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					      Developing the Potential
            Your People

                           The course has made me more aware and
                           helped me learn more about cross-selling and
                           up-selling. Sales Executive – Wales
                           Millennium Centre

                     Big Difference Consulting Ltd.
   8 Woodside Centre Badger Lane Hinksey Hill Oxford OX1 5BE England
             T: +44 (0)1865 736005 F: +44 (0)8708 362201
                                       Developing the Potential of
                                             Your People

Heard any of these recently from those who work hard?

      •   “My team just won’t listen to me”
      •   “I can’t – I just don’t have the confidence”
      •   “We can’t do any better, we’re just too busy”
      •   “Nothing seems to get my team fired up”
      •   “I just feel I’m banging my head against a brick wall”

Or these from those who can be hard work?

      •    “Nobody wants my ideas – so I’ll just keep my head down”
      •   “Why should I bother? – I’m up for retirement soon anyway”
      •   “If it weren’t for my boss, we could do much better”
      •   “If it weren’t for my team, we could do much better”
      •   “It’s always been done this way so why change now?”
      •   “Customers are a pain”
      •   “Not my problem”

If so, it may be time to have a conversation with us, because our business is about
challenging existing attitudes, assumptions and working methods and helping people to
take responsibility for what they do.

Conversations you’re more likely to hear in our customers’

     •    We’re all in the same boat pulling together
     •    We can make it happen
     •    This is a great place to work
     •    This is our plan
     •    We know where we’re going
     •    We’re always looking for a better way to serve our customers.
Big Difference Consulting Ltd.   01865 736005

Why Big Difference Consulting was set up
While Mark Arnold, our founder, had worked for over 20 years in marketing, line
management and education, the inspiration behind Big Difference Consulting was his
experience of leading a large aid agency in Pakistan’s North West Frontier. Working with
Afghan refugees and war-ravaged people in Afghanistan, Mark’s mission was to develop
Afghan leaders to take control of a wide range of medical, vocational training, agricultural
and small business programmes.

Mark found that by encouraging people to take responsibility and providing the support they
needed, something amazing happened – the leadership team became a high energy engine.
People used their initiative and grew in confidence and creativity. The projects blossomed
and the results produced were celebrated in their annual reviews.

On his return to the UK, Mark found that he was able to apply the principles proved so
successfully in Pakistan and Afghanistan to developing people in a wide range of public and
private sector organisations. Over the next few years, he carefully built a team of like-minded
people to work with him under the Big Difference Consulting banner.

Although Big Difference Consulting now works in a wide variety of settings, both in the UK
and abroad, we hold to the same core principles of:

      •   encouraging people to take responsibility, and
      •   providing the support they need.

This may not sound particularly clever but people who come to us – including organisations
like CCLRC, Balfour Beatty, Wales Millennium Centre, MHS Homes Group and the BBC –
find that this approach consistently produces outstanding results for their management and
teams – and that’s why they come back for more.

Feeling Stuck
One thing we notice again and again in our work is people’s feeling of being stuck – not
knowing what to do next, feeling that nothing they do can make any impact or repeating the
same actions and getting the same results. By putting our core principles into action, we
help people break that pattern and turn them into highly-motivated leaders who can take
responsibility and motivate their teams.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to equip people with the tools to make a Big Difference – for their
organisation, for their customers and for themselves.

Big Difference Consulting Ltd.   01865 736005

Our Passion
Our passion is threefold:

      •   working with people to give them more personal authority (the ability to be
          more proactive, influence others and get their ideas across in the organisation),
      •   helping them take responsibility for themselves as leaders (to instil a “buck
          stops here” mentality), and
      •   building an organisational team spirit (getting people out of their “silos” and
          reading from the same hymn sheet).

Our Hates
You have probably gathered by now that our approach is straightforward and that we tend
to talk in plain English. What we hate is business gobbledegook and tying up simple
concepts in a lot of impressive-sounding jargon. To focus on helping our clients achieve
results, we find that clear communication is vital.

Seven concerns you probably have about training and development –
and seven solutions!

You want:

   1. Measurable results – you need to demonstrate the impact of training and
       development on the bottom line.

       You need to know that your investment in training and development is generating
       improvements in productivity, performance and profitability. Before starting any work,
       we’ll agree with you desired training outcomes and agree measurable improvement
       targets in, for example:
                                       Some of the results we have achieved for our
       • employee turnover
       • absenteeism levels
                                       • Enabled a multinational telecommunications
       • customer loyalty
                                           organisation to serve customers better.
       • achievement of
                                       • Enabled a large government department to build
           business targets
                                           much closer, more productive partnerships with
       • employee satisfaction             private sector organisations.
       • increased productivity        • Improved performance and profitability of
       • improved quality                  Bangladesh’s jute industry - the country’s major
           against agreed                  export earner - through a World Bank funded
           standards.                      programme.
                                      • Improved internal communications in a national
       We’ll also agree with you          parcel delivery organisation
       how training and
                                      • Transformed the quality of people management in
       development are going to
                                          a major rail infrastructure company.
       be evaluated at reaction,
       learning, behaviours and results levels.

