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					5 TH F R E S E N I U S C O N F E R E N C E

 3 TO 4 MAY 2007

    European Community policy
    on contaminants in foodstuffs

    Risk-benefit assessment

    PFOS in food

    EFSA panel on aflatoxins, e.g.
    sampling, testing, risk assessment       SPEAKERS:
    Migration of plasticizers from screw     Klaus Abraham Federal Institute for Risk Assessment | Reto Battaglia
    caps                                     (formerly) Swiss Quality Testing Services | Beate Brauer Chemical
                                             State and National Veterinary Examination Office (CVUA) Münster |
    Safety of paper and board made from
                                             Hubert de Brabander University of Gent | Giuseppe Calcagni Besana |
    recycled fibres
                                             Jean-Marc Diserens Nestlé Research Center | Stefan Fabiansson
    Mitigation of process contaminants,      EFSA | Hermann Fromme Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority |
    e.g. furan, acrylamide, 3-MCPD           Dietrich Gorny Law Offices Gorny | Koni Grob Chantonal Laboratory
                                             Zurich | Claudia Heppner EFSA | Niklas Johansson Swedish Environ-
    Coumarin in food, e.g. analytical
                                             mental Protection Agency | Juliane Kleiner EFSA | Reinhard Matissek
    requirements, risk assessment, legal
    frame                                    Food Chemistry Institute of the Association of the German Confectione-
                                             ry Industry | Michael Petz University of Wuppertal | Wim Reybroeck
    Strategies to screen and analyse for     Institut for Agricultural and Fisheries Research | Joachim Schlösser
    veterinary drug residues                 CVUA Münster | Dieter Schrenk University of Kaiserslautern | Richard
                                             Stadler Nestlé Product Technology Center | Jacob van Klaveren
    Possibilities and limitations of
    screening tests                          RIKILT Institute for Food Safety | Leo Van Leemput Janssen Animal
                                             Health | Frans Verstraete European Commission | and others
    How to save money?

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8.15 Refreshments and distri-          11.30 Panel discussion                 dustry regarding veterinary drug
     bution of the conference                                                 residues
     materials                         11.50 Lunch                            Which veterinary drugs can/must
                                                                              be screened
9.00 Welcoming speech by               Active principles                    Jean-Marc Diserens, Quality
Hermann Schmalstieg, Key                                                    and Safety Department, Nestlé
Account Manager, SGS Germany                                                Research Center (NRC), Lausanne/
GmbH, Hamburg/Germany                  13.20 Role of coumarin in food       Switzerland
                                             and analytical requirements
the chairperson,                         Analysis of coumarin in food
                                                                            16.00 The control of milk on the
Reinhard Matissek, Professor,            Coumarin and cinnamon: Really            presence of antimicrobials:
Head of Institute and Director, Food     a new field of research?                 the value of screening tests
Chemistry Institute (LCI) of the       Joachim Schlösser, Head of La-             and the Belgian approach
Association of the German Confec-      boratory HPLC, Chemical State and      Microbiological inhibitor tests and
tionery Industry (BDSI), Cologne/      National Veterinary Examination        rapid immunological and receptor
Germany                                Office (CVUA) Münster/Germany          tests
                                                                              Testing at the farm, at the milk
Current situation in                   13.40 Coumarin from a risk             control station, by the dairy
                                                                              industry and for monitoring pur-
                                             assessment perspective
Germany and Europe –                                                          poses
science and policy                       Hazard and exposure
                                         assessment                         Wim Reybroeck, Laboratory
                                         Consequences for regulation        Manager, Technology & Food Unit,
                                                                            Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries
9.10 European Community                Klaus Abraham, Senior Scientist,     Research (ILVO), Melle/Belgium
     policy on contaminants            Federal Institute for Risk Assess-
     in foodstuffs: regulatory         ment (BfR), Berlin/Germany
     framework, strategy, achie-                                            16.20 Current status and develop-
     vements, current and future                                                  ments in confirmatory ana-
     topics                            14.00 Coumarin – legal frame for           lysis of residues of illegal
                                             the use of coumarinlike              growth promoters
Frans Verstraete, Administrator,
                                             ingredients, e.g. cumarin
European Commission, Brussels/                                                Better performance of apparatus
Belgium                                  Flavourings Directive 88/388/EC
                                         – which substances are tackled?      Pitfalls in multiple mass spectro-
9.40 Risk-benefit assessment             New Regulation on Flavourings
                                         – proposal of the European         Hubert de Brabander, Professor
Juliane Kleiner, Senior Scientific       Commission                         and Head of Department of Veteri-
Officer, Scientific Committee and                                           nary Public Health and Food Safety,
Advisory Forum, European Food          Dietrich Gorny, Lawyer, Law Of-      Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Uni-
Safety Authority (EFSA), Parma/        fices Gorny, Frankfurt/Germany       versity of Gent, Merelbeke/Belgium
                                       14.20 Coumarin – an industry         16.40 Residues in food of animal
10.00 Panel discussion                       point of view                        health: how to remediate
                                       Speaker to be announced. Please            discontents of animal health
10.20 Coffee break                     visit www.akademie-fresenius.              industry?
                                       de/1852                                Residue analysis, ADI and MRL
Process contaminants                                                          concepts, residues from minor
                                                                              species and minor uses
                                       14.40 Panel discussion
                                                                              Regulation (EC) NO 2377/90
10.50 Process contaminants:                                                   Annex II residues and residues
                                       15.10 Coffee break
      industry activities                                                     from injected products
  Update of the CIAA “Acrylamide
  Toolbox”                             Veterinary drug residues             Leo Van Leemput, Director, In-
                                                                            ternational Research and Deve-
  Latest developments in research                                           lopment, Janssen Animal Health,
  on furan and MCPD                    Chairperson:                         Beerse/Belgium
Richard Stadler, Head of Depart-       Michael Petz, Professor and Head
ment, Quality Management, Nestlé       of the Department of Food Chemi-     17.00 How much money for
Product Technology Centre, Orbe/       stry, University Wuppertal/Germany         safety?
                                                                            Reto Battaglia, (former) Director,
                                       15.40 Strategies of food industry    SQTS – Swiss Quality Testing Ser-
11.10 Risk-benefit considerations                                           vices, Dietikon/Switzerland
                                             to screen and analyse for
      of mitigation measures on
                                             veterinary drug residues as
      acrylamide content of foods
                                             part of the quality system
Jacob van Klaveren, RIKILT Insti-
                                         Responsibility of the food in-
tute for Food Safety, Wageningen/
The Netherlands
                                                                                       THE EX
                                                                                THE EXPERTS

