Revocable Living Trust - Short Form by redpjd


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									                               THE (Name)

       This Agreement of Trust, entered into this _____ day of ______________, 20__, between
Helen M. Ripper, of _______, _______, Settlor, and Helen M. Ripper, of _______, _______,
Trustee. The terms of the Trustee and any Successor Trustees shall be included in the term
Trustee as used herein.

       In consideration of Ten Dollars ($10.00), the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by
the Trustee and for other valuable considerations, bargained for and exchanged, and in further
consideration of the covenants of the parties hereinafter contained, the Settlor does hereby grant,
bargain sell, convey and confirm unto the said Trustee, the property described in the attached
Exhibit A, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by the Trustee, to have and to hold by
the said Trustee upon the following terms and conditions:

                                      ARTICLE ONE
       1.      Trustee shall have full power to manage and control the trust estate and all the
income and additions thereto as if the absolute owner thereof, subject only to the limitations
hereinafter specified, including, without limiting the general powers, the following specific
      (a)       To sell, exchange, convey, lease, mortgage and pledge, transfer or otherwise
dispose of all or any part of the trust estate, real or personal, upon such terms and conditions and
for such consideration as it shall, in its sole discretion, deem best. Every transferee so taking
from the Trustee shall be entitled to take and hold the property so acquired free from all trusts
hereby created, and shall not be held for the application of the proceeds.
       (b)     To invest and reinvest all and every part of the trust estate in such manner and in
such real estate, such stocks, both common and preferred, bonds, debentures, mortgage notes,
shares or participations in common trust funds (including any common trust fund at any time
managed by the Trustee) or investment trusts, and other property, either personal or real, as to the
Trustee shall seem desirable investments, having particularly in view the preservation of the trust

estate and the amount and regularity of the income to be derived therefrom.
         (c)    To retain without liability or depreciation or loss any and all property, real or
personal, which is delivered 
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