; ALT Matchplay Draw & Results 2009
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ALT Matchplay Draw & Results 2009


ALT Matchplay Draw & Results 2009

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									                                                    Essex Match Play Championship for the

                                                 The Allan Lockwood Trophy
Round 1               UPPER HALF          Result Round 2                     Result Round 3                     Result   Round 4            Result
   Jeff Ball          Ilford
    Bye                                                Terry Hewitt
   Alex Finigan       Upminster                        Gary Francis           3&2               Pat Shannon     19th
    Bye                                                                                                                    Simon Chapman
  Steve Waters        West Essex
    Bye                                                    Ian Morgan                         Steve Bucke
    Ian Morgan        Ilford                          Grant Cairnie           1 UP
   Paul King          Thorpe Hall         2 UP
  Yasar Soyler        Ilford                          Perry Morgan            3&2
   Neil Stewart       Stock Brook         8&7       Terence Crowley                         Richard McKenna     6&4
  Harry Brooks        Thorpe Hall
 James Anderson       West Essex          2&1                                                                              Grant Cairnie     6&4
   Ken Sverdloff      Garon Park                     Robert Bannister                           Jim Prentice
 Stefan Anderson      Maylands            5&4          Alan Watts             4&3
  David Snowdon       Thorpe Hall
  Ryan Jeffery        Stock Brook
  Steve Bucke         Belfairs            W/O         David Bratley           2&1
  Dean Hazell         Romford                         David Gribbon                             Lee Wootton     4&3
 David Humphrey       Three Rivers        4&3                                                                             Gordon Irving
    Ian Nicholson     The Burstead        1 UP

