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									                               Initial data gathering
                      Business processes analysis
             Comprehensive business growth solution
                             Post delivery services

       Stand Out
               the solution for smart entrepreneurs
  The Stand Out - Business Growth
  Accelerator (BGA) package is a
  comprehensive approach to helping you
  grow your business faster, easier and with
  less money. Stand Out – BGA uses all the
  skills and resources we have available within
  our company to offer you the best and more
  efficient mix of services with consulting,
  hands on development, business coaching,
  web development and training just some of
  them. This package can be used as a whole
  or we can employ only some of its segments
  to meet your immediate needs.

  The benefits of using Stand Out – BGA
  come from its structured approach to your
  business growth, long term planning and the
  guarantee that the systems put in place
  today will be easily scalable to
  accommodate your company's future needs.

      Stand Out
                                                    the solution for smart entrepreneurs

Initial Data Gathering                                     Business Processes Analysis
The first stage of the Stand Out - BGA uses the            PrimaClass Consulting specialists will monitor and
consulting and business coaching skills existent in our    analyse the existing business processes. Based on the
company. PrimaClass Consulting specialists will work       data gathered they will come up with ways to improve
with you to draw the most accurate image of where your     the efficiency, increase savings and address existing
business is at and where do you want it to go.             concerns for each individual business process as well
                                                           as the business operation as a whole.
Together with the key members of your company as
well as all the stakeholders we analyse your business in   The solutions will cover applications development,
terms of products/services it offers, what is the target   existing applications optimisation, off-the-shelf software,
market for them, business expectations, how does the       infrastructure design, Internet business optimisation and
current format fail in allowing you to meet the            web presence.
expectation, what are the areas of concern (technical,
skills, people, resources), company goals, etc.

Comprehensive                                              Post Delivery Services
Business Growth Solution
                                                           Our post delivery/implementation services are the most
If you choose to go ahead with implementing the            comprehensive on the market. All our services come
recommendations PrimaClass Consulting will develop         with a technical guarantee. Our ongoing commitment to
and implement the customise applications, design and       helping you grow your business faster is backed by:
implement the optimisation solutions for existing
applications, design and help you purchase/install          o   full technical support
infrastructure components, design or upgrade your web       o   annual maintenance agreements
presence, etc.
                                                            o   keeping you up to date with new options for
You can choose to make the changes as a                         upgrades
comprehensive project or to upgrade and optimise each       o   qualified business coaching
area of your business individually.                         o   marketing services
                                                            o   comprehensive training

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