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					Affiliate Niche Script Review

News Flash: 1st February 2010

For all amazon associates who are currently struggling in trying to make their own
amazon affiliate stores you need to read this.

Affiliate Niche Script V1.2 is the latest in affiliate marketing tools. This script which
was developed over the course of 18 months after exhausted use of old limited
function tools that were available.

Affiliate Niche Script Review has done all the hard work for you putting it through its
paces while in beta release so we have pushed it to its limits and have only positive
comments on this software. For an in depth review of affiliate niche script read

This script is unlike any other with inginuative functions such as price tracking, user
account creations for price drop notifications, keyword setups, custom descriptions
and reviews plus more.

For a full review and more please visit

Description: Affiliate Niche Script Review is a document which outlines the latest software for an Affiliate Niche Script. The document is based on an Affiliate Niche Script Review from a user who purchased and reviewed the Affiliate Niche Script.