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word games (issue 5)

quick crossword
                                                1   Relating to an empire (8)

1       2      3      4

                                                5   Refined quality of style (8)
                                                6   Ancient Greek region (8)
5                                      down     7   B-side (of a vinyl record) (4,4)

6                                               1   Recognise (8)
                                                2   Past tense (8)
                                                3   Revise assessment (8)
7                                               4   Honour (8)

word juggle
Re-arrange the letters of the following five words to form another English word, then use the circled
letters to form the answer.

TORSK                                 BEMAS                                  WHEAL

ABORAD                                          CARESS

What happened to the speeding librarian?:
    SHE WAS                                                   ”

mystery writer
Guess the identity of the mystery writer. 6 points for a correct guess on the first clue. Lose a point for
every clue needed after that.

6 points:     I was born in Prague, 3rd July 1883. I died on 3rd June 1924.
5 points:     I am considered a literary master and my works have been translated into many
              languages from my native German.
4 points:     I ordered my friend and literary executor to destroy all my works upon my death,
              however, my partner secretly kept many of them. The Nazis confiscated the remaining
              works and many are still missing today.
3 points:     My writings have been labeled Freudian, anarchistic, modernist and magical realist.
2 points:     Possibly my most famous work is The Trial. This was adapted by Orson Welles in 1962,
              for the screen.
1 point:      My initials are F. K.
words within a word
How many 3+ letter words can you make from the word below? Proper nouns, acronyms and foreign
words (not found in an English dictionary) are not allowed.

EARMARKED                                       60+ lexical guru          51-59 great      41-50 well done        31-40 good

two and six                                                             music mystery
Change one letter (only) of the first word to                           Who is the artist, and what is the song that
create another English word on the next line.                           includes the words below. The year the song
Continue until you have created the last word.                          was realeased, by this artist, is given as a
Each letter can be changed once only.                                   clue.

                                                                        1967          You’re always window shopping
                                                                                      But never stopping to buy


solutions from last issue
 T   E   A   R   A W A   Y    ace      clad      idle       lied      cat
 R       R       P   R        cite     ice       lid        cacti     die
                              elicit   lice      aid        dice      lad
 U   N   D   E   R A G   E    lei      acidic    deli       laced     talc
 T       E       E   U        tic      dace      italic     lit       edict
 H   U   N   T   S M A   N    aced     icicle    lie        cad       laic
 F       T       S   B        cited    licit     ail        dicta     ceil
                              let      act       delict     lactic    eld
 U   N   L   I   K E L   Y    acetic   dal       lac        tad       led
 L       Y       I   E
TORSO CAUSE YANKS            WASHER    HEROES             Artist:    Carly Simon                          BAKES
“WHO ARE YOU?”                                            Title:     You’re So Vain                       CAKES
I am J. K. Rowling                                                                                        CONES
Thanks to Wikipedia:                                                                                      CONKS

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