Big Difference Consulting Ltd.   01865 736005

   2. Reliability and credibility - after all, your choice of provider reflects on
      your own standing in the organisation

       Our team of around 30 consultants are established experts who have worked with an
       impressive range of customers across a variety of sectors and cultures –
       engineering, technology, media, health, education, government, transport,
                                  Our consultant team includes people like:
       charities, housing,        • Michael Fryer – ex-Mars UK senior line management
       hospitality and               and now one of the country’s top customer service
       financial services.           gurus. Clients include Intercontinental Hotels Group,
       Their range of                Holiday Inn, Kier Group and Going Places.
       experience means
       they understand the        • Phil Hawthorn – ex-pharmaceutical senior sales
       environment and               management and now an accomplished consultant and
       challenges you face           trainer in team building, people development, customer
       and have the ability          service and sales. Clients include NHS, AA, Centrica,
       to lead, train, coach         BBC and Merrill Lynch.
       and inspire others.
                                  • Deni Lyall – ex-Mars UK Operational and Engineering
       Our team works                management and now an NLP Master Practitioner.
       closely together and          Clients include Boots, Northwest Airlines, RSPB,
       we ensure there is            Schroders and Boots.
       always cover
       available so you           • Hazel King – ex-People Development Manager for
       don’t have to worry           British Airways, she works with individuals and
       about being let               organisations to strengthen performance through
       down.                         strategic and behavioural change. Clients include Cable
                                     & Wireless, Heathrow Express, NTL, DHL and
       As a long-                    Prudential.
       organisation, our consultant team is backed up by an administration that you can
       count on. We’re in this business for the long-term – our relationships with customers
       are built on integrity and we view them as partners for life.

   3. Value for money

       You need to demonstrate that your investment in training and development is
       creating maximum added value per pound spent. We help our customers do this by:
             • Making available a range of tools that have already been developed and
                tested which can be tailored to your needs.
             • Not having to charge high fees to pay for an expensive sales team. (Most of
                our business comes through referrals.)
       In addition, we help our customers stretch their training and development budgets
       further offering them attractive discounts for using more of our inputs over a period.

Big Difference Consulting Ltd.   01865 736005

   4. Innovative solutions to maximise learning and minimise disruption to

       We design high impact, bite-sized training inputs combined with work-based projects
       to ensure employees use the skills they have learned as quickly as possible.

       We produce highly-effective in-house learning packages and e-learning modules with
       our partners Kwango Ltd and Maxim Learning Ltd.

   5. To build a “learning organisation” culture

       We can work with you to build a culture where everyone is committed to learning and
       continuous improvement. We provide:
                                                    Balfour Beatty Rail wanted the
             • Group training and facilitation
                                                    support and involvement of mid-level
             • Team development                     managers in training and developing
                programmes                          first-line management. We provided
             • Coaching and mentoring               guidance in how to conduct pre-
             • Action learning                      course briefings and debriefings
             • Diagnostics and testing              following the training. In addition, we
             • Training needs analysis              got the senior management team to
                                                    take part enthusiastically in action
       We understand that getting buy-in and        planning discussions towards the
       commitment from your management              end of each training course.
       team and staff is essential and we can provide support.

   6. To ensure that training and development is externally validated.

       Through our links with the relevant bodies, we can arrange for our inputs to be
       validated for ILM, CMI and NVQs at all levels.

   7. Joined-up thinking

       You want training and development that fits in with your overall strategy. We are
       experienced in designing competency frameworks for customers and providing
       training and development that links into them. To ensure that the effects of training
       are sustainable, we provide follow-up and high-quality one-to-one coaching

         CCLRC (Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils) with
         almost 2000 employees is one of Europe's largest multidisciplinary research
         organisations supporting scientists and engineers world-wide.
         We designed a competency framework – CCLRC Standards of Management
         Excellence – to describe the behaviours associated with effective management
         With our support, training, coaching and facilitation, the organisation has
         embraced the Standards at all levels and now uses 360 degree feedback. We
         designed a training and development handbook which lists relevant training
         and development resources for each Standard. We redesigned the
         organisation’s management training and development to fit in with the
         Standards. We lead two flagship 3-day training events linked to the Standards
         on a regular basis – the Foundations of Management Excellence and the

Big Difference Consulting Ltd.   01865 736005

           Senior Management Excellence programmes. They are supported with
           coaching, seminars and other training to address specific needs.
           The Standards of Management Excellence have:
                  focused training investment
                  improved career development
                  become the basis of performance appraisal
                  supported succession planning
                  improved the use of management resources
                  encouraged management to adopt new, creative innovative
                  approaches to problem solving
                  instilled a partnership approach to working.

