)
Highly Commended ($50 Art materials voucher):
Andrew Dell’Orso (Year 7) Andrew Pavli (Year 8)
Deanndra John (Year 9)    Sharleen Chung (Year 10)
Bianca Lai (Year 11)      Olivia Venuto (Year 12)
Students will be presented with their prizes at the Term
Two College Assembly.
St Monica’s College gratefully acknowledges the
sponsorship of Cavalier Art Supplies and Atlas Books,
who made such a generous pool of prizes possible.
                                                                2008 VISIT TO JAPAN BY SMC
                                                                Year 9 - 12 Students
Please note that we change to winter uniform as of Monday,      Visit Japan in September, 2008
28th April. This applies to all students. I urge families to
ensure that winter uniform items are in readiness for this      The information evening for the September visit to Takada
day.                                                            Junior and Senior High School will be held on Tuesday April
                                                                22nd in Augustine House on the DRC at 7.30 p.m. Students who
This year we have introduced a College beanie. This is
                                                                may be interested in being part of the tour must attend the
optional, but it is the only beanie permitted for use by
                                                                information evening with a parent. Brochures outlining the tour
students. The College scarf may also be worn. Students
                                                                and costs can be obtained from DSC and DRC Campus
who wear unofficial beanies and scarves at any time when in
                                                                Receptions or the Careers Centre.
uniform will have these items confiscated.
                                                                  CYBER SAFETY – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW
The Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA)            All parents will have received a flyer recently advertising a
have introduced CAS calculators. CAS calculators will be        presentation at the College by Greg Gebhart from NetAlert,
introduced at St Monica’s College according to the following    Australia’s internet safety advisory board. The internet
schedule.                                                       offers a range of exciting possibilities for learning and
                                                                social contact. However there are some potential problems
In 2008                                                         and risks with internet use – for example, cyber stalking,
All Year 9 students are allowed a scientific calculator only.   bullying, unwanted contact from inappropriate people,
Do not purchase second hand calculators for 2009, unless        unsuitable content, invasive online marketing and
they are the TI89T or TIn-Spire.                                advertising, young people spending hours online in chat
Year 10 students are expected to have a graphics calculator     rooms or games sites. Greg Gebhart will provide
(any of the TI83, 84 or CAS models).                            information and advice about keeping your son or daughter
VCE Further Maths 3 & 4 and General A 1 & 2 will                safe when online.
continue to use their existing calculator.
VCE Methods 1 – 4 will continue to use any of the TI83 or       Date:        Wednesday April 23rd
TI84 models.                                                    Venue:       The Gateway Room, Dalton Road Campus
VCE Specialist 3 & 4, General B 1 & 2 and 10 Advanced           Time:        7.30 p.m.
will continue to use their existing calculator, but students    Please return the reply slip at the bottom of the flyer to
may, if they choose, use a CAS calculator (TI89T or TIn-        either campus office or if you did not receive the flyer, ring
Spire).                                                         the College on 9401 2444 to secure your place.
In 2009
Year 9 students are allowed a scientific calculator only. Do
not purchase second hand calculators for 2010, unless they                            MUSIC NOTES
are the TI89T or Tin-Spire.                                     Music Support Group Meeting – Monday 14 April6.00 pm.
All Year 10, General B 1 & 2 and Methods 1 & 2 students         All music parents are welcome to attend the next Music
will use a CAS calculator (TI89T or TIn-Spire).                 Support Group meeting at Augustine House, DRC.
General A 1 & 2 and VCE Further 3 & 4 will continue to use
their existing calculator (TI83 or 84). The faculty believes    Music Ensembles Concert – Monday May 12th, 7.30 p.m.
students will not be disadvantaged by using their existing      The Semester One Music concert will be held in early May.
calculator                                                      Please note this date in your diaries.
VCE Specialist 3 & 4 will continue to use their existing
                                                                Entry is free and the concert will be held in the DRC Sports
calculator, but students may, if they choose, use a CAS
                                                                and Assembly Hall. The Music Support Group will hold a
calculator. The faculty believes students may be advantaged
                                                                raffle at this event.
by having a CAS calculator.
