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					                                                       NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2006
                                                        NEWSLETTER JUNE 2009                                                             Page 1

                                                                       Steady as she goes
                                       The construction training industry has time to panic as the industry has made a
                                       certainly felt the impact of the global terrific effort in recent years to increase
                                       financial crisis, however, it is not all its apprentice training commitment.
                                       doom and gloom.
                                                                                                 During the past 10 years apprentice
                                       In the last 2 to 3 years the industry has intakes in the industry have averaged
                                       experienced unprecedented growth and about 2,000 pa. however in the past 3
                                         28.0                                                                                   years during the
         The Hon Peter Collier MLC                                                              26.2
                                                                                                                                building      boom
                                                                                                                                intakes increased
The Minister for Energy; Training               BCITF Revenue                        23.2                                       to 3,000 pa.
the Hon Peter Collier MLC

launched the new Training WA 22.0
plan at Parliament House on 11th                                                                                                The         current
May.                                                                                                                            reduction in intake
                                                                                                                                therefore needs to
Training WA is a blueprint that                                                                                                 be viewed in the
outlines the direction for the 16.0                           14.6                                                              context of a return
training system from 2009 through                                                                                               to a normal level
to 2018, to maximise the                           12.4
                                                                                                                                of     construction
development of skills as well as 12.0                                                                                           activity.
training and employment
outcomes for all Western
                                              2003/04   2004/05    2005/06      2006/07   2007/08       2008/09    2009/10
                  ***                  running at what many people say was Employers still need to train
                                       unsustainable levels. People are now
The State Government               has
                                       pointing out that the industry has returned Despite the excellent training effort during
allocated more than $47m to                                                                      the boom the industry experienced skill
                                       to almost normal operating levels.
support training in its recent                                                                   shortages which resulted in a significant
budget, in response to the current                                                               increase in construction costs.
economic downturn.                     This sentiment is reflected in BCITF levy
                                       revenue. During 2007/08 the Fund
With the majority of funding to be received $26.2 million in revenue. The message to construction employers
provided over the next two years, 2008/09 will see a reduction to about $22 is to keep training or history will repeat
the range of initiatives includes      million.                                                  itself and when the economy improves
• $10.6m workers’ compensation                                                                   contractors will once again be struggling
  rebates to employers of                                                                        to find skilled labour.
  Certificate III apprentices in their Industry and economic analysts have
  first year                           widely varying views                  about future
• $755 000 in course fee               projections but the safest bet appears to The BCITF continues to offer substantial
                                                                                                 subsidies for the employment of
  concessions for skills recognition be a levelling off in activity for a year or
                                       so followed by future growth.                             apprentices              which     along      with
                                                                                                 Commonwealth and State Government
• $2.1m to provide advice and                                                                    subsidies make the employment of
  support services for small Training impact                                                     apprentices much more attractive.
  business, particularly in regional The industry has seen a 30% + reduction
  areas                                in apprentice commencements during
For further information visit 2009 and although a concern it is not a See over the page for a summary of
www.ourstatebudget wa                                                                     Commonwealth and BCITF subsidies.

                    HOMEBASE, 55 Salvado Road, Subiaco WA 6008 Ph: (08) 9381 3900 Fax: (08) 9388 8902
                                         Mailing Address: PO Box 746, Wembley WA 6913
                                         Thank you for your continued interest in the BCITF.
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                                                                   NEWSLETTER JUNE 2009                                                             page 2

ARE YOU GETTING WHAT YOU                                                          Activity Snapshot
                                        The most recent indications of                           •  The number of dwelling units
If you employ an apprentice or          employment in the building and                           approved is down by-23% on March 2008
trainee in a recognised building        construction    industry to February
and construction qualification,         2009 are that employment has stayed
then it is likely you are eligible to   reasonably steady, with only a slight                    Currently, 88% of the activity is in new
receive a range of subsidies to         fall from November 2008 of 124,300 to                    houses .
reduce the costs associated with        February 2009 to 122,300.
training.                                                                                        However, an increase of 20% was
                                                                                                 recorded for the month from January
The chart below demonstrates The Fund is closely monitoring the data.                            2009 (1371) to February 2009 (1644) in
what you may be eligible to                                                                      seasonally adjusted terms.
receive, based on employing an      Construction Industry Employment 2004 - 2009
apprentice carpenter in a three 140

year nominal term trade         120
                                                                                                                                     Total Non House Building

qualification.                                                                                                                       Total Houses

                                 80                                                              25000

Cert III Carpentry & Joinery                    40                                               20000

BCITF                $7 700*                    20

Commonwealth $4 000                                  2004   2005    2006   2007    2008   2009

Tool allowance       $ 800
Workers Comp* $1 100**

                                        ABS 6291.0 Labour Force, WA
Total                $13 600                                                                         0
                                                                                                         2004   2005   2006   2007        2008

                                       Number of Building Approvals
As a minimum, you can receive up Building approvals as at March 2009 are ABS 8731.0 Building Approvals
to $13 600 in subsidies, vouchers down from a peak in 2006.
and rebates over the course of the                                                  For more detailed information please refer
training contract to assist you with • The percentage fall over the year to the Industry Snapshot document on
the costs of training. In addition, from 2007 to 2008 is 17%                        the BCITF website at
there are bonus              subsidies
available from the BCITF and                           Regional Consultation—Albany
Commonwealth if you employ an
apprentice over the age of 30, The Fund’s Training Advisory Services • Discussions about concerns and
plus a range of other incentives commenced a series of regional barriers to training.
for you as an employer and your consultation visits in April that will
apprentice based on individual continue throughout the year.
                                                                                    • Identification of workforce skill and
                                                                                    training needs now and for the future
                                       Director Alan Davis and Manager of • Discussion of aspects of training –
For information on BCITF Research & Development Margo Keating availability, quality, or opportunities
subsidies, visit or visited Albany and over 2 days, spoke
phone 9381 3900                        with representatives from civil, residential • Discussions about the concerns
                                                                                    faced in your business.
F o r i n f o r m a t i o n o n and commercial businesses in the area,
Commonwealth Government as well as those involved in training.
incentives, phone 13 38 73 or visit                                                 …and more. Should you want to have   This level of consultation is an important your say now, go to the link on the
                                       function of the new Training Advisory Research page at, or
*inc GST
                                       Services to ensure the voices of each of contact Margo Keating on 9381 2811 for
**State Govt 2009 Budget Fact Sheet:
Workers Compensation Rebate            the regions is heard and have a chance to inclusion in our future visits.
                                       contribute to:

                    HOMEBASE, 55 Salvado Road, Subiaco WA 6008 Ph: (08) 9381 3900 Fax: (08) 9388 8902
                                         Mailing Address: PO Box 746, Wembley WA 6913
                                         Thank you for your continued interest in the BCITF.
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