Five things our customers say about us:
       •    Our broad range of experience – including overseas assignments – means we’re
            adaptable and work well with all types of people from different cultures.
       •    We’re just at ease working with the front line as with the top management team.
       •    Our sense of humour and our novel, original and interactive methods mean that
            we’re fun to work with.
       •    Working with us, their teams become more energetic, creative, positive and
       •    We’re good at uncovering needs. This means that our interventions can be
            targeted to make a positive impact quickly.

Ways we work
    We design and lead training, coaching and development programmes that draw on
    elements of the following:
       • leadership, motivation, team building, change management
       • interpersonal skills, counselling and assertiveness
       • problem-solving, creative
         thinking, strategic and project    I can honestly say this training was one of
         management                         the most refreshing and helpful courses I
       • training, coaching and             have experienced. Manager – The Phone
         mentoring skills                   Room
       • communication, facilitation,
         presentation, interviewing, influencing and negotiation skills
       • recruitment and interviewing
       • sales, customer service and call centre skills
       • finance for the non-financial.

Big Difference Consulting Ltd.   01865 736005

Special Products
We have developed a number of innovative, proven products and tools that we make
available for our clients, adapting them to their needs. A selection follows:

   1. T3riangleTM
   2. TPQ - Team Performance Questionnaire
   3. Made to Measure Management Excellence Programme
   4. Service Events – Customer Service Training Packages
   5. Customer Service Excellence Programme
   6. TLDP – Team Leadership Development Programme
   7. Big Difference Toolkit Series
           (a) The Customer Toolkit
           (b) The Leadership & Team Toolkit
           (c) The Disability Toolkit
           (d) The Box Office Toolkit

1. T3riangleTM

T3riangleTM was developed for organisations who understand the importance of effective
management but can’t afford the time and money to send their managers on traditional
training programmes. It’s a simple yet life-changing toolkit that will transform the way your
management team operates with amazing results for your business.

T3riangleTM helps managers strike the crucial balance between structure and flexibility that is
vital to nurture high performance in their staff. It contains a personal checklist to help
managers put the principles of transparency, pragmatism and empowerment into practice.

2. TPQ - Team Performance Questionnaire
The TPQ Team Performance Evaluation Questionnaire is an ideal change management tool
for assessing team performance and identifying training and development needs. It helps
teams overcome blocks to success and look for effective ways to move forward.

TPQ can be completed and used by team members and their line manager and is
particularly useful as part of a facilitated change process. It covers a wide spectrum of
indicators including time management, objective setting, planning, productivity, information
sharing, innovation, support, communications, leadership, motivation levels, inter-team
relationships, relationships with partners, procedures and organisation.

Big Difference Consulting Ltd.   01865 736005

3. Made to Measure Management Excellence Programme

Made to Measure is a development programme that puts right what is wrong with traditional
training courses. Participants:
       • Take complete control of their personal development and design their own
       • Prioritise what they need to work    • The course addressed my specific needs
          on and choose the sessions they         and more. The trainers were skilled and
          want to attend                          very professional. Small tutorial groups
       • Take time out for personal               made for intense learning experience. I
          reflection and study                    have learned a lot that I will apply at
       • Create opportunities for                 work (and at home).
          individual coaching, counselling
          and support                         • The idea to come up with your own
       • Receive individual feedback              content is brilliant and sets it in a
          from personality profiles to            different league to anything I’ve been to
          increase self-awareness                 before.
      •   Work on breakthroughs in             • A very enjoyable, informative course that
          dealing with significant                 has given me clarity and understanding
          relationship and work related            and a wide ranging skills toolbox from
          issues                                   which to call upon when I need it most.
      •   Experiment with new ideas,
          methods and approaches
      •   Let go of outdated attitudes, working practices and ways of thinking
      •   Use a wide range of innovative methods to enable the effective transfer of leraning
          to the workplace

Made to Measure Management Excellence Programme can be used as stand alone training
event or as part of an integrated development process. It is designed to:
     • Promote organisational change
     • Support the business strategy
     • Enable managers to work on their personal learning goals

Made to Measure is run at three levels:
    • Executive – for directors and senior managers
    • Intermediate – for middle managers
    • Foundation – for first-line managers

At the start each participant receives detailed 360 degree feedback on their current
performance and set their own personal learning goals. They then follow a series of training
modules uniquely tailored to those goals.

Made to Measure includes a range of ‘integration activities’ to help participants transfer
learning to the workplace:
    • Individual follow-up coaching
    • Personal action documents
    • Support & challenge group meetings
    • Programme review workshops

Participants identify activities and projects allowing them to tackle important organisational
issues while achieving personal learning goals.

Big Difference Consulting Ltd.   01865 736005

4. Service Events – Customer Service Training Packages

Organisations often find that training courses alone are not enough to ensure excellent
customer service. There needs to be a way of keeping the topic on the agenda as a
continuous conversation. Service Events provide the solution.

Service Events are fun, bite-sized customer service team learning packages which your line
managers deliver to their teams internally, at the workplace. They don’t disrupt output as
they can be delivered flexibly at times to suit in short bursts - from a few minutes up to 1 ½
hours. We train your people in how to deliver them and provide everything required.