                                                                Entertainment Books
In 2010
                                                                The Music Support Group is selling Entertainment Books
All students at SMC will be expected to use a CAS
                                                                as a fundraiser for the Music Program.
calculator (TI89T or TIn-Spire). VCE Methods 3 & 4 will
switch to the CAS option for the first time.                    If you would like to order a book, please contact the Music
The TI83 and 84 range will only be supported in Further         office on Ph. 9409 8939 for an order form.
Maths 3 & 4 in 2010.
From 2011 only CAS calculators will be supported by the         SINCE THE LAST EDITION …………..
                                                                Lots of activities (including school holidays and Easter):
         YEAR OF THE REEF COMPETITION                           Commencement Mass; DAV debating; CAS swimming;
                                                                Principal’s Art Prize; Parent/Teacher conferences; Uniquely
The winners of the Year of the Reef Competition are:            Year 9; VCAL camp; Year 10 premier league; House Athletics
First Prize       :       Monika Arar (7 White)                 Carnival; Year 10 football coaching course; Public speaking
Second Prize      :       Natasha Chand (7 Indigo)              competitions; Morning Tea with the Principal; EnviroFriends
Third Prize       :       Ben Bumpstead (7 Red)                 tour and photograph; Grease rehearsals; Year 11 breakfasts;
Congratulations to our winners. Their entries will be           VCE personalized interviews; Welcome morning tea for new
displayed in the Pamela Coyne Library soon.                     DSC students; lots of sporting activities including softball,
                                                                volleyball, basketball, hockey and indoor cricket.
FROM THE STAFFROOM                                             depth speeches. They showed themselves to be very disciplined
1.   Mr John Bau is Staff Member of the Month for March        and committed to debating – which is so pleasing (particularly
     in acknowledgement of his outstanding working             considering how hot it was – 38 degrees and no air
     substituting for Mr Anton Jones during his recent         conditioning).
     illness. John’s willingness to assume leadership of the   This successful evening could not have been achieved without
     Faculty without notice and his sense of obligation to     the hard work and dedication of the wonderful coaches:
     VET students in particular is praiseworthy and            Catherine Devine, Matthew Spiteri, Tina Pitruzzello, Denis
     appreciated.                                              Zucchet, Jessica Grace, Cameron MacDonald (two teams),
2.   Mrs Leonie Laughlin will be away from the College for     Andrew Agardy and Carly Parker, who put in a great amount of
     the entirety of second term. Alternate arrangements are   time and effort helping the students prepare. They have given
     being made.                                               up many of their lunchtimes to help the students and their
                                                               efforts are greatly appreciated. The results really showed!
3.   Ms Melinda Mercuri has resigned from the College
     staff to take up duties in her family’s business. We      As a result of such hard work and dedication I am pleased to
     thank her for her work in the Sport Department and the    announce that seven of our nine teams actually WON their
     DRC reception centre. She is replaced by Miss Bianca      debates. This is absolutely spectacular for Round One. It
     Chisari who completed VCE at St Monica’s College in       shows that we have the potential to go on to make the finals.
     2005.                                                     I look forward to building upon this result in Round Two, on
4.   I much appreciate the work of the Takada School           Monday April 28th.
     Exchange Committee, Ms Judith Clarke, Ms Vicki Poke       STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS
     and Mr Akira Koizumi, for their work in the               1. The following students undertook community service at
     organization of the most successful 2008 visit fromm         Collingwood Cottage recently:        Andrew Rofo; Kayla
     our Japanese sister school to SMC. I also thank staff        DelMonte; Jeffrey Miller; Daniel Clohesy; Bridget Walters;
     hosts and their families: Christopher Callinan, Kate         Julia Maiolo; Amanda Biviano.
