; Concrete shuttering made easy
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Concrete shuttering made easy


Concrete shuttering made easy

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									Concrete shuttering made easy.
“Such a simple and effective
product. I wish this had been
invented sooner.”
K-FORM makes concrete shuttering easy -
easy to save time and labour, easy to use,
easy to pour more concrete per day and
easy to save money.

K-FORM out-performs traditional steel
shuttering in nearly every aspect of
application and can be used in a great many
locations (such as petrol forecourts) where
steel shuttering cannot.
How K-FORM Works:
 1                  2    3

 4                  5    6

 7                  8    9

 10                 11   12
K-FORM is ideal for concrete slabs of 150mm to 200mm. The 135mm
section is simply bedded down on a lean mix or mortar to the required
finished height:

1.   Lay down your string line
2.   Cut the first top strip in half and attach to the first shutter. Fit end-clip.
3.   Place spots of bedding mortar on the sub-base at intervals of 800mm to correspond            With K-FORM’s removable top strip
                                                                                           there is no need to diamond cut joints for
     with the holes in the base.
4.   Place the shutter on the mortar and gently tap down with a rubber mallet until the

     top of the wear strip is at the desired level.
     Place more bedding mortar as above for next shutter.
     Join the second shutter to the first with the end-clip.
     Fit the full length of the top strip across shutters.
     Tap down the shutter as above.
9.   Each 3m K-FORM beam has pre-drilled 24mm holes for steel dowel bars.
10. Once the bedding mortar has cured, you can start pouring concrete.
11. K-FORM stays in place, therefore adjoining bays can be poured one after the other.
12. When the concrete has cured, the top strip can either be left in place or removed.    With K-FORM you can pour more concrete:
     The gap can subsequently be filled with a joint sealant.                                          Just set out your shuttering
                                                                                                           and pour bay after bay.

K-FORM: Winner
SED Award for Excellence
in Concrete Innovation

                                                                                          K-FORM’s patented design allows concrete
                                                                                                     to set without any need to use
                                                                                                       additional expansion joints.

   MORE THAN                                                                            24 mm holes drilled at 300mm

                                                                                      centers for steel dowel bars to suit
                                                                                     150-200mm depth pours of concrete

                                135 mm

                                                            Eight 44 mm holes
                                                            drilled at 800 mm
                                                            intervals (four per
                                                                                                       3000 mm
                                                          side) to aid anchoring
                                                               with mortar.

                                        155 mm

•	 Designed for a pour of 150-200mm thick concrete.
•	 Enables adjoining bays to be poured consecutively.
•	 Pre-drilled holes in base for anchoring with mortar.
•	 Pre-drilled holes in vertical face for locating steel dowel bars.
•	 The profile is made in PVC and has a built in expansion joint.
•	 Once concrete is poured, K-FORM is left in place; no need to remove and clean.
•	 Separate wear strip can be removed once concrete is set to allow joint sealing.
Why Choose K-FORM?                          Benefits Of Using K-FORM:
                                            •	   Saves money.
K-FORM is so simple to use that
                                            •	   Saves time.
just one person can lay a complete          •	   No specialist tools required.
                                            •	   Lightweight - over 80% lighter than steel shuttering.
shuttering system. With no heavy
                                            •	   One person can install.
lifting, or health and safety issues, the   •	   Reduces labour costs.
                                            •	   Increases pouring.
3 metre beams can quickly be cut to
                                            •	   Completes the project quicker.
length on site with a hand saw. No          •	   No removal afterwards.
                                            •	   No cleaning.
specialist tools are required.
                                            •	   Non-metallic.
                                            •	   Fuel and Oil resistant.
Once the concrete has been poured,          •	   Integral expansion joint.
                                            •	   ‘Click-together’ ease.
K-FORM remains in place, so even
                                            •	   Safe to use when concreting petrol forecourts.
more time is saved; no removing, no         •	   Pre-drilled holes for steel dowel bars.
                                            •	   Manufactured in durable PVC.
cleaning and no storing.
                                            •	   Never rots or rusts.
                                            •	   No anchoring with metal stakes.
                                            •	   Available in 3 metre beams.
                                            •	   Simple to use.
                                            •	   Pour more concrete per week.
                                            •	   Removable top strip.
                                            •	   Easy to seal concrete sections.
                                            •	   Non-conductive.
                                            •	   No diamond cutting.
                                            •	   Can be used with twin beams, bunyan rollers & vibro strikes.
                                            •	   No puncturing of DPM.
                                            •	   Made from recycled materials.
Your local area distributor is:

                                  CIVILS DIVISION AMMANFORD
                                  LBS Way, Betws Colliery
                                  Maesquarre Road
                                  Ammanford SA18 2LF
                                  01269 592383

LBS Way, Betws Colliery           Eastern Avenue
Maesquarre Road                   Waterloo Industrial Estate
Ammanford SA18 2LF                Pembroke Dock SA72 4RT
01269 591131                      01646 687500

Unit 12                           Unit 5
Cillefwr Industrial Estate        Cramic Way
Johnstown, Carmarthen SA31 3RB    Port Talbot SA13 1RU
01267 222600                      01639 884433

Station Road                      Ferryboat Close
Llandeilo                         Enterprise Park
Carmarthenshire SA19 6NL          Swansea SA6 8QN
01558 822385                      01792 702703

Victoria Works                    Gurnos Yard
Machynys                          Ystradgynlais
Llanelli SA15 2DS                 Swansea SA9 1DB
01554 749977                      01639 843212

                                  CARDIGAN BRANCH
                                  Unit 3 Parc Piliau
                                  Cardigan SA43 3AL
www.lbsbm.co.uk                   01239 613413


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