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					Time Management

CYDT will learn:

-Using the FirstClass Calendar feature
-Time management skills
-Project deadlines

You have all been chosen to be a part of this project
because I think you will represent the youth of Huron
County well. It is up to you to make sure that the
information we present on the site is relevant, up to date,
and easy for youth to read and understand- now don’t get
all stressed out… like you need anymore of that in your
lives! You will have help in this project… we will be
looking for lots of volunteers to lighten the work load for
you… and this way we’ll be sure to have many different
points of view on the site.

So… like the job description said, this is probably a job
like you’ve never had before. This position won’t have
regular work hours… there will be some times that you will
need to be online, and some workshops that you will have to
attend, but you will decide when you work the other hours.
It can be hard to stay focused and remember to work those
hours on your own, especially when your buddies want to
hang out after school. Before going any farther, please
check out this article on the web called the Pickle-Jar
Theory at: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/pickle/ this
will be the time management theory we use for the SPARK
project… some of you have maybe heard of this before.

Using the FirstClass Calendar Feature
To keep track of the hours I work, because my schedule
isn’t “ordinary” either… I post the hours that I work on my
FirstClass calendar. That way I know that I’m putting in
the hours I’m supposed to be. While you are working on
SPARK I’d ask that you also keep track of the hours you
work on your FirstClass calendar… so you can keep track
(and make sure you aren’t spending too much time on your
SPARK work) and so I can check and make sure that you are
meeting your requirements of the part time job.
So that being said, lets make sure everyone has a calendar
on their desktop… do you?

If not, we’ll make one for you… go to FILE> NEW> New
Calendar and you’ll see a Calendar show up on your desktop…
double click on it and you’ll see that you can change the
view properties, to see the whole month or just a week at a
time… if you want to add something to your calendar, just
double click on today and a box will pop up that you can
write in what it is that you are doing, you can colour code
it, so every time you see pink, you’ll know it’s a staff
meeting… or whatever. You can even send yourself an email
reminder that this is event is happening.

So next thing we need to do is to give me access to your
calendar… I will add to the calendar’s when we have staff
meetings, but you will be in charge of remembering about
homework and weekly tasks and keeping track of your hours…

so back to me- lol- right click on the calendar icon when
its closed, and go to permissions… then at the bottom of
the screen, you will see a box for list of subscribers…
type my name in there… Erica Horbanuik above that type my
name again in the Who box… then change Access to: Custom
and then click on the greyed picture of piece of paper and
the pencil- let me know when you’ve done that… and I’ll
make sure I can add things to your calendar… I’ve also
given you access to my calendar, so you can see where I’m
at, in case you are trying to get a hold of me.

Back to the craziness of our jobs… since you don’t have a
traditional “office”… your office can be at home, in the
lab at school (after hours and lunch/spares, of course),
public library… really anywhere that you are able to work
(so not at your buddies house while everyone else is
playing video games!) we’ll be having a lot of
“untraditional” methods of getting things done…

-The first being these online staff meetings (which I’ll
put on your calendar as OSM), which is a lot like using MSN

-Email or phone for questions and things… really anything
you don’t get… email or call me and I’ll explain

-using blogs for a place that I’ll post “lessons” for lack
of a better word about things like design, use of colour,
web tricks, how to write for the online world…
(I’ll email you this info… phone numbers, URL to blog… so
you’ve got them on file)
I think this is going to be a really cool way to work, but
if you think that something isn’t working… let me know
asap, so we can find another way to do it…

Time Management
So you’ve got a crazy hectic life already… and now you’ve
added to that insanity by taking on a part time job. With
regular part time jobs, your boss would give you a schedule
every week when you are expected to be at work. Sometimes
you might have some flexibility, like if you are scheduled
to work on Wednesday night, but have a basketball game that
night, then maybe you can switch shifts with someone. Well,
as a member of the Core Youth Development Team (or CYDT for
short), the name of the game is flexibility! As mentioned
earlier, there may be some training opportunities that are
absolutely non-negotiable… must be there… but for the most
part, you get to plan your work week. Wow, that’s a lot of
power! A good idea when setting your own schedule is to do
it a week in advance. So on Sundays, take a look at the
blog and your email to see if there are any instructions
from me about what is going on this week, sit down with the
rest of the stuff you’ve got on that week and see where you
can devote 10 hours to the SPARK website… and then stick to
it! If you just wait until later in the week to “find the
time” to do your work, chances are you won’t and then
you’ll find that you are giving up your whole Saturday
because you’ve got 10 hours of work to do and only one day
left to do it in.

Project Deadlines
You will have personal deadlines that you will have to meet
each week. These will be discussed with you during Online
Staff Meetings, through emails, over the phone, or through

There will also be longer deadlines set for individuals on
the CYDT as well as for the CYDT as a whole. To keep track
of these short term and long term deadlines, we will be
using an open source program called “voo2do” which will
give us the ability to track the progress on our deadlines
and remember who is doing what! You can log into this
software at www.voo2do.com, using the
Email: XXXXXXXX and Password: XXXXXXXX
It will be here that we’ll post deadlines, smaller tasks,
special notes to remember that might go with the deadlines,
etc. Any of us can add to this list and also check it off
when we have accomplished it. The SPARK project is
definitely a huge one, so hopefully this little tool will
be a big help to us in organizing it.

Overall, time management is a big task. It is a lot of
responsibility to work independently, but remember, you
were each chosen for a reason. If you feel like you have
too much on the go and you need some help scheduling in
your time, please let me know and we can go through your
schedule together. Don’t worry, it might seem overwhelming
now, but it will get easier with experience.

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