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Tek Torque No 11


Tek Torque No 11

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                     TEK TORQUE
                  V OLUME 1    I SSUE 11                                   N EWSLETTER D ATE J UNE , 2003

SPECIFICATION CHANGES—ALL CLASSES                                                           S PECIAL POINTS OF
                                                                                            INTEREST :

TRIANGULAR ROOF NO.            Change under ‘Installation   poses.                          •    Proposed changes to
                               of Drivers Restraint, Page   ROLL CAGE: SAFETY                    Street Stock Specifica-
That triangular 3 sided roof                                A quarter window bar, if
                               10. Remove ‘head plate’                                           tion Manual.
numbers be optional for all                                 required because of exces-           Changes to Final Draft
                               wording and replace with                                     •
classes—plate to be                                         sive rake or a long roll             of Junior Specification
                               ‘roll cage roof hoop/bar’.
300mm x 300m x 300mm.                                       cage, be fitted to both sides        Manual.
Black background with                                       using a minimum of 25mm         •    Clarifications to Super
                               HEAD PLATE:
white number.                                               OD.                                  Sedan Specifications
                               Existing Cars: Safety                                        •    Clarifications to Modi-
                               Helmet clearance between     ROLL CAGE: SAFETY                    fied Production Specifi-
                               head plate/roll cage hoop    Foot protection plate/bar:           cation Changes
                               bars for existing vehicles   Minimum requirement for         •    Report from Council
                               may raise head plate as      foot protection be a mini-
                               per drawing attached to      mum of roll cage material.
                                                                                            •    Engine Sealing Specifi-
                               obtain 50mm clearance.                                            cations.
                                                            Plate may also be required.
                               Mounting procedure for
ENGINE SEALING:                raising of head plate        CLARIFICATION:
                               (existing cars) - 10 stubs   That the use of upper cylin-     I NSIDE THIS ISSUE :
Engine sealing is compul-
sory.                          38mm x 3mm tube—stub         der lubricant via carburettor
                               length is determined by      or vacuum system is ille-        STREET STOCK             2
HEAD PLATE: SAFETY             height required to gain      gal. Any vehicle found with      SPECIFICATIONS.

In New Spec Books -            50mm clearance. Stubs to     these type of systems will       S TREET STOCK   C LARI- 2
Section 10 Seat: Delete        be end capped and            be deemed illegal.
‘head plate’ & ‘s’ from        threaded for mounting pur-                                    J UNIOR S EDAN           3
‘bars’. Specification to                                    N.B. ANY SPECIFCATION            SPECIFICATIONS

read:- Minimum 50mm                                         CHANGE MADE FOR                  S UPER S EDAN            3
clearance, helmet to roll                                   REASON OF SAFETY IS              C LARIFICATIONS

cage roof hoop/bar.                                         IMPLEMENTED IMMEDI-              MODIFIED PRODUC- 4
                                                            ATELY IN ALL CLASSES.            TION CLARIFICA-

    ASCF I NC . LICENCES 2003/2004 SEASON                                                    E NGINE S EALING
                                                                                             P ROCEDURE

The ASCF Inc. Licence for the coming Season will consist of the following:-                  PRODUCTION               5
                                                                                             CLASS DIRECTION
          a.       A plastic NASR/ASCF Inc. Licence Card.
                                                                                             RULE ON                  5
          b.       A white ASCF Inc. Infringement Card.                                      SUBTITUTE CARS

An ASCF Inc. Licence will not be valid unless you have the plastic NASR                      O RGANIZATION FLOW 5
                                                                                             C HART
Licence Card which has ASCF Inc. stamped on it and the white ASCF Inc.                       T OW M ONEY              6
                                                                                             C RITERIA
Infringement Card.
                                                                                             R EPORT FROM             6
Please contact your Club or State Office for the procedure to obtain this                    C OUNCIL M EETING

