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					                       Adrian Marsh School of Dance
                                                                  Issue 7                  September 2009

                         Live Jive                                Tel: 01908 543314   Mob: 079-069-88880
   Rock & Roll                     Band Nights     Licensed Bar
                 Pay on the door       Resident Dj
        NOTE ….Important date change
18th July “Honey B & The Kings of Sting” For our rock & roll gigs & Ballroom big
                                                                    band nights
  17  th October (was the 3rd Oct but moved to 17th Oct)
                                                         Cottesloe School Assembly Hall
   “Big Boy Bloater & His South Side                                      Off Aylesbury Road, Church Street, Wing,
                                                                              Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 0NY
              Stompers”                                                 Directions: just off the main Aylesbury road
          Missed them in January catch them this time                   (A418) not the main roundabout entrance but
                                                                                        the old entrance.
        5th December “The Atlantics”                                      Enter Wing village from Leighton Buzzard.
  Cottesloe School Assembly Hall, Doors Open at 7:00pm                 Follow the main road around the two sharp left
                                                                       & right hand bends. Take the next right turn by
        Pay on the door         Guest Dj                                 the village sign, then first left into the school
 Licensed Bar, 50’s Rockin’ Video Wall
Large Dance Floor, Large Onsite Carpark                                          Line Dances
                                                                                   Sat 12th September
 Christmas Dance                                                                Bring your own Drinks & Snacks
                                                                                     Doors open at 7.30pm
 Sat   13th   Dec Cottesloe School                                                      pay on the door
       with   Professional Cabaret                                          Absolute Beginner to Intermediate
                                                                            Blast from the past to present day!
                   Strictly Tickets Only

                                                                             Cottesloe School Assembly Hall
                                                                                   Doors Open 7:00pm
                                                                             Licensed Bar       Smart Dress
                                                                              Tickets on Sale Mon 21st Sept
   Adrian Marsh School of dance proudly presents an evening of Ballroom                       & Latin dancing
                with live music from the      “Mainline Big Band”
       on Sat   14th November                                 they are a   17 Piece Swing Band
                Playing strict tempo dance music       Plus, a 10 dance demonstration
         Having a Party?                                           Keep upto date with classes, events, socials, pictures
                      Need a DJ?                                      Visit:
 We can be your dj for the night & we can add a little             We’re also on Facebook…Join our Group- Friends of
more entertainment by teaching during the night. And              Adrian Marsh School of Dance. Upload, chat and keep
                                                                                       up to date!
       we can supply an outside licensed bar.
Have a date in mind and then…Just ask adrian or I for more info   send Ade & I your pictures, videos and contact details
                Adrian Marsh School of Dance
                          Prices:                                              Dance Survival Kit
    Multi class savers “on the same evening”                             Remember to bring these key items with to class!!
    One Class £5.50 Two Classes £8 or three                      1. Towel, Money for a drink & Spare/Change of Polo
    £11.00, All morning line dancing £5.00                          Shirt
                                                                 2. Deodorant and/or antiperspirant
           Important Dates                                       3. Personal first aid kit
  Close For Summer Break from Mon                                4. Never walk across the dance floor, always around
                  17th August.                                   “Dancing is a close contact and very personal sport so
  Classes start again for NEW Winter Term                              we all need to be considerate of others.”
               Mon 7th Sept ‘09
    All pupils who started as Absolute Beginners in                       French Alps!                         Polo shirts Price:
   January will now class themselves as Improvers!
  The new improver classes you see on the timetable                   Dance & Adventure                                  £15
     will start at the level from where you left it in            Thurs 13th Aug till Mon 17th Aug              Polo shirts are on sale
           August. Don’t panic you’ll be fine!                                                                   available in Black or
                                                                        Record hop in the evenings
    All Friday dance classes (that’s wing line                              Pick up a Flyer!
                                                                                                               Yellow! Order forms are
   dancers & Woburn Ballroom Dancers) will start back on                                                       available online or from
   the 18th September. Our close friends Deb &                    Visit the breathtaking views & drops!               your class.
          Paul are getting married on Fri   11th   Sept.         We had a “fantasticable” time last year!!
   Wednesday Wing Evening Class will be
   moving to Cottesloe School Hall on Wed
                                                                    Ballroom Improvers/Intermediates!
                                                                     Notice for Woburn Sands & Yardley Gobion current
  16th Sept just one night while the wing players put on their
                          production                                               improver Ballroom dancers.
                                                                 If you would like to continue dancing at the level you are currently,
  No Kempston Monday morning class on
                                                                    then the best class would be Wednesday 8:15pm Wing Village
                Mon 19th Oct                                               Hall. If you are still unsure please please ask….
   No Kempston Tuesday Evening dance
             class Tues 1st Dec
  We close for Christmas on Mon 21st Dec.
  Open for Start of NEW Spring Term Mon
             4th January 2010!                                      Wednesday 12th August at 7:15pm til
                                                                        10:15pm Wing Village Hall
   Notice – Wing & Heath Jivers                                       & Sat 15th August at 2:15pm til
If you have been learning to Jive at either Wing
   Village Hall or Heath & Reach in the New Sept
                                                                         5:15pm Wing Village Hall
 Winter term you will be an Improver! So if you would              The workshops are open to all current pupils. We will be
 like to continue dancing at the level you are currently,              teaching Ballroom Jive, Samba & Paso Doble.
  then the best class will be Thursday 8:15pm Heath &                    If you are interested please book your place
Notice – Kempston 8:30pm Jivers                                     Wanted……Ladies!!Come along to the NEW
 The above applies in a similar sense to you too. Your                   absolute beginner class and Learn to Lead!
 best class will be Kemspton Hammers Tues 9:30pm                  Plus, we need more women we have too many men in some of
     If anyone is still unsure please please ask….                our classes!!! “Dance the whole night once you’ve learnt to lead!”

Your local R‘n’R club Gig Guide
          Sat 25th July – “Jukebox Jive”                                   RBL Bedrock
                                                                               Every Last Saturday of the Month at:
         Sat 29th August – “Jive Street”                                        Royal British Legion Club,Thrift Road,
                                                                                      Heath & Reach, LU7 0AX
      Sat 26th September – “Meanstreak”                                                tel Steve: 01525 237923
     Sat 31st October – “Rockin’ The Joint”                                              Doors Open 7:15pm

        Sat 28th November – “Blast off”                                          Dj Andy 'The Tartan Ted’

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