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					Basic elements: Colour                                                                                                                                 3.1
After the Travelex logo, colour is the most distinctive element of our corporate identity.                  In lieu of the Travelex colours specified throughout
It can help achieve recognition and presence in the global marketplace. The Travelex colours                these guidelines, you may use the following
                                                                                                            PANTONE® colours, the standards for which are
are primarily blue and red on a white background. The balance of these colours can vary
                                                                                                            shown in the current edition of the PANTONE®
between applications.                                                                                       formula guide.

Detailed below are the specifications and guidelines for use of Travelex colours. Please                    For Travelex Red use Pantone® 485
note that these guidelines are flexible and allow for differing needs of application, media                 For Travelex Blue use Pantone® 072
and event.                                                                                                  For Travelex Dark Grey use Pantone® 424

Travelex Dark Grey is used as a headline and body copy colour in literature as well
as a solid background colour.

    Bright white                                                                                     Travelex Red
    White is the first choice background colour                                                      This is reserved only for the ‘worldwide money’
    for the Travelex logo. Ensure that the white                                                     square. Do not use it for any other devices
    is as bright as possible.                                                                        or applications (subject to discretion).

    RAL                                                                                              Custom colour
    9003 Signal White                                                                                Pantone® 485
                                                                                                     4-colour process
                                                                                                     C:0 M:100 Y:90 K:0
                                                                                                     R:254 G:0 B:12
                                                                                                     Web Hex
                                                                                                     3020 Traffic Red

    Travelex Blue
    This is primarily used in the Travelex logo rectangle.
    However it is a key identifier and can be used in
    typography or as a background colour to signage
    and literature.

    Custom colour
    Pantone® 072
    4-colour process
    C:100 M:88 Y:0 K:5
    R:15 G:35 B:140
    Web Hex
    5002 Ultramarine Blue

    Travelex Dark Grey                         The colours shown here and throughout these
                                               guidelines have not been evaluated by Pantone, Inc.
    This is primarily used as a                for accuracy and may not match the PANTONE®
    headline and body copy colour              Color Standard. Consult current PANTONE®
    in literature.                             publications for accurate colour.
                                               PANTONE® is the property of Pantone, Inc.

    Custom colour
    Pantone® 424
    4-colour process
    C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:65
    R:89 G:89 B:89
    Web Hex
    7037 Dusty Grey

Travelex Corporate identity guidelines
Basic elements: Logo                                                                                                                             3.3
The   Travelex logo is made up of two boxes: the rectangle and the square.
The   rectangle contains the Travelex wordmark, and prints Travelex Blue (Pantone 072).
The   square contains ‘worldwide money’ and prints Travelex Red (Pantone 485).
The   type always prints white.

The Travelex wordmark consists of specially drawn letters. The Travelex wordmark is
unique. Therefore, it should never be redrawn or manipulated in any way. The ‘worldwide                The master logo
money’ square symbolizes Travelex’s unique offer. It consists of specially set letters and             The rectangle prints Travelex Blue (Pantone 072),
                                                                                                       the square prints Travelex Red (Pantone 485) and
should never be re-set.
                                                                                                       the type always prints white.

The two boxes should always appear as shown below in a constant relationship with
‘space’ between them. This ‘space’ is a fixed relationship which cannot be adjusted.



The master logo                                      Minimum size                                      Minimum clear space area
The logo can appear on a background without          The minimum width that any Travelex logo          Graphics and text must not infringe the
a keyline if the background colour is light enough   should be applied.                                clear space area indicated.
and doesn’t conflict with the logo.

The logo on a conflicting image                      The logo on a dark colour                         Minimum clear space area with keylined logo
An image that has detail, texture or light           When the logo appears on a dark background        Graphics and text must not infringe the clear
and shade will conflict with the Travelex logo.      a white keyline in equal width to the space       space area indicated.
A white keyline in equal width to the space          between the boxes must be added.
between the boxes must be added.

Single-colour logo                                   The logo reversed out of a single colour          Solid black version
For use in single-colour only documents              When the logo appears on a dark background        For use on fax headers, to increase legibility after
e.g. Internal Memorandum. The rectangle prints       and there is only one colour available for        fax transmission. It should not be used for any
100% solid and the square prints as a 65% tint.      printing, the type and the outline to the boxes   other purpose.
This single-colour version can only be printed in    print white, the interior of the boxes remains
process black or Travelex Blue.                      the background colour.

Sponsorship logo                                     Retail logo
Only for use in event/team sponsorship and where     For retail fascia only. On a long fascia the
the Travelex name requires more prominence than      logo can be repeated. See retail section
the standard logo allows. It should not be used      for the application details.
for any other purpose.

Travelex Corporate identity guidelines
Basic elements: Logo - dont’s                                                                                                            3.4
Our logo is a valuable asset that must be treated with respect. Always use the master
artwork and specifications. Do not attempt to re-create, manipulate or alter the logo
in any way.

To obtain a copy of the master logo artwork please refer to Group Internal Communications.

DO NOT                                           DO NOT                                           DO NOT
Change the proportions between the boxes.        Alter the distance between the boxes.            Change the shapes and proportions of the boxes.

DO NOT                                           DO NOT                                           DO NOT
Add a thin white keyline when reversing out      Put the logo in a box when reversing out         Reproduce one or both Travelex colours as percentage
of a dark background.                            of a dark background.                            tints unless you are printing in single colour
                                                                                                  (see page 3.3 single colour use).

DO NOT                                           DO NOT                                           DO NOT
Change the colours from Travelex Blue and Red.   Add a coloured keyline.                          Replace or move the logo or typeface in the boxes.

DO NOT                                           DO NOT                                           DO NOT
Distort or skew the logo in any way.             Use any other message in the ‘worldwide money’   Use the logo below the minimum width of 40mm.

                                                                                                                Travelex Corporate identity guidelines

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