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					                           Missouri Association of REALTORS®

                     HONOR SOCIETY
      To recognize Professionalism through Participation, Education and Service

PURPOSE: The primary purpose of the Missouri Association of REALTORS® Honor Society is to recognize
and reward high professional achievement of members who seek excellence through education and who
voluntarily contribute their time and skills to Board and Association leadership. The people who bring credit to
the real estate industry statewide deserve the special recognition of their peers, and the Missouri Association of
REALTORS® Honor Society is designed to bring them that recognition.
ELIGIBILITY: The Honor Society program is designed for both new REALTORS® and REALTOR-
ASSOCIATES® and for those who have held membership for many years. Very little recognition is given for
past achievement, since the basic concept is to award active qualification points for professional education and
for REALTOR® activity that ultimately results in better service to clients and customers.
QUALIFICATIONS: The qualification period is from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007. Applications
must be submitted to MAR no later than January 31, 2008. Honor Society membership is not a one-time
qualification. Yearly qualification is required in order to encourage continuing activity and involvement. A
minimum of 150 points per year is needed in order to qualify or maintain membership. An application form is
on the following page. It lists, in detail, the point breakdown by category. To apply for membership, you need
to complete the form and return it to MARHS, PO BOX 1327, COLUMBIA, MO 65205 or fax it. The Missouri
Association of REALTORS® may, at its discretion, require complete documentation of a member’s
participation by requesting letters from Board/Association leadership to verify qualification. Complete the
following application and return to MARHS before January 31, 2008. Your total points, marked in the spaces
in the left columns must total 150 or more to qualify you for membership. To qualify, applicants must have
points in Sections A, B, and E. Also, applicants should have points in either F or G.
AWARDS: Certificates of membership, if requested, in the Honor Society will be sent to the Local Board
President or AE by March 31, 2008, for presentation at a Local Board function, so that the individuals
recognized as members may be seen by their peers as high achievers. Pins will be mailed with certificates. In
case of loss, pins are available for purchase through MAR, as long as supplies last at $3.00 per pin.

LOCAL BOARD:____________________________________________________________________________________________

NAME: ___________________________________________ FIRM: __________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

CITY __________________________________________________ STATE _________ ZIP _____________

BUSINESS PHONE: _________________________________ EMAIL: ________________________________________________

LOCAL BOARD PRESIDENT or AE/CEO SIGNATURE:_______________________________________

          Return to: MARHS, PO Box 1327, Columbia, MO 65205 OR Fax to 573-445-7865– by January 31, 2008
           Honor Society Reception will be Wednesday, April 17, 2008 from 5:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.
                                   at the Embassy Suites in St. Charles.
Complete the following application and return it to MARHS before January 31, 2008. Your points must total 150 or
more to qualify.
1) To qualify, applicant must have points in A, B, and E. Also applicant must have points in either F or G.
2) All activities must occur between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2007.
3) The term “committee” includes subcommittee.
                                                                 > NAME___________________________________<
A.      Local Board Activity
_____   Attendance of over 50% of scheduled board              _____   Societies, Institutes and Council Membership - 5
        meetings - 10 points                                           points each (Example: American Society of Real
_____   Committee Member - 5 points per committee                      Estate Counselors, CRS, RLI, WCR)
_____   Committee Chair - 15 points per committee
_____   Local Director - 15 points                             E.      Political Involvement
_____   Board Officer - 5 points (in addition to points        _____   RPAC Contributor - 5 points
        earned as a director)                                  _____   RPAC $100 or above Contributor -10 points
_____   President - 50 points                                  _____   State Legislative Contact -15 points
_____   Local REALTOR® or REALTOR-                             _____   Federal Legislative Contact -15 points
        ASSOCIATE®/Salesperson of the Year in 2007             _____   RPAC Trustee - 10 points
        - 50 points                                            _____   IMPAC Trustee -10 points
                                                               _____   Attended 2007 Capitol Conference - 5 points
B.      State Association Activity
_____   Committee Member - 10 points per committee             F.      The CENTER
        (Must attend a minimum 2 meetings per year)            _____   It's Your Move or Business Week Contributor -
_____   Task Force Member – 5 points each                              5 points
_____   Task Force Chair/Vice Chair – 10 points each           _____   Contributor of full Missouri Business Week
_____   Committee Chair - 20 points per committee                      Scholarship - 10 points
_____   Executive Committee member - 30 points                 _____   Board Chair - 10 points
_____   Director - 20 points                                   _____   Company Advisor - 10 points
_____   State Officer - 40 points (in addition to 30 points    _____   IYM/MBW Speaker - 10 points
        for Executive Committee)                               _____   MBW Ethics Challenge - 5 points
_____   President - 50 points (in addition to 30 points        _____   CENTER Trustee - 10 points
        for Executive Committee)                               _____   Silent Auction Item Contributor – 5 points
_____   Attended all 4 Business Conferences - 10 points
_____   MAR Leadership Academy 2007 – 30 points                G.      Education
_____   State REALTOR® or REALTOR® Salesperson of              _____   REALTOR® Institute - 1 point per hour GRI credit
        the Year in 2007 - 50 points                                   earned in 2007
_____   Brady Stevens Award for 2007                           _____   Received your GRI – 10 points
                 Recipient - 25 points                         _____   Local Board, MAR or NAR sponsored seminar - 1
                 Nominee - 10 points                                   point per hour of attendance (exclusive of continuing
                                                                       education credits), includes At Home with Diversity.
C.      National Association Activity                          _____   Attend one or more of the following - 5 points per
_____   Committee Member - 20 points (must attend 2                    event. Professional Standards Seminar, Statewide
        meetings per year)                                             Professional Standards Training, or Board Leadership
_____   Committee Chair - 50 points per committee                      Conference.
_____   Director - 30 points                                   _____   Designation related course approved by NAR - 1
_____   Regional Vice President - 100 points                           point per hour of attendance (excluding REALTOR®
_____   Executive Committee Member - 100 points                        Institute) Example: ABR, CIPS, CRS, CRB, PMN,
_____   Officer - 150 points                                           etc.
_____   Attended 2007 National Convention - 30 points
_____   Attended 2007 NAR Mid-year Meetings – 30 pts.          H.      Service
                                                               _____   REALTOR® Institute classroom monitor - 5 points
D.      Societies, Institutes and Councils of the              _____   Unpaid speaker at Local, State or National meeting or
        National Association of REALTORS®                              seminar - 5 points (Explain:__________________
        (Activity at the Local, State or National level)               ___________________________________________
_____   Chapter Committee Member - 5 points per committee              __________________________________________)
_____   Chapter Committee Chair - 15 points per committee      _____   Volunteer to charitable/civic activity - 5 points
_____   Chapter Director - 20 points                                   (Explain:___________________________________
_____   Chapter Officer - 5 points (in addition to 20 points           __________________________________________)
        for Director)                                          _____   Article published in a real estate publication - 10
_____   Chapter President - 50 points (Local or State)                 points (Example: MISSOURI REALTOR®, Real
_____   Chapter President - 150 points (National)                      Estate Today, Real Estate News, etc.)
_____   Advanced professional designation held - 20 points
        each (Example: CRS, CRB, SIOR, PMN, etc.)              _____ TOTAL POINTS EARNED

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