V OLUME 1        I SSUE 11                                                                                       P AGE 2

                                                                                                STREET STOCK
The changes below are           cation book.                    Pro., etc.. Mounting ends       DERIVATION:
to be implemented into          Add:                            to remain original.             Age limit on Street Stock
the 2004 Street Stock           Flywheel standard weights
                                                                STREET STOCK                    Eligibility—3 years. For
Specification Manual.           Clutch Pressure plate
                                                                DERIVATION:                     2003—competitor can
                                                                Add: ‘Original Equipment        only build up to 2000
ENGINE:                         Clutch Plate weights.
                                                                manufacturer—means for          model car.
Delete ”Warning — illegal
engine 12 months disqualifi-    SUSPENSION/STEERING             make and model unless oth-
                                Power Steering optional—                                        TABLE 6:RIDE
cation!! Engine must be                                         erwise stated.
                                power steering racks and                                        HEIGHTS
sealed prior to registration”                                                                   Change sill measurement
                                boxes to be OEM and in          SUSPENSION/STEERING
Add “Engine sealing is com-                                                                     to be within 15mm of
                                original position. Hoses and    Insert in start of Section—”A
pulsory.”                                                                                       front measurement. De-
                                mounting position of pump       Street Stock race car must
                                is optional. Power steering     use a complete metal body       lete: Ride heights chart
BODY—BALLAST:                                                                                   from Table 6 and replace
                                pulleys and coolers optional.   with suspension mounting
Add words ‘of any descrip-                                                                      with “Ride height meas-
                                Mechanical belt driven          points in original position
tion’ so now reads—”Ballast                                                                     ured 15mm maximum
                                pumps only.                     and being used.
of any description is not to                                                                    variation front to rear.
                                                                Suspension mounting points
be carried. E.g. ‘water in      ROLL CAGE:                                                      Sill measurement, meas-
                                                                are defined as mounting
tyres etc.’                     Bolt on anti spear deflector                                    ured within 150mm from
                                                                points of suspension arm
                                plate, refer page 19 para-      either end, shock absorber      each end of sill. Refer
BRAKES:                         graph (g) “One piece anti                                       Drawing.
                                                                either end, strut either end
Delete wording in Section       spear external door plate to    and springs either
and replace with “foot oper-    use a minimum of 6 50mm x       end.
ated OEM hydraulic brake        50mm x 3mm MS tags and
system to operate correctly     bolted to either 8mm or         SUSPENSION/
on all 4 wheels and to be       5/16th high tensile bolts       STEERING
effective at race speed. No     with no protrusions.            The use of adjust-
brake isolation switch/s al-
                                                                able suspension
lowed. The use of brake bias BODY:                                                              SUSPENSION/
                                                                arms, pannard rod/watts
adjustment not permitted.    Delete paragraph “Towing                                           STEERING:
                                                                linkage’s etc. are not to be
                             attachment: a chain is to be                                       Replace word in book
SUSPENSION/STEERING attached to each bumper                                                     “column with shaft”.
Add to Section—”steering     attaching bracket, four per        TRANSMISSION:                   Steering shaft/column to
from lock to lock to remain car—two front and two rear          Differential pinion angle to    remain in original position
OEM for make and model.      minimum (suggested herc.           remain O.E.M. standard for      in car.” “Steering column
                             Alloy chain).”                     make and model                  and pedals remain as per
TYRES:                                                                                          OEM for make and
                             SUSPENSION/STEERING                TABLE 5 Standard Di-
Alter paragraph 3, Line 1 to                                                                    model, measured at waist
                             Shock Absorbers/Strut in-          mensions:
read “tyres—radials only—                                                                       line.
                             serts:                             Change wheel track to
215 side wall marking
                             Standard sealed replacement        +15mm and include this in
max… etc.”                                                                                      ENGINE:
                             units only. No external or         measurement in book.
                             internal adjustment/               Delete the line—”(plus or       Engine Block: The maxi-
ENGINE:                                                                                         mum allowable cylinder
                             adjusters. No competition          minimum 15mm max toler-
That we insert a mass weight                                                                    sleeves to be fitted to an
                             aftermarket derivatives.           ance.). Add—”These are
for flywheel and clutch as-                                                                     engine block be two in
                             E.g. AFCO, Bilstein, Koni,         maximum measurements
sembly into the new specifi-                                                                    total.
                                                                including 15mm absolute

