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					Beauty Treatments

Facial Care                                                                                            €

We use Gernetic, Gatineau and Germain De Capuccini products with our treatments.

     Classic Facial –Gernetic (1 hour/ 20 min)                                                       60.00
     A treatment to treat and balance, individually tailored to suit your skin’s requirements.

     Defi Lift 3d – Gatineau (1 hour)                                                                75.00
     Exclusive treatment for face lifting with high-tech ingredients that improve elasticity
     and reduce deep wrinkles .

     Regenerating Eye Treatment – Gatineau Or Germain De Capuccini (30 Min)                          30.00
     The delicate tissue surrounding the eye deserves the very best.
     This treatment decongests, detoxifies, reduces fine lines and refreshes,
     leaving the eye area looking brighter and younger.

     Electelle Gatineau Treatment -Gatineau- (1 hour/20min)                                          75.00
     Oxygenating facial treatment with pineapple extracts that provides the skin with oxygen
     and hydration. Recommended for dry, dull skin.

     Peeling & Tonic Mask – Gatineau- (30 min)                                                       40.00
     Removes dead skin cells, and is moisturising, leaving the skin smooth and shiny

     Facial With Marine Seaweed - Gatineau (1 hour/20min)                                            75.00
     Treatment with minerals to regenerate the skin cells

Spa Nails
A tailor-made programme created to treat, stimulate and promote your own natural nail growth.
All include an application of polish.

     Manicure (45 min)                                                                               35.00
     Treats the cuticles and specific nail types.

     Luxury Manicure (1 hour/ 20 min)                                                                45.00
     Incorporating a mask to nourish and hydrate.

                          P.O.Box 30450, 5343 Ayia Napa, Cyprus
                          Tel:+357 2372 2900, Fax:+357 2372 2901, E-mail:
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       Pedicure (45 min)                                                                                   35.00
       The removal of hard skin, exfoliation and a relaxing foot massage.

       Luxury Pedicure (1 hour /20 min)                                                                    45.00
       A moisturising treat for the feet.

       French Manicure Or Pedicur e                                                                        + 5.00

       File & Paint                                                                                        10.00

       Special occasion                                                                                    40.00
       Bridal make up (including trial)                                                                    80.00

       Brow shape                                                                                          10.00
       Lash tint*                                                                                          10.00
       Brow tint*                                                                                          10.00
       Lash & Brow tint*                                                                                   17.00

       *Tint test required 24 hours prior to treatment.

       Full leg & bikini                                                                                   30.00
       Full leg                                                                                            25.00
         /4 leg                                                                                            20.00
         / 2 leg                                                                                           15.00
       Arms                                                                                                12.00
       Underarm                                                                                             8.00
       Bikini                                                                                               8.00
       Lip or chin                                                                                         6.00
       Back or chest                                                                                       15.00

                        *Please avoid any heat i.e. sun, sauna or hot bath after any waxing for 8 hours.

                               P.O.Box 30450, 5343 Ayia Napa, Cyprus
                               Tel:+357 2372 2900, Fax:+357 2372 2901, E-mail:
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Special Treatment Packages                                                                                        €

    Half Day Getaway                                                                                            130.00
       Classic Facial
       Back Massage

    The Ultimate Escape                                                                                         140.00
       Exotic ceylon massage
       Peeling and tonic mask
       Luxury manicure

    Alion Delight                                                                                               125.00
       Natural salt scrub
       Chocolate body treatment
       Regenerating eye treatment

    Alion Sampler                                                                                               70.00
       Mini facial
       Back massage
       File & paint fingers & toes

    Stress Recovery                                                                                             155.00
       Electelle Gatineau treatment
       Natural salt scrub
       Aromatherapy massage

                                All packages include free use of sauna & jacuzzi

    Jacuzzi                                                                                         1 Hour      12.00
                                                                                                   / 2 Hour
    Steam Bath                                                                                      1 Hour      10.00
                                                                                                     / 2 Hour    5.00
    Sauna                                                                                           1 Hour      10.00
                                                                                                     / 2 Hour    5.00

                        P.O.Box 30450, 5343 Ayia Napa, Cyprus
                        Tel:+357 2372 2900, Fax:+357 2372 2901, E-mail:
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Fitness Centre                                                                                               €

    Gym room                                                                                           Free of charge
    Squash court                                                                                       Free of charge
    Tennis court                                                                                       Free of charge
    Table tennis                                                                                       Free of charge

Body Care
    Natural Salt Scrub -Gernetic (30 min)                                                                        40.00
    An exfoliation with a difference! The invigorating effects of the salts remove dead
    skin cells, leaving your skin smooth.

    Spa Body Seaweed Treatment - Gernetic (1 hour)                                                               50.00
    A perfect combination of natural marine algae and high tech ingredients for slimming
    and detoxing the body.

    Spa Marine Delicatessen Chocolate Treatment - Germaine de Capuccini (1 hour)                                 70.00
    Sophisticated spa treatment with a wrap of hot chocolate. Excellent anti-cellulite effect
    with a deep state of relaxation, serenity and maximum hydration of the body.

    Pindaspice Massage -Germain de Capuccini (1 hour )                                                        100.00
    Exotic massage with warm pindas, based on rice oil, cardamom and almond oil
    with anti-oxidising, nourishing and anti-aging properties

    Exotic Ceylon (Shells Massage) -Germain de Gappucini (1 hour)                                                80.00
    SPA oriental massage with real shells from the sea with a unique protocol
    of techniques inspired from the East. Provides maximum relaxation and well-being.

    Mysterious Turkish Massage (1 hour)                                                                          80.00
    A unique experience of stretching with a silky foulard and the exclusive massage stick.
    Provides anti-oxidising, relaxing and well-being properties because of the massage delight
    based on saffron (from the most expensive spice).

    Massage                                                                                        1 hour        50.00
    A deeply relaxing massage to alleviate aches and pains                                         30 min        30.00
    caused by muscle knots and tension.

    Aromatherapy Massage                                                                           80 min        70.00
    This complete face, scalp and body massage uses selected                                       30min         40.00
    essential oils for deep relaxation.

                        P.O.Box 30450, 5343 Ayia Napa, Cyprus
                        Tel:+357 2372 2900, Fax:+357 2372 2901, E-mail:
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