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									            Pastoral Relations
                  A n d r ew Wo m m a c k M i n i s t r i e s - E u r o p e

                                                                                  Sept 2008

Bad Reichenhall not bad at all!                                         

                                                                                  This Issue
So, what happens         times of worship to-    European         Ad-
when you mix 24          gether and we took      vance was the first of           Bad Reichenall      1
                                                                                  not bad at all
Christians from 11       away some really        many that will draw
countries for a few      good ideas from the     together people from             What do you         1
days in Germany?         seminars. Above all     this continent that
Well, a Charis Bible     we were able to en-     love the message                 What’s new?         2
College (CBC)            courage each other      that Andrew shares
                                                                                  Kam’s Story         2
instructor once said     and we each took a      and who want to
that ‘Food, Fun and      heavy dose of good      share it with others,            Prayer Points       3
Fellowship’ were the     strong medicine too     to this end; that Je-            Inside Story        3
way to change the        (see Proverbs 17 v      sus will be known
world and we certainly   22!!)                   and glorified in this            CBC                 4
made a good start! We    In the Kingdom of       generation.                         Events
all came together in     God everything is                                AWME
the beautiful town of    really about      rela- Praise the Lord!         • Ministers Conference
Bad Reichenhall,                                                              20-23 October
                         tionships. Relation-                             For details call Abi
south Germany for a 3    ship firstly with God                            +44(0)1922 473366 ext 203
day conference to        and then with each
discuss how to ad-       other.                                           Charis Bible College - UK
vance the                                                                 For information call
                         People are the most                              +44(0)1922 473637
Kingdom of God           important part of                                • Arthur Meintjes
through Europe.          what we are doing. I                             Friday 14th Nov PM
We had some great        believe that this                                Sat 15th Nov All day
                                                                          • Cecil Paxton
                                                                          Friday 5th Dec PM

  What do you know?                                                       Sat 6th Dec All day

  I was thinking this    despite                 I encourage you          Then was our
  month about Psalm      circumstances in this   not to let   cir-        mouth filled with
  126 v 2. You           life then, those        cumstances ‘rent         laughter, and our
  know, when we          around us that do       space in your mind’      tongue with sing-
  consider what God      not know God will       but rather fix your      ing: then said
  has done for us we     look and have to say    thoughts on what         they among the
  should be the          “The Lord has done      the Lord has done        heathen, The
                                                                          LORD hath done
  happiest people on     great things for        and rejoice!
                                                                          great things for
  the planet!! And       them!”.                 Amen.                    them. (Ps 126:2)
  when we are joyful
  What’s new?
           Andrew’s latest album is excellent.   the fullness of God
           He really puts a clear message        (Eph. 3:19). So if
           across; as Christians, we are to      we’re not living in all
           walk by faith and not by sight. We    His fullness, we must
           can actually see better with our      conclude we don’t
           hearts than we do with our eyes.      know God fully.
           Does that sound impossible? It’s      The Bible says eternal
           not, if we know God.                  life is knowing the
           The Lord has revealed Himself in      only true God and
           many ways, but the more sure          Jesus Christ whom
           way to know Him is through His        He sent. Eternal life
           Word. Peter said that everything      begins NOW, not
           we need comes through the             when we die. If we’re
           knowledge of Him, and that            not experiencing inti-  Knowing God—available
           knowledge has given us                macy with God in this         on DVD or CD
           exceedingly great and precious        life, we’re missing the
           promises. Paul said that knowing      number one goal of salvation.
           God causes us to be filled with all

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Kam’s Story — AWM: Touching people around the world
I want to use this space to              Bible College. She started         All the teaching about grace
introduce you to people. This            researching various colleges.      and love and faith were brand
month I want you to meet Kam!                                               new to Kam and she found
                                         Just a short time after she
She is the wonderful woman of                                               freedom and a closer walk with
                                         started looking, a friend called
God who fulfils the thousands of                                            God than ever before.
                                         her and told her “Andrew
orders for Andrew Wommack’s              Wommack is bringing his Bible      She graduated in 2002 and
teachings. AWM has transformed           School to Coventry!” Kam’s         was not sure what to do next.
Kam in many ways and has really          response to this was “Who’s        Then the Lord gave her a
changed her life. AWME certainly         Andrew Wommack??!!!”               dream. In the dream Andrew
likes to take credit for her recent      Despite the fact that her friend   Wommack came to her and
marriage to one of the Bible             described Andrew Wommack           gave her one of his teaching
College students! (Although Kam          as ‘an American with a strange     sets and asked her to send it
seems to think it was more to do         accent’, Kam considered Charis     out. When she woke up she
with God!!)                              as an option for Bible College.    called her friend to pray about
Raised in a Sikh home, Kam was           Then the Lord spoke to her         it. Her friend advised her that
used to relating to everyone based       and told her “I’ve bought Bible    there were currently nothing at
on her performance. When she             College to you – now go!!”         AWME. However, 2 weeks
became a Christian she still was                                            later AWME called Kam to ask
                                         Without knowing who Andrew
hooked up in a legalist and                                                 her to come and work for
                                         was she enrolled for the col-
performance orientated way of                                               them. When she met the
                                         lege. She did have the
life. Her relationship with God                                             Director, she told him what her
                                         opportunity to hear him speak
was static for a number of years,                                           job would be according to the
                                         at his annual conference before
but during that time she had a                                              dream and has been working
                                         she actually went to CBC.
constant desire to go to Bible                                              in production ever since.
College.                                                                    Kam loves her work. She feels
Following a very serious car                                                that she gets to see the
accident, Kam was off work for 2                                            culmination of all the work
years with injuries. She decided                                            done by the other depart-
that the time was right for her to                                          ments. She prays over the
go and pursue this desire to go to                                          orders and is such a blessing in
                                                                            the ministry!