There has been a growing practice of modifying the exhaust manifold, e.g. machining/removing the exhaust
flange ring surface. This practice is not acceptable and must desist forthwith.
Specification book cites “Exhaust Manifold—to be “base model” “standard”. This means the exhaust
manifold must remain O.E.M. in all aspects.
V OLUME 1         I SSUE 11                                                                                            P AGE 3

              J UNIOR SPECIFICATION MANUAL                                                              DIRECTION OF
                                                                                                    PRODUCTION CLASS
                                                                                                   All States have been
 The changes below are             STEERING:                       use a complete metal body
                                                                                                   asked to consult their
 to be implemented into            Add—”Steering, from lock        with suspension mounting
                                                                                                   Clubs and Production
 the 2003 Junior Specifi-          to lock to remain O.E.M.        points in original position
                                                                                                   Drivers and Car Own-
 cation Manual.                    for make and model.”            and being used.
                                                                                                   ers, regarding the direc-
                                                                   Suspension mounting points
                                                                                                   tion to be taken with this
 BODY:                             SUSPENSION:                     are defined as mounting
                                                                                                   class. This class has stag-
 Add—”The centre line of           Shock Absorbers/Strut in-       points of suspension arm
                                                                                                   nated in some States.
 seat, steering column and         serts:                          either end, shock absorber
                                                                                                   Does there need to be a
 pedals remain as per O.E.M.       Standard sealed replacement     either end, strut either end
                                                                                                   bigger gap between the
 for make and model meas-          units only. No external or      and springs either end.
                                                                                                   Modified and Production
 ured at waist line.               internal adjustment/
                                   adjusters. No competition       SUSPENSION/STEERING
                                                                                                   One option was to com-
 BODY:                             aftermarket derivatives.        The use of adjustable suspen-
                                                                                                   bine the 3 litre and Pro-
 Add—”Ballast of any de-           E.g. AFCO, Bilstein, Koni,      sion arms, pannard rod/
                                                                                                   duction classes.
 scription is not to be carried.   Pro., etc.. Mounting ends       watts linkage’s etc. are not
                                                                                                   The other option was to
 E.g. water in tyres etc.          to remain original.             to be used.
                                                                                                   bring Modified Produc-
                                                                                                   tions back, to take away
 BRAKES:                           JUNIOR SEDAN DERI-              TRANSMISSION:
                                                                                                   9” and just have standard
 Add word ‘O.E.M.’ after           VATION:                         Differential pinion angle to
                                                                                                   differential, no metha-
 word ‘foot operated’. No          Add: ‘Original Equipment        remain O.E.M. standard for
                                                                                                   nol, standard trailing
 ‘s’ on brakes. Add word           manufacturer—means for          make and model
 ‘system’ after brakes. To         make and model unless oth-
                                                                                                   If you are a Produc-
 read “foot operated O.E.M.        erwise stated.                  ENGINE:
                                                                                                   tion Driver and have
 hydraulic brake system…”                                          Engine Block: The maxi-
                                                                                                   any ideas on the di-
 Add “No brake isolation           SUSPENSION:                     mum allowable cylinder
                                                                                                   rection of this Class,
 switch/s allowed.”                Insert in start of Section—”A   sleeves to be fitted to an
                                                                                                   please discuss this
                                   Junior Sedan race car must      engine block be two in total.
                                                                                                   matter with your
                                                                                                   Club and have them
                                                                                                   forward these ideas
                                                                                                   to your State Branch.
 LEAD WEIGHT/BALLAST:              BODY:                           the procedure. Council ad-
 All lead weight/ballast as per    Maximum body width 1955         vised: the following -
                                   including rub rails. Overall    “The Super Sedan registra-          PRODUCTION
 spec book, to be mounted
 under interior sheeting.          width 2110mm ABSOLUTE.          tion is the chassis. The           SPECIFICATIONS
                                   No barwork to be wider than     owner would keep his/her
                                   1955 mm max. waist line         old log book, with an en-         CLARIFICATION:
                                   measurement.                    dorsement. No further day-        The use of Torsion
 Engine: Means complete
                                                                   light scrutineering, no fee       Bars, unless original
 engine, including rocker cov-
                                   REGISTRATION:                   payable.”                         equipment, is illegal.
 ers, excluding exhaust.
                                   In answer to Clarification
                                            requested by           BUMPER BARS:                      BUMPER BARS:
                                            Technical Commit-      Reminder: That the new            For implementation in
                                            tee, regarding a       ruling on Bumper Bars from        next Production
                                            Super Sedan li-        the 2002 Super Sedan Man-         Specification Manual
                                            cenced with a cer-     ual - Section 31, Bumper          Section 28 (c) “Front
                                            tain body e.g. Fal-    Bars and Optional External        Bumper: To be
                                            con, and then the      Barwork, Item No’s - a. & b.      covered with plastic
                                            body is changed to     will be implemented on 1st        road car bumper.
                                            another body, e.g.     July 2003.
                                            Monaro, what is
 V OLUME 1         I SSUE 11                                                                                            P AGE 4

