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									                  LAST WILL and TESTAMENT

                            (Name of Testator or Testatrix)

       KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS:                     That I, ____________, a resident of
________ County, State of ________, being of sound mind, do make, publish and declare this
as my Last Will and Testament, and I hereby revoke all former wills and codicils made by me.

                                       ARTICLE ONE
       It is my desire and I hereby direct that all of my lawful debts, taxes, the expenses of my
last illness and funeral expenses shall be paid from my estate as conveniently as may be done
after my death.

                                       ARTICLE TWO
       I am married and my wife's/husband’s name is __________ ; I have three children,
______, ________ and ________ ; having my wife/husband, my children, and all of my other
relatives, friends and acquaintances in mind, I make no provision for them or for their survivors
except as set out herein.

                                      ARTICLE THREE
       All of my property, real and personal, wherever located and whatever nature, I give,
devise and bequeath to my beloved wife/husband, ________.

                                                                                   Initials ____

                                        ARTICLE FOUR
       In the event that my wife/husband does not survive me, then I make the following devises
and bequests:
                A.     I direct that my executrix or successor executors shall divide all of
       my clothing, personal effects, furnis
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