Service Events help your training budget go further as they build internal capacity to deliver
effective training and the organisation gains a resource to use in perpetuity.

We find that people often already possess the skills needed to deliver excellent customer
service, but their attitudes can sometimes get in the way. This is why Service Events work
primarily at a beliefs and values level. Each Event contains a specially-designed non work-
related activity designed to focus participants on the pure principles around each topic
without the preconceptions and prejudices that they may associate with their role. Each
individual then considers their personal performance against the pure principle and then
makes a commitment to themselves to improve in a way they feel is appropriate.

Service Events are flexible, effective, enjoyable and can be used for groups of people with
different jobs. We tailor them to your needs and provide everything required including step
by step instructions, activities, handouts, preparation and checklists.

Service Event topics include:
     • The importance of excellent customer service
     • Maintaining customer
         service under pressure        Holiday Inn/Intercontinental Hotels Group
     • Attention to detail / precision General Managers’ comments:
     • Service recovery                “Fun”
     • Being present and aware         “Popular with employees”
     • First Impressions               “Relevant and successful”
     • Team working                    “Most effective way to train people –
     • Communication                   particularly evening staff”
     • Consistency                     “Enabled greater listening to guests’ needs”
     • Up selling

The following can be developed to fit your needs:
      • Dealing with difficult people situations
      • Managing customer expectations – being able to say no
      • Being sensitive to customer needs
      • Getting the most from your team
      • Bouncing back after it’s been tough
      • Providing top customer service to people with disabilities

Big Difference Consulting Ltd.   01865 736005

5. Customer Service Excellence Programme

Three highly-interactive, practical half-day seminars, tailored to your needs. They are
designed as a complete series but may be booked individually.

Seminar One: The Importance of Customer Service

Outcomes for participants:

      •   Recognise the importance of excellent customer service for your organisation
      •   Determine the role they can play
      •   Distinguish the difference between excellent and mediocre customer service
      •   Put themselves in the shoes of the customer
      •   Recognise the impact different ways of working can have on customer service
      •   Be thankful for customers who complain - they haven’t gone elsewhere - yet!
      •   Take personal responsibility for improving the quality of customer service provided
          to both external and internal customers

Seminar Two: Personal Effectiveness and Building Rapport

Outcomes for participants:

      •   Take time to listen, be aware of and understand the diverse needs, concerns and
          expectations of their customers
      •   Express themselves assertively without being aggressive
      •   Cooperate with others to provide excellent customer service
      •   Take personal responsibility for improving the quality of customer service provided
          to both external and internal customers
      •   Challenge and transform limiting self-beliefs
      •   Build rapport and trust by what they say and the way they say it – in person and on
          the phone

Seminar Three: Dealing with Difficult People Situations

Outcomes for participants:

      •   Calm people down and resolve conflicts quickly
      •   Handle complaints in an effective manner
      •   Use a range of powerful strategies for dealing with difficult people situations
      •   Recognise that the other person might see things another way
      •   Handle pressure and stress effectively

The seminars are supported by:

      •   Workbooks – full of useful information and activities
      •   Action-learning Sets – to produce real improvements
      •   One-to-one coaching as required

                                              - 10 -
Big Difference Consulting Ltd.   01865 736005

6. TLDP – Team Leadership Development Programme

“Since your programme of two-day workshops, our team leaders and track chargemen have
shown a marked improvement in their ability to make decisions and take responsibility for
themselves as leaders. Their teams have become stronger, more focused and motivated.”

This is how the Training and Development Manager for Balfour Beatty Rail Infrastructure
Services Ltd. described the results achieved by the TLDP - Team Leadership Development
Programme – delivered to 400 first line managers over three years. The company benefited
from a breakthrough in the performance and attitudes of track chargemen and team leaders
- people who generally hate going on training courses! They were quickly able to take
responsibility for team performance, motivate themselves and their teams, and communicate
much more confidently with line management and customers. In addition, a whole raft of
improvements was made to the way the business operates.

The TLDP was so successful that mid-level management demanded that we create a
programme for them. The programme duly ran throughout the company and the company’s
Network Rail counterparts enthusiastically took part.

The two-day TLDP programme is
                                      Participants’ comments:
practical, highly-interactive, fast-
                                          • “Clear and precise”
moving, challenging and full of
carefully-designed activities,            • “Stimulating and thought provoking.”
discussions and videos. It’s              • “Changes one’s outlook – leading to greater
jargon-free, results-focused and              understanding.”
there are no boring slides –              • “Well presented”
although the walls may get                • “Best course I’ve been on in years”
covered with flipchart paper!             • “Put over in excellent way”
During the final hour, we facilitate      • “Well presented by the trainer”
a session with a senior manager           • “Interesting and motivating”
with whom the participants
discuss their suggestions for improving the business. These suggestions and the discussion
and action points are written up and circulated to the management team and participants
receive a copy too.