ENGINE SEALING                                                                                            MODIFIED
ENGINE SEALS:                                                                                           PRODUCTION
That we implement coloured Engine Seals:-                                                              CLARIFICATIONS
Super Sedan         -         Yellow Modified Production-        Blue
Production -                  Green Street Stock -               Red
                                                                                                     1. The use of Torsion
Junior -                      Orange                                                                     Bars, unless original
Seals are to be stamped ASCF and numbered. Seals are placed on the engine in the following               equipment, is illegal.
positions:          Super Sedan—1 x Sump and Timing Cover                                                This means: That
                    Production/Modified Production—1 x Sump and Timing Cover                             must be sway bar not
                    Junior—1 x Sump and Cylinder Head                                                    spring.
                    Street Stock—1 x Sump and Cylinder Head
                    V6 Engines—Intake Manifold, Sump and Timing Cover.                               2. Coil Spring mounts on
                                                                                                        Falcon differential
SEALING AN ENGINE:                                                                                      must be in original
a)    General:                                                                                          position and being
      Seal Wires to be kept as short as possible. Seals to be easily seen when engine is in the
      car. It may be a good idea to seal the timing cover as well in cast the sump needs to be
      removed for any reason. Then it can be resealed again easily.
b)    Street Stock and Junior Sedans:                                                                3. Specification Manual,
      Engine to be checked with the head and sump removed.                                              Page 26, Throttle
      Block:      Bottom: Check Crankshaft and Conrods are correct type for the block being used        Body: polishing not
                  and block is correct for the model of car.                                            allowed.
                  No polishing, lightening or deburring, no extra counter weights on crank.
                  Check sump is visibly standard externally.                                         4. Rear Radiator, when
                  Seal sump on. One seal on each side, through sump to block flange.                    mounting into rear of
                  Top:      Measure Bore and Stroke. Check size list in back of book.                   car, parcel shelf must
                  Check pistons do not protrude above block                                             be left complete
                  Check pistons are the correct type, dished or not as per OEM.
      Head:       Measure diameter of valve head, check list in book.
                  Check valve seats, throats and ports are not enlarged or polished.
                  Visual check on valve springs (single or double).
                  Seal head on.                                                                           MODIFIED
c)    Modified and Production Class:                                                                     PRODUCTION
      Engine to be checked with head only removed.                                                         TRACK
      Check stroke, must be standard for engine block series.                                           MEASUREMENTS
      Check head is the correct one for the engine block series.
      Seal sump on. One seal each side through sump to block flange.                                    VT COMMODORE
      V6 Seal through two top timing cover bolts.                                                            FRONT
d)    Super Sedans:                                                                                          1620 MM
      V8 Engines: Check with one head removed.                                                                REAR
      Measure Bore and Stroke, calculate capacity, 367 ci MAX                                                1640 MM
      Seal Sump and/or Timing cover on.                                                                       A S PER
      6 Cyl. And Rotary engines, seal for eligibility only.                                               S PECIFICATION
Bore x Bore x .7857 x Stroke x No. of cylinders.                                                        VX COMMODORE
For example – a Holden 202/3.3. Bore 3.625 x Bore 3.625 – 13.140625 x .7857 = 10.320646 x                    FRONT
Stroke 3.250 – 33.542102 x No. of Cylinders (6) = 201.252614 CU Inches.                                      1620 MM
CAPACITY OF FUEL TANKS:                                                                                       REAR
Round Tanks:          Diameter x Diameter x .7857 x Length.                                                  1640 MM
Square Tanks:         Height x Depth x Length.                                                             S AME AS VT
To convert CU Inches to Litres – Multiply by 0.016387.”