     Molony, Paul Carney, Paul White, Silvana Parisi and
     Ingrid Stolz.                                             2. Thank you to all students who supported the Good Friday
                                                                  Appeal Fundraiser. Through the sale of Krispy Kremes,
5.   2008 VICTORIAN TEACHER OF THE YEAR                           they raised $550 which was donated to the Royal Children’s
     AWARDS                                                       Hospital.
     Award Categories:                                         3. Simon Nolan has been selected for a position in the ICT
        -      Principal/Deputy Principal of the Year             Achievers Industry placement program for 2008. Simon has
        -      Teacher of the Year                                been placed with a company called Nine Lanterns. He will
        -      School Innovation Award                            complete fifteen days of work experience (during holidays)
        -      Graduate Teacher of the Year                       where he will be supervised by industry professionals. Over
     Students, Parents, Teachers and Principals do you            seventy students applied for this program and only sixteen
     know the next Victorian Teacher of the Year?                 places were awarded so this is a great achievement for
     Nomination forms are available from:                         Simon and a fantastic opportunity.
        -   Mrs Hay in Room 330                                4. Rebecca Hayes from our 2007 VCE classes is represented in
        -   or by phoning Mrs Hay on 9409 8854                    the Top Arts exhibition presented at the Ian Potter Centre:
     All completed nomination forms should be returned to         NGV Australia, Federation Square. The exhibition runs
     Mrs Hay no later than the May 9th, 2008                      from March 27th – June 29th, 2008. Top Arts is part of the
     6.    Office staffing arrangement changes as from this       VCE Season of Excellence managed by the Victorian
           term: Mrs Lucy Cutajar will move to DRC                Curriculum and Assessment Authority. The Honorable
           reception; Mrs Jan Stefani will move to DSC            Bronwyn Pike, MP, Minister for Education launched Top
           Campus Secretary; Mrs Claire Polidano will work        Arts on Wednesday March 26th.
           in DRC reception each Friday; Ms Corina Perl will      Top Arts shows works created by fifty seven VCE Art and
           work in DSC reception and Ms Bianca Chisari in         Studio Arts students who were selected from over two
           DRC reception.                                         thousand applications. Works include painting, sculpture,
                                                                  photography, short film, textiles, ceramics, etching and
          PRINCIPAL’S RIBBON FOR COOKERY                          drawing. The exhibition and associated education programs
                                                                  are designed to inspire and inform current VCE students.
Congratulations to the following students who have been
selected to participate in the Principal’s Ribbon for          CAREERS CORNER
Cookery on April 23rd, 2008:                                   1. Kanga Batman TAFE are offering short “taster” programs
Georgia Bennie Halie Welsh     Michael Camilleri                  for VET subjects in Term Two. These can count towards a
Julia Fotiadis Andrew Kis-Rigo Kiersten Van Aperen                VCAL certificate of the full completion of a particular
Monique Zammit Adam Racina     Sarah Lot                          certificate. Programs include: Engineering, Sport and
                                                                  Recreation, Fashion, Computer Technician, Building and
DAV REPORT – ROUND 1                                              Construction. A fee applies. If you are interested please
                                                                  drop by Mr Hanrahan’s office (room 245) for more details.
Round One of DAV debating was held at Loyola College on
March 17th.                                                    2. A full listing of the University and TAFE Open Days for
                                                                  2008 and the Application Dates, Fees and Charges for the
The nine registered SMC teams across Years 8 – 12 can be          2008/2009 University and TAFE VTAC Application Process
very proud of themselves. They represented the school             is now available on the Careers Website on the Tertiary Page
beautifully. They were punctual, in full school uniform,          – student intranet. Students are encouraged to access this
behaved professionally and presented highly insightful, in        material and to print a copy for their personal use.