  Barry Piddington    St. Cleres Hall                  Ivan Lambert           3&2               Neil Stewart
Duncan Wood           South Essex         3&1          Tony Parrish
   Mark Grover        Clacton
   Tony Craven        Colne Valley
    Jim Prentice      Lords, Rayleigh     5&4          John Benjamin          4&3
  David Gribbon       Belfairs            3&2         Steve Waters                             Mark Crawley
 James Bussell        Colne Valley
   Paul Alvey         Chingford                                                                                              Tim Pearson     2&1
   Pat McSweeney      Five Lakes          W/O           Tim Pearson           3&1             Grant Cairnie     3&1
 Steven Golding       St. Cleres Hall                Dennis Cornwell
  Barry Graylin       The Burstead        4&3
  Terry Hewitt        Clacton-on-sea      4&2
   Roy Munro          Rochford Hundred                  Jim Prentice          3&2
  Barry Elbourne      St. Cleres Hall     2 UP         Alan Oldaker                          Simon Chapman      19th
  Kevin Nason         Crondon Park                                                                                          Mark Hepworth   6&5
  David Bratley       Epping              5&4
   John Lewins        Five Lakes                      Adam Harper                               Bob Ambler
  Mark Crawley        Bentley             7&6        Simon Chapman            W/O
   Alan Merrington    Epping
  Jamie Ounan         Wanstead
 James McCayna        Bentley             5&4        Robert Turner            3&2
    Jim Cooper        Toot Hill           4&3         Jamie Hughes                          Anthony Wilkin       W/O
  Gerry Gleeson       Chelmsford
 Robert Hubbard       Boyce Hill                                                                                             Pat Shannon
Andrew Baker          Crondon Park        4&3           Jeff Ball             2&1              Perry Morgan
  Vince McAuley       Frinton                         Chris Southgate
 Steven Singleton     Clacton-on-sea      2&1
   Gary Bromage       Boyce Hill
   Mike Beard         Chelmsford          4&3              Jim Cooper
  Ryan Bromage        Boyce Hill                   Anthony Wilkin             1 UP             Paul King        2&1
 Justin Richards      Ilford              2 UP                                                                            Daniel Vaughan    2 UP
   Tom Baker          North Weald
   Ivan Lambert       Braintree           3&2          Rob Tomlin             4&3               Jeff Ball
  Nigel Popper        Five Lakes                     James McCayna
 Martin Mahoney       Orsett              9&8
Bernard Tucker        Langdon Hills       3&2
   Nick Rose          Epping                         Patrick O'Callaghan
   Paul Buchan        Braintree                            Ian Nicholson      3&2             David Bratley
  Adam Harper         Colchester          W/O
   Alan Riches        Five Lakes                                                                                             Lee Wootton
  Jamie Hughes        Burnham-on-Crouch   W/O          Mark Hepworth          6&5               Ian Nicholson   2 UP
Graham Stables        Three Rivers                  Andrew Baker
  Mark Hepworth     Canons Brook          3 UP
           Rounds are individually draw
                                                     Essex Match Play Championship for the
                                                  The Allan Lockwood Trophy
Round 1                LOWER HALF          Result Round 2                     Result Round 3                    Result Round 3                   Result
   Gary Francis        Clacton-on-sea      W/O
   Mark Deeming        Woodford                         Paul Crisp             5&4
 Andrew Hanby          The Warren                       Mike Beard                             Mark Hepworth    3 UP
    Bob Ambler         Thorpe Hall         2&1                                                                              Barry Graylin        19th
    Les Moth           Thorpe Hall         2 UP
   Mark Stevens        The Warren                           Les Moth                          Robert Turner
  Chris Southgate      Five Lakes          1 UP         Paul King              1 UP
 Steven Cohen          Langdon Hills
 Richard Collins       Bentley
   Alan Watts          Chelmsford          20th         Mark Crawley           6&4
  Simon Brierley       Chigwell                       Warren Needham                          David Hutton      2 UP
   Andy Wheeler        Top Meadow          1 UP
   John Benjamin       Thorpe Hall         I UP                                                                           Anthony Wilkin
  Peter Gare           Wanstead                        Steve Bucke              w/o             Pat McSweeney
   Rob Tomlin          Benton Hall         6&5          Alex Finigan
   Kevin Bareham       Clacton-on-sea
  Peter Andrews        Forrester Park
  Grant Cairnie        Langdon Hills       4&3           Lee Wootton           5&4
 Michael Brewer        Woodford            W/O       Bernard Tucker                           Barry Graylin     7&6
   Jake Wakelin        Benton Hall                                                                                           Paul King           4&3
    Tom Frances        Channels
Andrew Barrett         Lexden Wood         2&1       Gordon Irving             I UP            Rob Tomlin
   Tony Parrish        Rivenhall Oaks      1 UP       James Anderson
   Tony Murray         Woodford
 Patrick O'Callaghan   Benton Hall         2&1
   Gary Bishop         Frinton                       Andrew Barrett
Gordon Irving          Orsett              1 UP          Pat Shannon           6&5             John Benjamin
 Richard O'Connor      Upminster
   Colin Clayton       South Essex                                                                                         Stefan Anderson
    Tim Pearson        Boyce Hill          5&4          Andy Wheeler                         Gordon Irving      2 UP
   Gary Fleming        Langdon Hills                     Pat McSweeney         6&5
  Perry Morgan         Woolston Manor      2&1
 Darren Lee            Lords, Rayleigh
 Dennis Cornwell       Forrester Park      W/O         David Hutton            19th
Anthony Wilkin         Burnham-on-Crouch   W/O          Barry Elbourne                          Tim Pearson     3&2
  David James          Rivenhall Oaks                                                                                     Richard McKenna
  David Hutton         Theydon Bois        6&5
  Adam Stringer        Clacton                      Richard McKenna            2&1             Andy Hobbs
Terence Crowley        Belhus Park         2&1         Barrie Minns
 Trevor Collins        Rochford Hundred
 Robert Bannister      St. Cleres Hall     3&2
 Richard Shorer        North Weald                       Bob Ambler            3&2
   Nick Gates          Theydon Bois                  Michael Brewer                             Ivan Lambert
 Simon Chapman         Colne Valley        4&2
Dominic Adams          Lords, Rayleigh                                                                                           Ian Nicholson   6&5
  Daniel Vaughan       St. Cleres Hall     20th        Justin Richards                        Stefan Anderson   3&2
   Alan Oldaker        Colne Valley        W/O         Andy Hobbs              1 UP
 Michael Farr          Lexden Wood
 Michael Blakebrough   Romford
  Barrie Minns         Colchester          3&2           Neil Stewart          3&2
    Lee Wootton        West Essex          3&1        Steven Singleton                          Alan Watts
    Paul Holloway      Colne Valley                                                                                        David Hutton          19th
Warren Needham         Top Meadow          2&1
 Robert Maskrey        Burnham-on-Crouch               Barry Graylin           6&4             Gary Francis     4&3
    Pat Shannon        Epping              W/O       Duncan Wood
    Tom Smith          Colne Valley
 Robert Turner         Stock Brook         1 up
   Andy Wilson         Epping                         Stefan Anderson          4&2
   Paul Crisp          Channels                        Martin Mahoney                         Daniel Vaughan    1 UP
   Andy Hobbs          Clacton-on-sea                                                                                        Gary Francis
    Bye                                               Daniel Vaughan           3&2              Paul Crisp
Richard McKenna        Chingford                       David Humphrey            0

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