TB skin tests are available at most medical offices

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					                                  MERRITT COLLEGE HEALTH SERVICES CENTER
                                       T.B SKIN TESTING SITES. FALL’ 08

Merritt College Health Services Center located in R-106 provides TB skin tests for $5.00 during the Fall and
Spring semesters. Please call to schedule an appointment: (510) 436-2533.

Other sources of TB skin tests: Contact your usual source of medical (health) care or one of the clinics listed below to
obtain a T.B. skin test. Fees vary and may or may not be covered by your health insurance. All clinics listed below accept
MediCal and most have sliding fee scales (based on your income) for those without insurance. Please call the clinic to
verify hours or to make an appointment. You must be able to return between 48-72 hours after the test for the skin
test reading or the test will not be valid.

              For more information about TB, call the Alameda County TB Control Office at (510) 268-2640.

Asian Health Services (510) 986-6800                             Native American Health Center (510) 261-1962
        818 Webster Street, Oakland                                      3124 E. 14th St., Oakland
                                                                         Mon., Tue., Wed., Fri., 9:00-5:00, (closed from
Berkeley City Health Department Clinc                                    12-1 for lunch). Must be registered patient of
         (510) 644-8571                                                  clinic. By appointment only.
        830 University Ave. Berkeley
        Tues: 1:00-3:00 p.m. Drop-in                             Newark Health Center (510) 795-2414
                                                                        6066 Civic Terrace Ave., Newark
Berkeley Women's Health Center (510) 843-6194                           (drop-in hrs. Call for details)
        2908 Ellsworth St., Berkeley
                                                                 Tri City Health Center (510) 770-8040
Eastmont Wellness Center (Eastmont Mall)                                   39500 Liberty St., Fremont
         (510) 567-5700                                                    By appointment only.
         6955 Foothill Blvd, 2 Floor, Oakland
(Drop in hrs. Call for details)                                  Valley Community Health Center (925) 447-1881
                                                                         3311 Pacific Avenue
East Oakland Health Center (510) 430-9401                                Livermore , CA
        7450 E 14 ., Oakland
        Mon.-Fri. 8:30-5:00 (by appointment only)                Valley Community Health Center (925) 462-1755
                                                                         4361 Railroad Avenue
Health Care for the Homeless (510) 532-1930                              Pleasanton, CA
        1900 Fruitvale Ave., Suite 3E
        Oakland, CA                                              West Oakland Health Center (510) 835-9610
                                                                        700 Adeline St., Oakland
Highland Hospital Outpatient Clinic (510) 437-4432                      Mon – Fri 8:30-5:00.
        1411 31 Street                                                  Must be registered patient of clinic.
        Oakland, CA
                                                                 Winton Wellness Center (510) 670-5300
La Clinica de la Raza (510) 535-4000                                       24100 Amador Street, Suite 250
         1515 Fruitvale Ave                                                Hayward, CA
         Oakland, CA                                             (drop in hrs. Call for details)
(Must be a registered member)

Miranda Health Center (510) 786-6517
        27171 Calaroga Avenue
        Hayward CA

San Antonio Health Center (510) 238-5400
        1030 International Boulevard
        Oakland, CA

Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center (510) 471-5880
         33255 9th St., Union City
         Mon.-Fri. 8:30-5:30 (closed for lunch from 12-
         1). Wed. opens at 1:00. By appointment only.

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