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					                                                                 Salary packaging means using some of your pre-tax salary to pay for
           I nve s t m e n t L o a n                             benefits offered by your employer such as a car, laptop computer
                                                                 or extra superannuation contributions. It's an arrangement with
                             I n t e re s t                      your employer, where you agree to sacrifice part of your future salary
                                                                 to pay for these benefits instead of receiving gross salary. This means
                                                                 you will pay less income tax - one of the many advantages to salary
                                                                 packaging with Paradigm.

     .    Reduction in income tax on salary;                     What you need to know...

     .    Increase net salary;                                   The interest payable on an investment loan can be paid using pre-tax salary and is not
                                                                 subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST). The only requirement is that the investment
                                                                 loan must be under your name and not in the name of a family member. Where the
     .    Potential tax benefits.                                investment loan is in joint names, e.g husband and wife, the interest packaged is in
                                                                 proportion to the share of the loan itself.

                                                                 Interest on an investment loan is deemed as an ‘otherwise deductible’ deduction by the
                                                                 Australian Taxation Office (ATO). By salary packaging this benefit you will receive tax
                                                                 savings each pay period rather than waiting for the tax return at the end of the financial

                                                                 The ATO requires a signed declaration to proceed with this benefit.

                                                                 What to do next...
                                                                 Existing members:
                                                                 Step 1. Complete the section below and a declaration form (overleaf), or call Paradigm
                                                                          to begin packaging this benefit.
                                                                 Step 2. Return this section along with a copy of your investment statement and a
                                                                          completed declaration form.

                                                                    I,________________________ confirm my intention to start salary packaging
                                                                    please contact me on ____________________.

                                                                    Paradigm account number: 0000.00000
                                                                    Deduction amount: $_______________ First payment due date:____________

                                                                    BSB 000:000                         Account number             000000000
                                                                    Payment frequency: o Monthly             oFor tnightly         oOther
                                                                    Signature:__________________________Date: __________________________

                                                                 New members:
                                                                 Step 1. Complete and return the section below, or call Paradigm to begin salary
                                                                 Step 2. Paradigm will contact you to establish your account and send the Salary
                                                                         Packaging Policy and Membership Agreement form (if required).
                                                                 Step 3. Complete and sign the agreement.
                                                                 Step 4. Return for processing along with a copy of:
                                                                         . Investment loan statement; and
                                                                         . Signed declaration form overleaf.

     Please note: No payment can be made by Paradigm
     if there are insufficient funds in your account at             I,________________________ confirm my intention to start salary packaging
     the specified payment date.
                                                                    please contact me on ____________________.

                                                                 Please return this document in its entirety along with appropriate documents to the
                                                                 contact details provided below.

Paradigm Head office                                 Phone       1300 132 532
L eve l 1 5 , 1 4 0 S t G e o r g e s Te r r a c e   Fax         1300 737 285
Pe r t h WA 6 0 0 0
                                                     w w w. p a r a d i g m t s m . c o m . a u
P O B ox 5 6 3 9                           
Pe r t h WA 6 8 3 1

                                                     The information contained in this document has been prepared for general information purposes only. Paradigm recommends
B e n e fi t B 3 1 ( 1 1 - 0 7 )                     you seek qualified financial advice before acting on any of the information contained in this document.
                      Payment/Reimbursement Claim form
                              Return to Paradigm Reimbursements
                                                        Post - PO Box 5639
                                                               Perth WA 6831
                                                        Fax - 1300 737 285
                                            Email -
If you are uncertain about what items can be claimed, please contact Paradigm Member Services 1300 132 532 prior to submitting
your claim form.                                    Important information
Please sign and date this form. Incomplete claim forms will be returned to you. Please allow approximately 3 working days
upon Paradigm’s receipt of your claim form to be processed. Claim forms received after 4pm WST will be deemed received
on the following business day.

Paradigm Account Number: 0000. 00000                                  Home contact number:____________________________

First name: ______________________________                            Work contact number:____________________________

Surname: ________________________________                             Mobile number:_________________________________

Employer: _______________________________                             Email:_________________________________________

Please check ONE box only. You can only claim one benefit on this form. If you wish to claim for additional benefits please
complete a separate reimbursement claim form. Claims made for multiple benefits will not be processed.
o      Meal entertainment                                                          o       Mortgage or rent repayments
o      Investment loan interest                                                    o       Novated lease expense
o      Living expenses (tax invoices and/or credit card statements are acceptable)
o      Other - please specify____________________________________________________________________________

3.        o        REIMBURSEMENT DETAILS (Paradigm to reimburse this benefit to my reimbursment account)
I have previously provided my reimbursement account details to Paradigm:
o        Yes       o       No      If no, please provide your reimbursement account details below.
o        I wish to change my reimbursement account details, details below.

BSB:   000: 000                 Account number:        000000000

E.g. Mortgage, rental payments, car expenses, insurances and living expenses.
o         Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)                                    o         Cheque (Please allow 10 working days for payment to
Supplier name: ______________________________                                your supplier)
Reference:_________________________________                                  Payee name: ______________________________________
Bank name:_________________________________                                  Reference:_________________________________________
BSB:000: 000                                                                 Payee address:______________________________________
                                                                             State: __________________Postcode: _________________
Account number:000000000

Please read and sign the declaration below:
I hereby declare that the attached tax invoices/receipts are for eligible expenses specified under the Schedule of Benefits. These expenses
have not been claimed elsewhere. To substantiate my claim, I have attached the appropriate tax invoices and receipts to this form. I declare
that these expenses were provided to me on behalf of my employer and were 100% attributable to my assessable income where applicable. I
understand that full payment cannot be made by Paradigm if there are insufficient funds in my account at the specified payment date.

Please enter the TOTAL value of the receipts attached to this claim relating to the benefit above $__________________amount
                                                                                                        (including GST)
o         Yes, I have supplied the appropriate tax invoice/s and receipt/s for this claim, please pay/reimburse accordingly.

Signature:_______________________________________________ Date:_____________________________________________

Form 6 (05-08)
                   Investment Loan Interest Declaration
                             Please complete this form and send it to Paradigm
                                      Post - PO Box 5639 Perth WA 6831
                                              Fax - 1300 737 285
                                 Email -
Please complete and sign this form in order for this expense payment to be made. Without this declaration
you will be liable for the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) on the amount Paradigm pays toward this benefit. Should
you require any additional information please contact Paradigm on 1300 132 532.

I, ______________________________________________________________ declare that
                    (Full name of the employee)
Investment Loan Interest was provided to me by or on behalf of my employer

                     (Employer name)
during the period from 1st April to 31st March and the expense was incurred by me for the following

(Please provide information to demonstrate that the expenses were incurred in earning assessable income).

I declare that the percentage of those expenses incurred in earning my assessable income was 100% (if this
is not 100%, FBT will be charged). I also declare that the payments made on my behalf for the Investment
Loan Interest complies with the relevant rules as defined below and I will inform Paradigm if these payments
no longer meet the specific requirements.

Investment loan interest requirements:
The loan agreement must be wholly or jointly in the employee’s name.
If the loan is in joint names, the packaged interest amount can only be of a portion equal to the share of
the loan for the employee.

I understand that this declaration is to apply to the above stated benefit and to any identical benefit for a
period of five years from the date of this declaration or until the stated percentage incurred in earning my
assessable income decreases by more than 10 percentage points. This declaration will also be revoked if
another recurring expense payment fringe benefit declaration is provided in respect of a subsequent identical


Signature:__________________________________ Date:________________________________________

Form B31 (11-07)

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