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									                                       AVESTA 960
                                     (Moly - Drop test)
                          chemical test for differentiating grade
   TEL: 0161 337 0950
   FAX: 0161 337 0960                 304 from 316
PRODUCT:                AVESTA 960

                        Testing for the presence of Molybdenum in stainless steel
                        Helps to differentiate grade 304 (no moly) from 316 (with moly)

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GENERAL:                Avesta 960 is a simple chemical test to help the fabricator differentiate his
                        304 grade stanless steel from his 316 grade.

                        How often have you scratched your head and wondered if that scrap / old
                        stock piece of stainless steel is 304 or 316, if you have then the answer to
                        your problem is here. With a simple chemical test you can identify the grade
                        within 5 - 10 minutes simply by watching for a colour change.

                        See the reverse of this document for application instructions

                        Can be used on any wrought stainless steel 300 series material.

                        Sheet                         Pipe
                        Plate                         Tube
                        Bar                           Castings
                        Flanges                       Claded material
                        Angle                         and many more.

Composition:            HCL
                        Proprietry ingredient
                        Binding agent

Form:                   Semi-Liquid
Density:                1.3 kg/l
pH:                     0
Flash point:            -
                                                                     AVESTA 960
                                                                   (Moly - Drop test)
                                                  chemical test for differentiating grade
      TEL: 0161 337 0950
      FAX: 0161 337 0960                                      304 from 316

            1) Shake contents well                              2) Rub surface with abrasive                              3) Apply 1 - 2 drops
                                                                                                                             wait 5 - 10 minutes

                           Result: No colour change                                          Result: Colour change - dark brown
                                   304 grade (no moly’)                                              316 grade (moly’ present)

PACKAGING:                                   Avesta 960 is supplied in 30ml (~200 tests)
                                              All containers are UN certified and carry correct labelling.

STORAGE:                                     Avesta 960 should be stored indoors at room temperature.
                                             Containers must be kept in an upright positionand the caps properly sealed and away
                                             from unauthorised persons.

SAFETY FIRST:                                As always when using chemicals proper protective clothing should/must be worn.

ENVIRONMENT:                                 Wipe surface afterwards to remove spent / excess acid and dispose of properly in a
                                             sealed plastic container.
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