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									                                                                                                           How do they work?
                                                                                                           It works through a
appearance               shape         beauty        How are they made?        slowly and at different
                                                                                                           series of invisible,
                                                                                                           removable and
                                                                               times until the final       comfortable plastic
                                                     Firstly Dr R Kumar will   result is achieved.         aligners.
                      Dr Raj Kumar is at the         take x-rays,              Dr Raj Kumar can then       By being invisible it is
                      forefront of cosmetic          photographs and           check this simulation       said that no one can
                      dentistry. Without the need    moulded dental            online and make any         tell you’re wearing
                      for cutting down teeth for     impressions of your       changes, to make sure       them. They are
                      veneers or even metal          teeth and send these                                  removable so you can
                                                                               that he is happy with       eat, drink, brush and
                      braces; using instead a        off to the Align Tech     the proposed correction     floss your teeth with
                      series of clear, plastic and   laboratories in Santa     before your                 ease and due to the
                      removable “aligners” which     Clara California. Your    personalised set of         lack of metal
                                                     dental impression is                                  components as often
                      slowly move teeth over time.                             aligners are made.          found with brace
                                                     then scanned into a                                   systems, they are
                                                     computer to make a 3D     Align Tech laboratories     considered more
                                                     model of your teeth and   then use special thermo     comfortable and less
forma London                                         gums. Technicians at      forming technology,         likely to cause
86 Harley Street                                                                                           abrasions such as
                                                     the laboratory are then   whereby a laser beam        mouth ulcers.
London                                               able to isolate each 3D   follows the tooth
W1G 7HP                                              tooth using the           pattern from the            Generally each aligner
0800 015 0569                                        computer software and     computer and solidifies     in a treatment
nearest station - Oxford Circus                      move them on screen       liquid resin layer by       sequence is worn for 2
                                                     according to the          layer, to produce the set   weeks, meaning that as
Hours of Opening                                     requirements of Dr Raj    of plastic aligners which   you change to the next
9am - 6pm                                            Kumar. The software       represent each tooth        one your teeth slowly
                                                     then simulates this       movement generated by       move until they are
web                              movement in stages,       the computer software       straightened into their
email                            moving different teeth,   for your prescription.      final position.

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