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					Travel Advisory

Heather Hanunian
Assistant Director, Library Business Services
Updated December 5, 2008
Why Travel Policies?
   IRS regulations govern many of the
   rules on how much a business traveler
   may be reimbursed and for what
   If policy not followed, the
   reimbursement is regarded as taxable
   income for the traveler by the IRS and
   must be reported by UCLA
  “Request for Leave and Funding”
  “Library Travel Reimbursement Form”
  These two forms are essential for
  reimbursement. Be sure to fill out
  accurately and turn in quickly after
  travel. The more accurate you are the
  less time it takes to get your
  reimbursement processed.
Documentation, 2
   UC employees must register for travel
   insurance if they will be traveling out of
   Please print the confirmation page and
   attach it to your Request for Leave and
   Funding Form
Documentation, 3
   Policy requires the business purpose of
   the trip or event to be stated in the
   reimbursement claim
   Justification needs to reflect “who,
   what, when, where, and why" of the
   event and specifically the business
   benefit to the University
Documentation, 4
   For travel to meetings and conferences,
   providing an agenda and an explanation
   of your participation is a good way to
   document the business necessity
   When an expense report does not
   contain enough detail, Travel
   Accounting must return it to obtain
Documentation, 5
   Don't cause extended delays by waiting
   to be asked for enough information
   Don't cause additional scrutiny by
   having insufficient justification
Registering for a Conference or
   When possible, register at least 5 weeks in
   advance of due date through Linda
   Taketomo, who will issue a University check
   to the organization
   Take advantage of the fact that several
   people will usually be registering for ALA, the
   MLA’s, SLA, etc. We sometimes get a
   discount for early registration. Plan ahead!
Registration Reimbursement
   Two requirements for reimbursement:
   •   Copy of the registration form - REQUIRED
        - (hint: screen print when you register on line
   •   Proof of payment
        - Could be form letter, email, credit card receipt,
        - Must indicate amount and how the fee was
        - Ask the organization for a receipt if necessary
Registration Reimbursement, 2
   More Proof of Payment
     If Personal Check- Travel Accounting requires
     copy of front and back of check
     If Credit Card – the registraton form must indicate
     that credit card was used, if it does not, Travel
     Accounting requires a copy of the credit card

   Please get these yourself, do not ask your
   travel preparer to do it for you
   Book all flights through UCLA Travel Center -
   Traveler is responsible for verifying the
   itinerary and must cover 100% of the cost of
   any post booking changes if traveler did not
   notice a problem with the flight when the
   reservation was booked
   Use most economical form of transportation
   Original receipts required
Transportation, 2
   If you choose to travel by train or car,
   the reimbursed cost of hotels, meals
   and transportation cannot exceed the
   cost of the airfare --- get air quotes at
   same time so you have documentation
Multi-Purpose Trips
   Combined Business or Development and
   Personal trips
   Before you book anything, UCLA travel must
   price and provide email documentation for
   each leg of the trip.
   If you are adding a personal component to
   your trip, you must
     book flight through UCLA Travel
     pay with personal funds
     be reimbursed later for the University portion
  Normally return the same day the
  conference or class ends, unless flight
  would be difficult late in the day
Car Rental
   Original receipt required
   Use UCLA Travel for car rental
     Good corporate rates
     Includes insurance automatically
     (You won’t be reimbursed for insurance if
     you pay extra for it.)
     See travel web page for agreements
Car Rental, 2
   To save on fuel costs, travelers should
   fill up at a gas station
   If gas is obtained at the rental car
   location, justification is required on why
   fuel was not purchased at a gas station
Lodging Policy

   If lodging site is within 50 mile radius of the
   UCLA campus or your residence (the lesser of
   the two), it is not reimbursable.
     If you believe you have a valid reason for an
     exception to the 50 mile policy, you must request
     and obtain an exception in advance of your trip.
     Please contact Linda Taketomo for assistance.
Hotel Receipts Required
   Hotel receipt must be original receipt and
   show a zero balance
     Express Checkout receipt is not adequate! It
     won’t show zero balance. If you need to use
     Express Checkout, call the hotel when you get
     home and get a copy of the final bill to submit
     along with original.
     Internet Hotel Expediters (Expedia, Travelocity,
     etc.) cannot provide itemized hotel receipts (i.e.,
     hotels taxes, etc.). Don’t use them! If you do,
     LBS can’t fix it for you.
  Meals are reimbursed based on actual cost
  Receipts are not required (except for foreign
  travel); use travel reimbursement form
  Alcohol (and related sales tax and tip) must
  be deducted from the amount claimed for any
  Limit is $64 per day, includes meal tips, tips
  for housekeeping, baggage, etc.
Meals, 2
   THIS IS NOT PER DIEM, please submit
   the amounts you actually paid. If you
   claim $64 for each day, you must
   submit supporting receipts.
   Change in policy effective September 1,
   2008: for meal reimbursement, travel
   must be for more than 24 hours with an
   overnight stay verified by a lodging
Meals, 3
   For a trip of less than 24 hours that includes
   an overnight stay, the maximum amount for
   a single day ($64) shall be authorized for the
   entire trip, even if the trip takes place over
   two consecutive days.
   Be sure to record when you leave your home
   and when you arrive back home.
   Also Reimbursable
     Taxi and associated tips
     Other local transportation
     Business phone calls
     One brief, non-emergency telephone call home
     per day
     Internet charges (original receipt or hotel bill
     annotation required)
   Receipts are required for any individual
   expense over $75
Foreign Travel, special rules
   If you request per diem for foreign
   travel, no receipts required for meals
     Check the travel web site for per diem for
     each city, the per diem changes regularly
   Otherwise, receipts are required for all
   expenses (air, hotel, etc.)
When to Request Reimbursement
   All requests and forms must be
   submitted within 21 days after the
   end of the trip
Corporate Card, aka “T&E Card”
   UCLA Corporate Charge Card available
   May only charge reimbursable business
   travel and entertainment expenses
   Must pay upon receipt of the billing
   statement, whether you have been
   reimbursed yet or not
Corporate Card, 2
   Payment may be made directly to
   corporate card if reimbursement is
   submitted in a timely manner
   The University will not pay late fees
   Original, itemized receipts must be turned
   in for any entertainment expenses, including
   Maximum per person amounts:
     Breakfast $26
     Lunch $38
     Dinner $64
     Light Refreshments $17
   Alcohol not reimbursable (unless pre-
   approved and on non-19900 funds)
Entertainment, 2
   Deduct alcohol and its related tax and
   tip from the bill.
   Expenses for spouses or partners are
   not reimbursable (unless there is a
   University business reason, pre-
   approval is required)
Librarian Professional
Developments Funds
   Travel – amount determined by Library
   at the beginning of each fiscal year
   Linda Taketomo tracks expenditures
   from the allocation
   Your expenditure account runs from
   August 1 through July 30 to help with
LAUC Research Grants
  Tell LBS if you are given a LAUC
  Research grant. LBS needs to get the
  money for you
   Traveler’s responsibility to know and
   follow the University’s travel policies
   Traveler’s responsibility to provide the
   appropriate documentation
   Preparers record the information for
   you in Travel Express for the
Travel Web Page