The TLDP is powerful at all levels in an organisation. It’s effective for people who don’t
particularly like going on courses - who would rather be getting on with their job than sitting
in a training room. People attending the TLDP dreading “another boring course”, leave at the
end with a totally new perspective on their jobs and their organisation, equipped with a range
of powerful skills to make their jobs easier.

The TLDP can be adapted to meet your organisation’s needs. It’s been proven to equip
leaders of teams with the ability to:
    • lead and motivate
    • communicate powerfully at all levels
    • take responsibility for themselves and their team’s performance, and
    • cope with a work environment that is constantly changing

In addition, it provides a forum for generating ideas for improving the business and creates a
climate of better communication up and down the line.

                                              - 11 -
Big Difference Consulting Ltd.   01865 736005

7. Big Difference Toolkit Series

These highly interactive, practical, experiential, fun one day programmes full of activities,
simulations and discussions, carefully designed to produce results. They are tailored to meet
your organisation’s needs and run at your premises or a venue of your choice.

To get maximum value from each programme, delegates complete a pre-course
questionnaire and agree personal development objectives with their line manager.

High quality materials reinforce learning and they will take away with them a manual at the
end of the programme.

After training, participants complete individual and team action plans. Completed course
evaluation forms are copied to management.

Follow up coaching is provided as required.

(a) The Customer Toolkit


       By the end of this course participants will be able to:
            • put themselves in the shoes of their customers
            • listen actively to people to assess their needs
            • build rapport and trust by what they say and the way they say it
            • calm people down and resolve conflicts quickly
            • be thankful for customers who complain - they haven’t gone elsewhere - yet!
            • use a range of powerful strategies for dealing with difficult people situations
            • recognise that the other person might see things differently
            • take personal responsibility for improving the quality of customer service
              provided to both external and internal customers
            • generate a powerful customer service team

(b) The Leadership & Team Toolkit


       By the end of this course participants will be able to:

            •   put all the ingredients together for effective team working
            •   lead and motivate others
            •   make the best use of team members’ abilities
            •   take responsibility for the quality of their department’s work
            •   express themselves assertively without being aggressive
            •   communicate powerfully and effectively
            •   deal with difficult team situations
            •   build closer links with other departments

                                              - 12 -
Big Difference Consulting Ltd.      01865 736005

(c) The Disability Toolkit


By the end of this course participants will be able to:

           •    address the needs of customers with a disability
           •    ensure their organisation meets the requirements of the Disability
                Discrimination Act (DDA)
           •    discover the limitations of their working environment and make appropriate
                changes (A look at catering facilities, restaurants, entrances, facilities, offices,
                auditoriums, stairs, wheelchair access, evacuation plans, toilets, heights of
                counters, etc. And what’s outside? - a look at pavements and parking
           •    recognise that disability is not just about blind, deaf and people in wheelchairs
                (What about mobility, mental health, facial disfigurements, body abnormalities
                and learning difficulties?)
           •    avoid being patronising with a customer with a disability
           •    find out what it’s like to have a special need - an opportunity to try some of
                our gadgets – partial reality spectacles, wheelchairs, earplugs, etc.
           •    lead a blind or partially-sighted person – an opportunity to practice with our
                special “dog”!
           •    use words that don’t label people
           •    treat all customers equally, whatever their needs
           •    relate to people with special needs in the appropriate way
           •    create a service which caters sensitively and thoughtfully to all people with a

(d) The Box Office Toolkit


       By the end of this course participants will be able to:

            •   build stronger relationships with their customers
            •   be more aware of opportunities to promote events and services
            •   put in place up-selling and cross-selling techniques
            •   understand the Data Protection Act and all it’s implications
            •   communicate better on the telephone
            •   understand the impact of new technology in the workplace
            •   work more effectively with other departments
            •   plan and implement a pro-active telephone campaign

                                               - 13 -
Big Difference Consulting Ltd.       01865 736005

Our Clients

        In the UK:

Abingdon & Witney College          First Great Western Trains      Riverside Mental Health Trust
Analysys                           Global Crossing                 (NHS)
Aurora Sunderland Streetlighting   Hansatech                       Royal Court
Balfour Beatty                     Helapet                         Serco Railtest
BBC                                Hexcel Composites               Southern Railway
Business Link                      IMS Health                      South Hook LNG
CareTech                           Industrial Society              Talis
Carillion                          Lucy Engineering Group          Taylor Barnard Distribution
CCLRC Rutherford Appleton          MHS Homes Group                 The Anvil, Basingstoke
Laboratory                         Midcounties Cooperative         The Phone Room
CIPD                               Network Rail                    The Point, Eastleigh
Coventry University                Norfolk & Norwich Hospital      Theatre Royal, Newcastle
Dako Diagnostics                   (NHS Trust)                     TMA
Department for International       Oxford Brookes University       UKAEA
Development (DFID)                 Oxford City Council             Wales Millennium Centre
Derbyshire County Council          Oxford Playhouse                Watford Palace Theatre
East of England Development        Parcelforce                     Western Challenge Housing
Authority (EEDA)                   Post Office                     Group
Employment Service                 Reading Arts                    Wickes
                                                                   Wycombe Arts Management