   Make                     Model              Standard Bore              Stroke                   "Engine"
   Holden                   VP-VR-VS           3.81 (97mm)                3.38 (86mm)              3800 V6
   Holden                   VT-VX-VY           3.81 (97mm)                3.38 (86mm)              3800 V6
   Ford                     EF-EB-ED-EL        3.63 (92.25mm)             3.90 (99.31mm)           4.0L OHC 6
   Ford                     AU-BA              3.63 (92.25mm)             3.90 (99.31mm)           4.0L OHC 6
ASCF Inc. NATIONAL TITLE S                                                             NATIONAL TITLES
   DATES AND VENUES                                                              SUBSTITUTE CARS - RULE 13.15
    2003/2004 SEASON                                     Following the National Super Sedan Title, some drivers questioned the
                                                         fact that a competitor competed in the final in a car other than the one
SUPER SEDAN TITLE:                                       he nominated and drove in the heats. Please find below, the rule regard-
Riverview Speedway, Murray                               ing the use of substitute cars.
Bridge, S.A. on 26th 27th & 28th
February, 2004                                           Rule 13.15 “A substitute car may be used by a nominated driver provid-
                                                         ing that:
MODIFIED PRODUCTION                                      (a)      the substitute car has been nominated for the meeting.
TITLE:                                                   (b)      if the substitution occurs before the meeting has begun, the car
Attwell Park Speedway, Al-                                         starts from its drawn position in the heats.
bany, WA on 9th 10th & 11th                              (c)       if the substitution occurs once the meeting has begun, the sub-
April, 2004                                                        stitute car starts rear of the field in its remaining heats.
                                                         (d)      If the substitution occurs after all heats have been run, the sub-
PRODUCTION TITLE:                                                  stitute car starts rear of the field in the final. However, it must
Collie Speedway, Collie, W.A.
                                                                   have competed in the heats.
on 27th 28th & 29th February,
2004                                                     (e)    The Chief steward has given permission for the substitution.
                                                         (f)    In Series events, (a) to (e) will apply. However, points in Series
STREET STOCK TITLE:                                             events will be allocated to the driver. “
Latrobe Speedway, Latrobe,
Tasmania on 19 th 20th & 21st                            Below is a Drawing showing how rub rails are to be attached in all Classes.
February, 2004

Simpson Car Club Inc. Bun-
gador Victoria on 5TH 6th & 7th
February, 2004

                                      ASCF INC ORGANIZATION FLOW CHART
                                                                   ASCF INC. COUNCIL
                                                       Made of two Delegates from seven State
                                                           Branches, National Executive
   NATIONAL TECHNICAL COM-                                and Two Advisory Committees
   MITTEE made up of State Chief                                                                                      NATIONAL STEWARDS
   Machine Examiners & National                                                                                     PANEL made up of State Chief
   Technical Director                                                                                                       Stewards