 17.20 Panel discussion                   Industry knew about the pro-          Klaus Abraham is member of the
                                          blems, but did not care (“nobody                 Unit of Food Toxicolo-
                                          said anything”)                                  gy at the BfR, Berlin/
 18.00 Summary by the Chairper-                                                            Germany. He is
                                          Enforcement authorities of most                  paediatrician with
       son and close of the first
                                          European countries did not react                 broad experience in
                                        Koni Grob, Scientific Head of                      toxicology.
                                        Department, Cantonal Laboratory
              When the first con-       Zurich/Switzerland                      Reto Battaglia joined the Swiss
              ference day has drawn                                                         Quality Testing
              to a close, Akademie      10.30 Safety and legal assessment                   Services (SQTS) as
              Fresenius would like            of paper and board made                       Director in 1988. Since
              to invite you to an                                                           retiring in 2006 he has
                                              from recycled fibres and
              evening in Cologne’s                                                          started his own
                                              intended for contact with
              Old Town. You have                                                            business as a food
                                              foodstuffs                        safety consultant for trade and
              the opportunity of
              better getting to know      Are paper and board articles          industry.
the contacts you made during the          made from recycled fibres appro-
                                          priate for contact with foodstuffs?   Beate Brauer has been responsi-
course of the day over a relaxed
                                                                                ble for official control of commo-
meal in a traditional Kölsch brewery.     Legal guidelines, role of the EC-
                                                                                dities in CVUA Münster/Germany
                                          GMP-regulation                        since 1987. She is member of
                                        Beate Brauer, Section Commodi-          several working groups.
                                        ties, Chemical State and National
                                        Veterinary Examination Office           Hubert De Brabander is Full
 FRIDAY, 4 MAY 2007                     (CVUA) Münster/Germany                               Professor, Head of the
                                                                                             Department of
 8.20 Introduction by the chair-                                                             Veterinary Public
                                        11.00 Panel discussion                               Health and Food
                                                                                             Safety and Dean at
 Dieter Schrenk, Professor for
                                        11.30 Lunch                                          the Faculty of
 Food Chemistry and Toxicology,
                                                                                Veterinary Medicine, Ghent
 University of Kaiserslautern/Ger-                                              University, Merelbeke/Belgium.
 many                                   12.30 Sampling and testing for
                                              the presence of aflatoxins        Giuseppe Calcagni is President of
                                              in selected food products
 Contaminants                                 – results from a recent
                                                                                             the Board of Directors
                                                                                             of the Besana Group,
                                              pan-European survey                            San Gennaro Vesuvia-
 8.30 Perfluorinated substances
                                          Survey design and response                         no/Italy. In 2003 he
      in food                                                                                became President of
                                          Distribution of aflatoxins across
 Niklas Johansson, Senior                                                                    the FRUCOM
                                          different foods                       Scientific Committee and in 2006
 Scientific Advisor, Environmental
 Assessment Department, Swedish         Stefan Fabiansson, Acting Head          President of FRESHFEL.
 Environmental Protection Agency        of Data Collection and Exposure
 (EPA), Stockholm/Sweden                Unit, EFSA, Parma/Italy                 Jean-Marc Diserens is responsible
                                                                                            for all activities related
                                                                                            to veterinary drug
                                        12.50 Aflatoxins from a risk as-
 8.50 Occurrence of perfluori-                                                              residues within Nestlé
                                              sessment perspective                          Quality and Safety
      nated substances in an
      adult German population in        Claudia Heppner, Coordinator                        Department at the
      southern Bavaria                  Scientific panel on contaminants in                 Nestlé Research
                                        the food chain (CONTAM), EFSA,          Center in Lausanne/Switzerland.
   Preliminary results of a mo-                                                 He is a member of several
   nitoring study quantifying the                                               committees.
   external and internal exposure
 Hermann Fromme, Head, De-              13.10 Global industry view on af-       Stefan Fabiansson joined EFSA in
