kpi management by amir33


The situation
Markets are becoming more and more global-         The user-friendly management tool allows to:
ised and competitive. Companies need to            • manage several Balanced Scorecards,
react: cost-cutting measures and process
                                                   • define individual perspectives,
improvements are suitable means. Managers
need to steer their businesses in a highly pro-    • implement your process landscape,
active and target-oriented manner.                 • define and control your KPIs,
                                                   • generate automatic graphical reports,
                                                   • import Excel™ data,
                                                   • export powerful PDF reports and
                                                   • work in stand-alone or in network mode.

The objective
Having a permanent view on business per-
formance is pre-requisite for fast and efficient
decision making. A central Cockpit delivering
up-to-date performance indicators supports
                                                                               Analysis options

Our application                                    Our offer
KPI Management is your Cockpit to navigate         CIMPA offers you to analyse, evaluate, im-
your organisation to success, neither you lead     plement and optimise your performance met-
a cost centre nor a whole company. Based on        rics based on our powerful KPI Management
your organisation’s processes landscape, KPI       tool. Initially, we focus on your most challeng-
Management views your business perform-            ing issues and gradually involve other areas.
ance from different perspectives, managed by       Test us on a first approach and achieve results
clearly defined Key Performance Indicators.        in a few weeks.

                                                    Your benefit

                                                    • Cockpit of your performance status
                                                    • multi-dimensional view on your business
                                                    • solid and efficient decisions

                                                   For more information please contact:
       Process landscape & analysis option

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