WORLD OF SPORT                                                4.   Basketball Academy
1.   Outstanding CAS Swimming results were achieved.               Students and parents are able to catch up with the latest
     Overall SMC won twelve medals.             Outstanding        Basketball news on-line. All basketball participants need to
     individual performances were as follows:                      do is log on to the College network via the College
     Claudia Fruscalzo - 4 gold medals & 1 silver medal            website. The student extranet appears, look at the left side
     Frank Lekkas       - 3 silver medals                          column and click on the ‘SMC Sports’ link. Look at the left
     Halie Welsh        - 4 bonze medals                           column again and run your cursor over the ‘Sports’ link
     Both our thirteen and fifteen years girls relay teams         and then select ‘Basketball’. A list of documents will then
     missed out on medals by less than one second. We had          appear showing results, newsletters, game schedules, and
     many individual swimmers who were also very close to          many other important informative articles. Keep up to date
     being medal contenders. Overall all swimmers were             with the Basketball Academy on line.
     fantastic and represented SMC exceptionally well.        5. Victorian Under 17 Girls Singapore Malaysia Tour
2.   AFL football achievements                                The following letter was recently received by me.
     Congratulations to Darcy Sutton (Year 11) and Joseph
                                                                   Firstly, I would like to thank you for your part in making David
     Palazzolo (Year 12) who have been selected on the
                                                                   Black available for this tour. His contribution to the Sports
     Under 18 Northern Knights list for 2008 season.               Science component of the tour was professional and was an
3.   Year 10 Premier League 2008 – Round 2 SMC VS                  integral part in the overall success of the tour.
     North Keilor                                                  I also write to compliment the students of SMC who recently
     Well done to the St Monica’s team on another                  took part in the nine day football tour of Singapore and
     successful round of Year 10 Premier League.                   Malaysia.
      SPORT                     SMC         CRC Nth Keilor         Enza Barilla (12 Mauve), Nicole Nicolaou (12 Orange),
      Australian Football       147         162                    Ashleigh Kelly (12 Mauve), Sarah McKeon (11 Blue) and
      Netball                   22          16                     Lauren Turco (11 Blue) were all major contributors to the
      Basketball (Boys)         53          39                     success of the tour, both on the field and off.
      Basketball (Girls)        19          33                     They were all exemplary ambassadors for Victorian Football
      Volleyball (Boys)         2           3                      and SMC. To see them setting up a study hall at each location is
      Volleyball (Girls)        3           1                      a credit to the girls and the importance they place on their
      Football (Boys)           1           1                      studies.
      Football (Girls)          0           2                      During a period when great demands were being put on their
     Year 10 Premier League Final Round –8th April 2008            time and energies, it was refreshing to see them manage their
     Well done to all the students who participated in the         time to fit everything in.
     Year 10 Premier League. Results and efforts were              Yours truly,
                                                                   Ian Williamson
      SPORT                     CCCC              SMC
                                                                   Head Coach
      Australian Football       27-13-175         32-9-201
      Netball                   3                 44
      Basketball (Boys)         18                32                      IN MEMORY OF A GREAT ARCHBISHOP:
      Basketball (Girls)        19                26          The community of St Monica's College, Epping expresses its
      Volleyball (Boys)         3                 1           condolences to the family and friends of Archbishop Sir Frank
      Volleyball (Girls)        1                 3           Little who peacefully entered eternal life on Monday, 7 April,
      Football (Boys)           3                 1           2008. A special remembrance will be included in the next
      Football (Girls)          0                 3           edition of The Monican.

                                                  MARVELLOUS MONICAN
 Claudia Fruscalzo is a student who has shown remarkable commitment to her swimming; she has trained and competed
 over the years and at this year’s SACCSS swimming carnival she was awarded the overall U14 individual Female
 champion. Her results included first in 50m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly (in record time), 50m Backstroke, 100m Freestyle
 (also setting a new record) and she was a member of the 4 x 50 Freestyle relay. At the CAS championships she also
 excelled with firsts in 200m Freestyle, 100m Butterfly, 100m Backstroke, 50m Freestyle and second in 50m Butterfly.
 Claudia is also part of the Year 7 football excellence program. As well as enjoying her sports Claudia is also a
 hardworking student and manages her time well to enjoy success in her studies.

B.E. Hanley
College Principal

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