 partment of Environmental Health,            latoxins on nuts, seeds and                    September 2006 and
 Bavarian Health and Food Safety              figs – new perspectives                        is responsible for data
 Authority, Oberschleißheim/            Giuseppe Calcagni, President                         collection and
 Germany                                of the Board of Directors, Besana                    exposure assess-
                                                                                             ments. He has a
                                        Group, St. Gennaro Vesuviano/Italy
                                                                                             scientific background
 9.10 Panel discussion                  and Chairman of Scientific Commit-
                                                                                from work in the meat and food
                                        tee of FRUCOM, Brussels/Belgium         industry in Sweden and Australia.
 9.30 Coffee break
                                        13.40 Panel discussion                  Hermann Fromme is Head of the
 10.00 Far too high migration of                                                          Department of
       plasticizers from screw                                                            Environmental
       caps into oily food and          14.10 Summary by the chairperson                  Medicine at the
       what we should learn from                                                          Bavarian Health and
       this                             Approx. 14.30                                     Food Safety Authority,
                                             End of the conference                        Oberschleißheim/
Dietrich Gorny is both lawyer and       Wim Reybroeck has been working
              certified public          at the Technology & Food Unit
              accountant and has        within the ILVO, Melle/Belgium,
              had his own practice      since 1985 with responsibility for
              since 1989. Prior to      research concerning the microbio-
              that he was employed      logical and immunological detection
              in the mineral oil        of antimicrobials. He is member in
industry. He is the author of           several committees.
numerous publications.
                                        Joachim Schlösser has been
Koni Grob is Scientific Head of the               Head of the Laborato-
             Official Food Control                ry HPLC at the CVUA
             Authority of the Zurich              Münster, Germany,
             Canton/Switzerland,                  since 2002.
             working mainly with
             gas chromatography.
             Since 1998 he has
been a consultant at DG SANCO/          Dieter Schrenk has been
food contact materials.                             Professor for Food
                                                    Chemistry and
Claudia Heppner has been mana-                      Environmental
ging the tasks and inquiries of the                 Toxicology at the
EFSA CONTAM Panel, Parma/Italy,                     University of Kaisers-
since 2002.                                         lautern/Germany since
Niklas Johansson is working as
             Senior Scientific          Richard Stadler is currently
             Advisor at the Swedish                Heading the Quality
             EPA, Stockholm/                       Management Depart-
             Sweden, principally on                ment of Nestlé Product
             risk assessment and                   Technology Centre,
             research planning. He                 Orbe/Switzerland. In
spends part of his time at the                     1992 he started at the
Karolinska Institut of Environmental    Nestlé Research Centre.
                                        Jacob Dirk van Klaveren is Head
Juliane Kleiner is Senior Scientific                of the Unit Databases,
            Officer of the Unit of                  Risk Assessment and
            the Scientific Commit-                  Supply Chain Manage-
            tee and Advisory                        ment of RIKILT
            Forum at the EFSA,                      Institute for Food
            Parma/Italy.                            Safety, Wageningen/
                                        The Netherlands. He is project
                                        manager of several European
Reinhard Matissek is Professor,         projects.
              Head of Institute and
              Director at the LCI of    Leo Van Leemput is Director
              the BDSI, Cologne/                     International R&D,
              Germany. He is                         preclinical and clinical
              member of several                      at Janssen Animal
              national and internati-                Health, Breese/
onal scientific panels and institu-                  Belgium. He contri-
tions.                                               butes in the Internatio-
                                        nal Federation of Animal Health
Michael Petz has been Professor         Europe.
            and Head of the
            Department of Food          Frans Verstraete is responsible for
            Chemistry at the            legislation on mycotoxins and some
            University of Wupper-       contaminants of industrial and en-
            tal/Germany since           vironmental origin at the European
            1989 with his research      Commission, Brussels/Belgium.
focused on veterinary drug              He chairs the EU Contaminants
residues. He is Chairman of the         Working Group.
Regional NRW Food Chemistry
Managing directors and gene-             Managers and top employees
ral managers, specialists and            in the fields of:
executives from                             analysis planning and imple-
                                            mentation, including residue
  the food industry                         analysis
  the food trade                            raw material control
  the agrochemical industry                 quality assurance and con-
  food inspection offices                   trol
  the authorities                           research and development
  surveillance bodies                       marketing and distribution
  public, non-profit-making and
  private laboratories                   Management consultants who
  consumer organisations and             have specialised on the above
  trade associations                     topics
  research institutes

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