                             Very good day. Many thanks for all your input. You
                             have set up a lot of future ways of working. Head of
                             Education - Spitalfields Festival


        IMA International – Thailand
        Bosch Telecom - Germany
        Cegetel - France
        UK Department for International Development – Egypt and Uganda
        World Bank - Bangladesh Jute Industry
        Bangladesh Government - Departments of Fisheries and Agricultural Marketing
        Papua New Guinea Government - Division of Commerce
        Austrian Relief Committee for Afghans

                             Thanks for your great input during the course. I really enjoyed
                             your sessions, you really brought the issues alive. It was lovely
                             working with you, let’s hope there is another opportunity soon.
                             Manager – IMA International

                                               - 14 -
Big Difference Consulting Ltd.           01865 736005

Our Consultant Team

Mark Arnold (Managing Director)
Mark Arnold is a successful organisation development, ILM and CMI accredited management training
specialist and qualified coach with extensive international expertise. Mark’s experience includes line
management, marketing and training with a wide range of organisations in the UK and abroad, and
running his own businesses. Mark trains and coaches people at all levels in Leadership, Facilitation,
Team Building, Sales, Customer Service, Call Centre Skills, Influencing, Negotiation, Strategic and
Change Management, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, Finance for Non-Financial Managers and
Interpersonal Skills.

With a lively, dynamic training style, Mark creates an engaging and enjoyable forum in which every
participant is fully involved. A successful TV and film music composer with two albums to his credit, Mark
has also developed a number of innovative programmes which make use of music and drama to create a
fun, energetic and successful learning environment.

Emma Thompson
Emma has worked for over 15 years with Managing Directors, Senior Managers and their teams in
private, charitable and not-for profit sectors including the Environment Agency, Manches LLP and
South East Employers to create step by step coaching and training programmes that increase self
awareness, leadership and management capability and organisational effectiveness.

Emma is co-author of An Organisational Resource Document for Local Government, co-developer of
the people management model T3riangleTM and is licensed to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator ®.
She is also a freelancer for the Sunday Times top 100 company league table supplements and is a
Member of the Association for Coaching and Chartered Management Institute.

Emma uses her knowledge of MBA business tools and theories, role play and creative thinking
techniques to encourage individuals to explore current workplace issues in a supportive and safe

Michael Fryer
Michael Fryer has many years line management experience at a senior level, including four years as
Customer Service Manager with Mars UK. As a consultant, he still works with Mars UK and now also
designs and leads training and development programmes for Intercontinental Hotels Group, Holiday
Inns, Bass, Going Places, Sun Life of Canada, MHS Homes, Airways Housing Group and many other

Deni Lyall

Deni is a Chartered Electrical / Electronics Engineer by profession, and an Imperial College graduate.
Deni worked for the Mars Corporation for 14 years, in Operational and Engineering Management roles
before becoming a performance development consultant. She focuses on personal and team
development through facilitation, coaching, team development and people skills training. She has a
proven track record of achieving results linked to business objectives.

As an NLP Master Practitioner, she enables people to achieve significant breakthroughs in their work
performance and their life. Combining her business background with structured development and NLP
skills, Deni works across all sectors and at all levels. Clients include Mars, Northwest Airlines, RSPB
and Boots.

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Rob Hamblin
Rob has over 20 years experience of providing a comprehensive HR service to large corporations
both in the UK and the Far East. He has managed a variety of projects in corporate change,
organisation development, occupational assessment, testing and diagnostics, performance
management and team development. Rob brings insight, energy and a high level of communication to
his work. Organisations he has worked with include Cathay Pacific Airways, BAT Industries, T Mobile,
Going Places, Rank Organisation, Argos and CLRC.

Phil Hawthorn
With almost 20 years experience in major blue chip organisations, Phil Hawthorn established a
successful track record as a National Sales Manager in the pharmaceutical industry. An accomplished
consultant and trainer in team building, people development, customer service and sales, Phil’s
experience spans a variety of sectors including utilities, local government, IT, insurance,
pharmaceuticals and charities. Organisations he has worked with include NHS, AA, Centrica, BBC
and Merrill Lynch. Phil is licensed to use a range of psychometric testing systems which he uses
extensively in his team development work.

Andrea Gregory

Qualified in testing and diagnostics with extensive HR experience, Andrea has considerable expertise
in developing competencies through job analysis techniques (critical incident interviewing & repertory
grid). She designs assessment centres and trains HR teams to run them. She has designed and
delivered a range of management development programmes for organisations such as Going Places,
Argos and Harrods. She has also worked with clients in the public sector, e-commerce, media, oil,
healthcare and financial services sectors.

