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					Enterprise for Health

          Mission Statement


      Bertelsmann Foundation
                                                                                      Corporate culture

         Enterprise for Health

                               Mission Statement
                               We are a Network of European companies who are committed to developing and
                               disseminating a corporate culture based on partnership and exemplary company health
                               policies. We work together to develop effective solutions to future challenges in the
                               working world that contribute to sustainable development.

What does a corporate culture based on         pany disciplines. Health and well-being       employees are the vital component in the
partnership and company health policy          at the workplace can only be achieved if      development of innovative products and
mean?                                          all key players within the company partici-   services and help ensure customer satis-
The corporate culture embraces the cen-        pate. This includes management and su-        faction.
tral values and traditions of a company        periors, human resources and production
and determines what is regarded as impor-      just as much as occupational health and       Working conditions that have a negative
tant and correct. It is based on partnership   safety, environmental protection, work-       impact on health cost companies and so-
when employees participate both in the         place health promotion and quality mana-      ciety dearly. A large proportion of these
decision-making process concerning their       gement.                                       costs can be saved with a forward thinking
work organisation and in the economic                                                        company health policy.
result of the company. A corporate culture     The company health policy creates the
based on partnership is characterised by       foundation for healthy working conditions     Finally, healthy working conditions play
openness, mutual respect and trust plus        and healthy employee behaviour through        a major role in improving the population’s
health conducive work organisation.            health conducive work organisation, em-       health and thus reduce overall health ex-
                                               ployee participation and trend-setting        penditure. As a result, the non-wage la-
A corporate culture based on partnership       concepts in staff development.                bour costs of companies can be reduced
is a prerequisite for developing an exem-                                                    which in turn creates added value.
plary company health policy. It incorpo-
rates all the elements necessary to main-      What role do health and well-being play
tain and improve health and well-being         at the workplace?
at the workplace. »Health« is understood       Healthy working conditions as part of a
here as a management task and not as the       corporate culture based on partnership not
limited responsibility of individual com-      only make a major contribution to staff
                                               health and well-being but also govern the
                                               economic success of a company. Only with
                                               a highly motivated and healthy workforce
                                               can companies survive in an increasingly
                                               competitive world in the long term. The
based on partnership
   and company health policy

  Why do companies participate in the            What are the primary objectives
  European Network of »Enterprise for            of the EfH?
  The companies participating in the Euro-       The EfH Network is working on the
  pean Network of »Enterprise for Health«        following:
  share an important basic conviction: a         • Developing a corporate culture based
  corporate culture based on partnership             on partnership
  and an effective company health policy are     • Design of job tasks and the working        European Network of
  investments in a business’ and society’s           environment conducive to health and      »Enterprise for Health«
  future. They safeguard competitiveness in          personal growth including integration    Member companies of the
  the long term by developing human poten-           in the management system and leader-     European Network of »Ent-
  tial. EfH Network members share their              ship practice                            erprise for Health« (EfH)
  unique experience and know-how with re-        • Organisation of working hours and new      work together to develop a
  gard to the structuring of corporate culture       forms of work organisation               corporate culture based on
  based on partnership and company health        • Knowledge management – future orga-        partnership and exemplary
  policy amongst themselves and thus help            nisation of how enterprises deal with    company health policies. A
  improve their own activities.                      knowledge and information                corporate culture based on
                                                 • Development of the employees’ indivi-      partnership generates a
  At the same time, the EfH Network advo-            dual health competence                   sense of belonging by in-
  cates its values and beliefs to others. As     • Healthy work organisation for older and    volving all employees in
  many companies have had to reorganise              disabled employees                       decisions concerning their
  and streamline their organisations in the      • Work life balance /transitions within      work organisation and
  wake of tougher international competition,         the working world and transitions into   in the economic success
  the Network sees the further development           and out of the working world             of the company, while an
  of the corporate culture based on partner-     • Enhanced social responsibility of enter-   exemplary company health
  ship and company health policy as part of          prises in the neighbourhood and          policy also helps develop
  their social responsibility.                       society.                                 employees’ motivational
                                                                                              and creative potential
  Given the many changes in the forms of                                                      through health and well-
  work and organisation, the EfH Network                                                      being at work. In their mis-
  addresses the numerous challenges facing                                                    sion statement, Network
  the future design of work in a manner that                                                  members have outlined the
  is conducive to health.                                                                     principles of their work.
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