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					                                                           w e ddI n g s t y l e g u I d e

                                                                 s tat Io nery

                                                                                             m a n n e r s m at t e r

  but no thanks

                                                                                                                                THE GUIDE
there are no i f s and no b u t s with this one–thank you notes
must be sent out thanking anyone and everyone who was part of
the great day. It’s easy to put this task into the too hard basket–
the thought of putting pen to paper overwhelming
for some–but approached with zeal, this chore can become
a pleasure.

I t ’ s a l l a b o u t s I n c e r I t y, a b o u t g e n u I n e l y      as a gift arrives, make a note of who sent it,
thankIng those who helped make the                                          what it is and the date received. this little bit
w e d d I n g p e r f e c t, t h o s e w h o p u t t h o u g h t            of housekeeping will make responding much
and tIme Into choosIng a gIft and those                                     easier and avoid any embarrassing gaffs if
w h o h av e g o n e a b o v e a n d b e y o n d t h e c a l l              cards come loose from their package.
o f f r I e n d s h I p. t h I s w o u l d I n c l u d e t h e
                                                                            when gifts are left at the reception, the couple
courIer who delIvered flowers after
                                                                            must respond with a note of thanks for each and
hours, the maId of honour who made
                                                                            every one. three months is the limit, this allows
s u r e e v e ry t h I n g w a s I n o r d e r o n t h e d ay
                                                                            ample time to honeymoon and settle into life
a n d f a m I l y w h o e n t e rt a I n e d I n t e r s t a t e
                                                                            together, but a note sent a year later is better
frIends. don’t scrImp on the thanks,
                                                                            than none at all.
I t ta k e s a w h o l e l o t o f p e o p l e t o p u l l
a weddIng together.                                                         It must be hand written. there is no place for
                                                                            pre-printed cards or hastily written emails here.

t     he lion’s share of notes will be to thank
      guests who have kindly bestowed a gift either
before or during the wedding. tradition dictates
                                                                            It must be personalised for each recipient and
                                                                            written by hand, regardless of penmanship skill,
                                                                            just make sure it’s legible and has no spelling
gifts are to be delivered to the bride-to-be before                         mistakes. stationery can vary, it might be a
the wedding, at which time she will respond, on                             folded card, a single-sheet card or a letter, but
the same day, with a heartfelt note of thanks on                            keep in mind, the bigger the surface area, the
behalf of her self and her prospective husband.                             more will need to be written! If words don’t
t he stationer y she uses must bear her unmar ried                          come easily or there are many notes to be
address and monog ram, if she has one, and she                              completed, choose a smaller for mat.
must sign with her maiden name. only after
                                                                            t he thank you note can complement the rest
she is mar ried can she use stationer y with her
                                                                            of the wedding stationery suite, include a photo
husband’s monog ram, sign with her new sur name
                                                                            taken at the wedding or be newly-designed to
and finish with the marital home’s address.
                                                                            signify the merging of families, just make sure
although the bride would traditionally write all
                                                                            it’s stylish and good quality to ref lect the
the notes, the easiest way to tackle this task is to
                                                                            message of g ratitude.
have the g room respond to his family and friends,
and the bride to her s. It will mean the thank you
will be heartfelt.

                                                                 issue 7, 2 0 0 8
                                                          w e ddIn g s t y l e g u I d e

                                                                s tat Io nery

                           s   tart by addressing the thank you note to the person who signed the gift
                               card. If the gift came from a number of people, mention each and every
                           one of them in the body of the text. next, reference the gift itself and
                           include a way in which it might be used. If the gift was money, don’t mention
                           the amount, simply acknowledge it and the way in which it will be put to
                           work. Include a per sonal expression of thanks, and make sure it’s from the
                           heart. If the gift was ghastly, don’t say so, just show appreciation for the
                           thought that went into choosing it. sign off with the bride’s name if written
                           before the wedding or both partner’s names after the wedding, and put it in

                                                                                                                                               THE GUIDE
                           the mail. t he most perfectly composed and beautifully written note is worth
                           nothing if it remains unsent and therefore unread.

before the wedding

                                                                                           1.} b r i d e ’ s m a i d e n n a m e
                                                                                                symbol or monogram

    Dear Mr and Mrs Deyrolle,                                                              2.} a d d r e s s e d t o t h e p e r s o n
                                                                                                who signed the gift card
    The silver champagne bucket you sent today is lovely and I just
                                                                                           3.} e x p r e s s i o n o f g r a t i t u d e
    know it will be perfect when we celebrate each anniversary.
                                                                                                for the gift and
    Thank you for your very generous gift and the kind words in
                                                                                                description of how you
    your card, we really are most grateful.
                                                                                                might use it

                                                    With love from us both,                4.} s i g n e d b y t h e b r i d e
                                                    Arabella                                    before the wedding

                1 2 t h o r n b u ry av e n u e , m a l v e r n s a 5 0 6 1                5.} b r i d e ’ s u n m a r r i e d a d d r e s s
            telephone 08 8232 4969
                                                                                                a n d co n tac t d e ta i l s

after the wedding

      Dear Stephanie and David,
                                    o      a
                                                                                           1.} s y m b o l f r o m t h e w e d d i n g ,
                                                                                                married monogram or
                                                                                                new symbol

                                                                                           2.} a d d r e s s e d t o t h e p e r s o n
                                                                                                who signed the gift card
      The dinnerware is just divine, we can’t believe how
                                                                                           3.} e x p r e s s i o n o f g r a t i t u d e
      brilliant it looks on the table. You must come for a long,
                                                                                                for the gift and
      long lunch so we can show it off to you. Thank you for
                                                                                                description of how you
      choosing the perfect gift.
                                                                                                might use it
                                            With love,
                                            Arabella and Brett                             4.} s i g n e d b y t h e b r i d e a n d
                                                                                                groom after the wedding
                 2 4 fa I rw e at h e r ro a d, s y d n e y n s w 2 0 0 0
                                                                                           5.} c o u p l e ’ s m a r r i e d a d d r e s s
            telephone 02 8232 4969
                                                                                                a n d co n tac t d e ta i l s

                                                                issue 7, 2 0 0 8

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