An NLP Master Practitioner and Executive Coach, she supports teams in developing clarity around
vision and values, helping them to align their goals and objectives around them. She designs
programmes to surface ‘real’ team issues such as conflict, role ambiguity, lack of trust, and valuing
and respecting other’s beliefs.

Hazel King

Among other senior roles, Hazel King was People Development Manager - Engineering for British
Airways before she became a successful consultant. Her extensive business and management
experience enables her to work in partnership with individuals and organisations to strengthen
performance through strategic and behavioural change.
Hazel works with organisations such as Cable & Wireless, Heathrow Express, Swissport, NTL, Jet
Aviation, Lawson International, British Airways, DHL and Prudential. In the rail sector, she developed
and implemented an on-site coaching programme for the Customer Service Managers of a major train
operating company.

David Skinner

After a successful career in education and training in the RAF, David now specialises in designing and
delivering training in business communication skills – business writing, report writing, presentation
skills, effective meetings, interviewing skills – and personal development, including outplacement
training and counselling.

He has worked with Ashley Homes, Department of Trade and Industry, Eagle Star, Eversheds
Solicitors, Gloucestershire County Council, Jones Lang LaSalle, Manchester Airport plc, Mitsubishi
Colt Car Company, Smith's Industries, Sony (UK) Ltd and Unipart.

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Steve Breibart

Steve specialises in internal communication, culture change and corporate values. He has deployed
his skills within many types of organisations both large and small, across many industry sectors. A
regular speaker and workshop facilitator at internal communication conferences, he writes for the
journal "Effective Consulting".

An NLP Master Practitioner and Executive Coach, Steve works with senior individuals and teams,
helping them achieve their full potential.

He co-founded and continues to run The Coaching Foundation, a national group for executive and life

Julian Dodson
Julian has a strong commercial background in consumer goods marketing - predominantly in brand
and retail marketing in the drinks industry - and then as a director of a specialist management
consultancy concentrating on business growth and the management of change. Working as an
experiential learning facilitator for the past 10 years, he has achieved life changing results with
individuals and teams.

Julian's relaxed, confident and supportive style inspires delegates to push themselves into the stretch
zone both physically and emotionally, and to believe that they can achieve and perform at higher

Julian is passionate about the benefits of learning through active challenges, and draws his own
energy and satisfaction from seeing people achieve things they previously thought they were unable

The majority of his programmes are focused on the fundamental issues involved in achieving results
through people, and can be delivered in a wide diversity of indoor and outdoor environments at home
and abroad.

Andy McGeeney
Andy has many years of experience as a trainer, consultant, facilitator and adviser supporting change
processes in the arena of environmental awareness, sustainability and eco-management. He
encourages organisations to explore in a creative and productive way the challenge presented by the
environment and helps them generate a positive, creative, enthusiastic mindset that produces
solutions. Organisations he has worked with include British Airways, BP Amoco, Irish Electricity
Supply Board, South Bank University. In the rail sector, he developed a powerful, interactive
environmental awareness programme for Balfour Beatty Rail Infrastructure Services, which ran
extensively in Kent.

Lucy Barnes-Watson
Lucy Barnes-Watson is a lively, innovative training consultant and coach who has designed and led
team leadership and customer service programmes for a wide range of organisations including BP,
National Power, Egg (Prudential), Kier Group and Arthur Andersen. At Mars UK, she led a
programme for developing internal customer service - designed to improve the quality of inter-
departmental service in the company. She recently completed a long-term customer service
development programme for the Ceroc organisation. She also organises personal confidence-building
and team-building days using adventure activities such as white water rafting, parachuting and fire-

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Paul Gausden

Paul has spent 18 years providing a broad management development portfolio to many client
organisations, specialising in the delivery of high impact development events which add value to both
the individual and the organisation.

He has a great deal of experience organising assessment and development centres, leadership and
team development, executive coaching and culture change programmes. Amongst his many clients
are: BAA, Somerfield, Argos, Dixons Stores, Mastercare, Eurostar, BSI and Going Places.

Steve Kendall

Steve has over 20 years experience working as a project and programme manager in a variety of
sectors, including telecommunications, engineering, education, housing associations and large retail
organisations. A project management specialist, he consults with many large organisations and helps
them to improve their business performance. He enables organisations to implement best project
management practice and align their project portfolio to their business strategy.

David Harrison

David Harrison enjoyed a successful career in recruitment before becoming a TV actor appearing in
East Enders and The Bill. As a highly-skilled management trainer and facilitator, he works with a wide
range of organisations developing their people through a range of innovative physical and creative
processes. Through participating in activities such as juggling and plate spinning, David helps groups
learn the principles of effective team working and how to develop a positive mental framework to face
new challenges. In another programme developed by David, participants complete a watercolour
painting and learn how to overcome the “I can’t do that” syndrome. Organisations that have benefited
from David’s unique approach include Marks and Spencer, Arthur Andersen Consulting, Quaker Oats
and UKAEA Technologies.