  Page 2                                                                                      Pastoral Relations
Prayer for the Ministry
There are al-                       •     AWM—Europe                    •    Minister’s Conference
ways needs                          •     Will Graham—CEO of                 October 20-23rd 2008
within minis-                             AWM—for guidance,             •    European meetings
try and so we                             direction and super-
ask for you to                            natural wisdom
join with us in
prayer and                          •     Charis Bible Colleges
believing God for these                   around the world and
things...                                 the students

•     Strength and wisdom           •     Our own building
      for Andrew & Jamie                  where we can really
      Wommack                             expand with excellence

•     Avenues to teach the          •     Finances
      truth to set people free

Inside Story!
John and I wanted to take this     sion finished. I was really shaken In about 1998
opportunity to tell you a little   up. I thought only ‘weirdos’ had   Abi started to listen to teaching
more about ourselves, so this      visions!!                          by Andrew Wommack and I
month I thought we would share     One of my lecturers spoke to me    really started to see a change in
John’s testimony.                  about Jesus and asked if I wanted her, but when she suggested we
I was brought up by my mum,        to ‘ask Jesus into my heart’ and I should go to the Bible College I
who is not born-again. She told    just knew that was the right thing was adamantly not going! (Jesus
me if I was good I’d go to         to do! I prayed and started my     never went to Bible School, so
heaven and if I was bad I’d go     walk with God. That was Decem-     why should I?!)
to hell so I tried to be good!.    ber 23rd 1988.                     However, I soon realized that
One day I was having lunch at                                         perhaps it was something I
my college when I had a vision.                                       needed!!
                                    Jesus never went to Bible School,
I saw myself in front of the                                           So in 2004 Abi and I sold our
                                           so why should I?!
throne of God. God was looking                                         home and went to Charis Bible
down on me and in His hand He                                          College. We studied under awe-
had a book. He looked at me        I attended various churches and in
                                                                       some men and women of God for
and said “John, you didn’t go to   1991 I joined a Christian Theatre
                                                                       2 years and it totally changed
church did you?” I knew that I     Company and traveled around
                                                                       our lives and saved our mar-
couldn’t lie, so I said “No—I      Europe, performing. In 1993 I met
                                                                       riage. In 2007 we were or-
wanted to, but people would        Abi and we were married in 1995. I
                                                                       dained by Andrew Wommack and
have laughed at me” I knew at      was really excited to begin my life
                                                                       today we love serving this minis-
that moment that God loved me      with Abi until we started having
                                                                       try because the message An-
and that He wanted a relation-     arguments and strife—it was terri-
                                                                       drew shares is a message of
ship with me, but that I had       ble. For nearly 9 years I hated
                                                                       truth and liberty and it will
missed it. God closed the book     being married. I think we both
                                                                       completely change your life
and with sadness, pointed to a     wanted to give up but we were too
                                   stubborn to be the one to end it.   forever!
door marked “Hell” and the vi-                                                                                      Page 3
  Andrew Wommack
  Ministries - Europe

 Grace International Centre
                                                          After four decades in ministry, Andrew Wommack continues
      Leamore Lane
          Walsall                                         to teach important truths that he has learned and that have
         WS2 7PS
                                                         enabled him to become an effective minister. His international
Phone: +44 (0) 1922 473366                               ministry now reaches millions of people through the daily Gos-
            ext 203                                       pel Truth radio & television broadcasts and through Charis
E-mail:                                            Bible Colleges all over the world.

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   Charis Bible College—Equipping the Saints for the work of the ministry

    As John mentioned in his testi-      all walks of life attending        but be transformed!
    mony Charis Bible College really     CBC UK. We have had a              If you are interested in learning
    changed our lives. Whether you       Catholic Monk from                 more about the Bible College, or you
    are a new Christian or were          Hungary, a Psychologist            know others that would like to, then
    brought up in Church then it Is      from Holland and a Solicitor       there are several things you can do.
    important to get a solid             from England among the
                                         student body. The age of the       You can contact the college and
    foundation in the Word in order
                                         students runs from 18-70           speak to the staff there—they can
    to be able to develop in your walk
                                         something!! There’s room for       also send you out a short DVD that
    with God. Over the 2 year course
                                         everyone.                          has testimonies from students and
    you get to sit under the word for
                                                                            information about the course.
    1200 hours!! That’s a wonderful      The main purpose of the Bible
    opportunity to get rooted and        College is to train people up so   +44(0)1922 473637
    grounded!                            that they can be effective in      Or you can check out the website
    Not only is the teaching aimed       their churches, work places
    at equipping people to go out and    and family lives.
                                                                            Or you can come and visit us!
    live the abundant kind of life       The Word says that the com-
    Jesus promised, but it is                                               College is open from 9am-1pm
                                         munication of our faith
    Andrew’s heart to encourage                                             Monday to Friday and school
                                         becomes effectual by the
    attitudes of love, servanthood,                                         started back on the 1st September.
                                         acknowledging of every good
    and giving.                                                             You can always call to check
                                         thing that is in us in Christ
                                                                            whether anything special is
    Wondering about whether you’d        and as you spend time
                                                                            happening—we’ll also keep you
    fit in? We’ve literally had people   learning what those ‘good
                                                                            posted in this newsletter regarding
    from all over the world and from     things’ are you cannot help
                                                                            conferences or events!.

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