                                                           NATIONAL EXECUTIVE
                                                        Made up of President, Vice President,
  STATE CHIEF MACHINE EXAMINERS                            Technical Director, Secretary                                    STATE CHIEF
   appointed/elected from Club Machine                                                                                  STEWARDS appointed/
                Examiners                                                                                             elected from Club Stewards

                                                  ASCF Inc. AFFILIATED STATE BRANCHES
                                                     Made up of 105 Affiliated Member Clubs
                 QSCA Inc.         SSA of NSW       VSCF Inc.        NASR (SA)    NTSCI.               WASCF Inc.   TSCF Inc.
                 Qld State         N.S.W. State     Victorian        SA State     Northern Territory   WA State     Tasmanian
                 Branch            Branch           State Branch     Branch       State Branch         Branch       State Branch

                                                   AFFILIATED MEMBER CLUBS                                                 CLUB CHIEF
    CHINE EXAMINERS                                                                                                        STEWARDS

                                            ASCF INC. LICENCED DRIVING MEM-
                                             BERS AND ASCF INC. CAR OWNERS
          ASCF INC.                    The following tow money criteria was implemented at the
                                       Council Meeting.     Tow Money is based on a cents per
                                       kilometre travelled.
           P.O. BOX 188                    1. The National Title tow money is to be paid in cash at the race meeting
        THORNLIE, W.A. 6988                   unless directed otherwise.
                                       2.     All Competitors travelling from Tasmania will automatically have
         Phone: 08 9452 1552                 $100 bonus taken out of the Tow Money Pool and set aside. e.g.
         Fax: 08 9452 8154                   Tow Money for Modified Title $7200. One Tasmanian Competitor -                 $7200 - $100 = $7100.
                                       3. Total number of kilometres travelled by Competitors travel ling over
                                          100 kilometres from their home address to be added together. E.g.
                                          75935 kilometres
       WEBSITE ADDRESS                 4. Total number of kilometres will be divided into total money in tow
     W WW. SALOONCAR. COM. AU             money pool, after Tasmanian bonus has been taken out. This will give
                                          a cents per kilometre figure. e.g.       $7100 ÷ 75935 = .09.35
                                          cents per kilometres.
                                       5. Round off amounts to the nearest dollar. E.g. $50.48 = $50.
                                          $50.60 = $51.00
                                       6. All distances to be taken of the ‘Travel Mate’ web site.
                                       7. All distances calculated from the Competitors home Town/City to the
                                          nearest Town/City to the Track.

NATIONAL TITLES:                                    • Practice to be held day            RACING RULES:
A.   Vehicles will be checked each                  prior to race meeting.
     night for a safety check and                   • No Calcutta (gambling).            Next Season the
     log books will be signed by the                • Each nights racing to be           ASCF Inc. will
     Driver and the Scrutineer.                     concluded by 10.30 p.m.              implement the
                                                    • Grand parade on both               following Rule using
B.     All Finals for Junior National                                                    a cone for re-starts:
                                                    nights of racing.
       Titles be a maximum of 25 laps.
                                                    • Heats 8 laps maximum 12
                                                    cars.                                “On all single file restarts,
C.     That the prize money in a
                                                    • Final 25 laps maximum 20           the cone is to be used. To
       Consolation at the National Title
                                                    cars.                                be placed at the Stewards
       be the same as a Heat.
                                                    • Photo of winner and car to         discretion, in the main
                                                    be presented to the winning          straight. If a driver passes
                                                    Competitor.                          a car before the cone, hits
A.  We get Juniors to run both ways                                                      the cone or passes it on
    on the race track. As in Street
                                     TRANSPONDERS:                                       the inside, the race will be
    Stock Book “Direction of Racing.
                                     We investigate the use of elec-                     put under a yellow light
                                     tronic device (transponders) and                    and the race will be re-
B.  Council have set down a policy
                                     position in car, for lap scoring.                   started with the offending
    for running Titles which include
                                     Until such time the investigation is                driver placed rear of field.”
    • ASCF to supply caps to all
                                     complete, no car shall use the
    Competitors at Scrutineering
                                     electronic device whilst racing.

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