Adrian Phillips

Adrian Phillips spent the first ten years of his career as an actor before entering the world of Arts
Marketing and Training, with Oxford Playhouse and Watermill Theatre, Newbury. He worked with The
Phone Room Ltd. running their group sales, box office and training services. He writes for Arts
Professional and is a regular speaker at conferences, seminars and workshops. Clients include BBC,
Royal Shakespeare Company, Edinburgh Playhouse, Clear Channel Entertainment and Theatre Royal,

Jonathan Nash
Jonathan Nash has been involved with theatre and the performing arts for over twenty years – as a Box
Office and Front of House Manager – always on the front-line of customer service. An authority in the
area of disability awareness and access, he audio-describes theatre and opera performances for blind
and partially sighted patrons. Jonathan has designed and delivers our popular Disability Toolkit

Derek Hickmott
Following a successful management career with the electronics giant Philips, Derek set up as a
consultant in Health & Safety and Quality Assurance. He advises organisations in formulating and
implementing Health & Safety policy, leading training seminars, conducting safety surveys and
carrying out practical risk assessments. In addition, Derek covers all aspects of Total Quality
Management, Quality Assurance and Statistical Process Control. Among Derek’s clients are Hexcel
Composites (Ciba-Geigy), British Telecom, Panasonic and the Ministry of Defence.

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Ian Chandler

Ian is one of Europe’s leading trainers and consultants in the development and human rights sector.
He has extensive practical and senior level experience in advocacy, campaigning, communications
and management with a wide range of organisations. As a trainer he is in great demand, delivering
high impact training programmes around the world to local, national and international development
and human rights organisations – including DFID, Oxfam, Save the Children Fund and the British

Isobel McConnan
An independent facilitator, coach and community mediator with 18 years’ experience in the NGO
sector, in the UK and internationally. At the heart of her work is a commitment to supporting people’s
thinking, learning and development to bring about positive individual and collective change.
Organisations she has worked with include Care International, DFID, ActionAid and Oxfam.

Liz Goold
Liz has 20 years experience in organisation development, learning and change, primarily in the
NGO/international development sector. She has worked with a range of organisations in Africa, Asia
and Europe as a consultant, facilitator and community development worker. Clients include IDS,
World Vision, DFID and Christian Aid.

John Rowley
John has 25 years' experience in community development work with a wide range of agencies in UK
and Africa. He has managed development programmes, institutional and consultant teams and
designed and facilitated training workshops in participatory methods, project and program
management. Clients include FAO, Thames Valley Police and DFID.

Mike Palk
Mike has worked in organisational development for 16 years. His passion is designing and delivering
experiential team and personal development programmes that give people an opportunity to discover
more creative and effective ways of working together and a greater understanding of their skills and
strengths. Clients include Transport for London, DFID and Enterprise plc.

Sally Ramsden
An experienced journalist writing for the Guardian and Independent on Sunday, Sally designs and
leads interactive media and communications courses to a wide range of clients including Oxfordshire
County Council, Department of Work and Pensions and UNISON. She is skilled at enabling her clients
to write and present accessible and enticing information

An experienced journalist writing for The Guardian and Independent on Sunday, Sally designs and
leads interactive media and communications training programmes and undertakes consultancy and
mentoring for a wide range of clients including the Department for Work and Pensions, Save the
Children, Davis Learning Foundation and Citizens Advice. She is skilled at developing participatory
processes, promoting problem solving and motivating individuals and groups. She spent ten years
working in the Arab world as an education and training specialist and has a special interest in Muslim

Howard Exton-Smith
Howard is an experienced management trainer, consultant and coach specialising in organisational
effectiveness. Following a successful career in the private sector, he works in strategy formulation,
implementation and evaluation, programme and project management in democracy and governance,
and management and leadership development in the UK and internationally. Clients include:

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Westminster Foundation for Democracy, The Centre for Strategy and Communications, Learning &
Skills Council, Cortex Limited, Ministry of Education – Uganda and The Recovery Group.

What our Clients say about Us

      •   Trainer’s knowledge on all areas was very good. I particularly liked the fact
          that it was very participatory and trainer truly facilitated to a very high
          degree!! Well done.
          Irene Muchunu – DFID Nairobi.

      •    Mark helped me examine issues in a very helpful, imaginative and non-
           judgemental way – a very positive experience.
          Jonathan Williams – Composer.

      •   You have established a reputation in our business for providing training that
          has a high impact while being very enjoyable.
          Training and Development Manager – Balfour Beatty Kent Region

      •   Thanks also for your great input during the course. I really enjoyed your
          sessions, you really brought the issues alive. It was lovely working with you,
          lets hope there is another opportunity soon.
           Faye Phillips – Manager, IMA International

      •   Since your programme of two-day workshops, our team leaders and track
          chargemen have shown a marked improvement in their ability to make
          decisions and take responsibility for themselves as leaders. Their teams
          have become stronger, more focused and motivated.
          Geoff Warren – Training Manager, Balfour Beatty Rail Wessex Region

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