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									Provincial Examinations                                   If you qualify for a Provincial Scholarship, you
                                                         will receive a scholarship voucher for either
Students enrolled in Grade 12 courses will be            $1000 or $2000 in the mail in August. You have
required to write some Provincial Examinations.          five years from September 30th of your
These exams will constitute 40% of the student’s         graduating year to redeem your voucher at a
final mark in the course. Exams are based on the         recognized post secondary institution or at an
Provincial Curriculum and will be written in the         approved apprenticeship program.
following courses at Kitsilano Secondary
School:                                                  Note: You may not win both a Provincial
                                                         Scholarship and a District Scholarship.
English 12, Communications 12, English
Literature 12, French 12, Spanish 12, Geography          Passport To Education
12, History 12, Physics 12, Math 12, Biology 12,
Chemistry 12, Français – Langue 12, Français 12          Here is how the program works:
(Francophone)                                             At the end of every school year, the top 30%
                                                             in each Grade receive a stamp (based on a
Under the new graduation requirements, Grade                 student’s best 5 marks) for their Passport.
10 students will be required to write provincial          Stamps are awarded for academic
exams. These exams will constitute 20% of the                performance.
student’s final mark in the course. Exams are             The official record is on file with the school.
based on the provincial curriculum and will be
written in the following courses:                        Value of Passport Credits
                                                         Grade 9          $125
Science 10, English 10, Mathematics 10 or                Grade 10         $175
Essentials of Mathematics 10 or Applications of          Grade 11         $225
Mathematics 10                                           Grade 12         $275

Provincial Scholarship Program                           Maximum           $800

Each year, the Ministry of Education, Skills and         District Scholarship Program
Training awards Provincial Scholarships worth
$1000 to students who demonstrate academic               District Scholarships are awarded to graduating
excellence on their Provincial Exams. To be              students who have excelled in fields of study
eligible for a Provincial Scholarship, you must:         other than academic. The local District
                                                         Scholarship Committee determines requirements.
1.   Be enrolled in a British Columbia public            To be eligible for a District Scholarship, you
     school, Distance Education school or Group          must:
     1, 2 or 4 Independent school.
2.   Be a Canadian citizen or Landed Immigrant           1.   Be enrolled in a British Columbia public
     at the time of writing your exams.                       school, Distance Education school or Group
3.   Pass English 12 or Français – Langue 12                  1, 2 or 4 Independent school.
4.   Fulfill graduation requirements.
                                                         2.   Be a Canadian citizen or Landed Immigrant
To qualify for a Provincial Scholarship, you                  at the time of writing your exams.
must write at least three Provincial Exams (not
including Communications 12). On your best               3.   Pass English 12 or Français – Langue 12
three exams, you must receive a Standard
Ministry Score (SMS) of at least 475, with a total       4.   Fulfill graduation requirements.
SMS of at least 1700.
                                                         Students who are awarded a District Scholarship
The twenty students in the Province with the             receive a $500 award and a $500 scholarship
highest total SMS will receive awards of $2000.          voucher redeemable at a recognized post
In addition, students who achieve an SMS of 800          secondary institution or at an approved
on each of three exams will also be awarded an           apprenticeship program.
academic medal of excellence.

Honour Roll                                               Challenge procedure, but, where applicable,
An Honour Roll is printed for the second, third           must also write the provincial exam during a
and fourth reports listing the students who obtain        regular scheduled examination session.
an average of 77.000% or higher.                          See your counsellor for a list of courses available
Most courses count for Honour Roll. Students              for Challenge in the next school year.
must be enrolled in at least six courses in order         (Authorized courses at the Grades 10, 11, or 12
to qualify for the Honour Roll. An “I” or an “F”          level can be challenged). Students may not
in any course disqualifies a student from making          challenge a course in which they are enrolled.
the Honour Roll.                                          Students may not challenge a course to upgrade
                                                          a mark.
Principal’s List
The Principal’s List recognizes those students            Apprenticeship Program
who have outstanding achievement in all the
subjects in which they are enrolled. In order to                                     What is the Secondary
qualify, they must have an average of 90.000%                                        School Apprenticeship
or higher..                                                                          Program? The
                                                                                     Program offers Grade
Course Challenge                                                                     10 to 12 students an
The purpose of Challenge is to acknowledge                opportunity to begin an apprenticeship while
learning which students have done in other                completing Secondary School. More than just
settings and which corresponds to the learning            classroom learning, Secondary School
outcomes in the provincial curriculum. A                  Apprenticeship depends on employers to provide
successful Challenge results in a student                 youth with real on-the-job training in their
receiving credit for the appropriate content and a        chosen field.
mark that is recorded on the student’s graduating         A number of Kitsilano students have either
transcript. Challenge is intended to acknowledge          successful completely the Secondary School
student learning so that students don’t have to           portion of the Apprenticeship Program and have
participate in courses that would be repetitive for       received scholarships upon graduation, or are
them. The Challenge process is intended to                currently completing the Program, in Trades
respond to unique needs in exceptional                    such as Electrician, Landscape Horticulture,
circumstances, not to replace the valuable                Chef.
experience of learning in a classroom setting.            Registration and placement in this Program in
Student should be able to show their readiness to         depends upon students:
challenge a course by demonstrating.                       Completing a registration package
 Exceptional ability related to the course.               Committing to a specific trade or occupation
 Knowledge, understanding, and skills                     Approval of the District Screening
     equivalent to the prescribed learning                     Committees
     outcomes for the course.                              Locating an employer, either on their own or
 Evidence in a parent-approved Student                        with District assistance
     Learning Plan that utilizing the Challenge            Being paid for work by the employer
     option is in the student’s best interest.             Being granted 16 graduation credits for 480
Note: Students intending to challenge a course                 hours of apprenticeship training before
should speak to their counselor as soon as                     graduation
possible. Deadlines apply.                                 Being eligible for a scholarship to assist in
                                                               the technical training component
Limitations                                               This is a unique opportunity to begin post-
Students must currently be enrolled in a public           secondary education while completing secondary
school in the district, or register with a public         school graduation requirements. This program is
school for home schooling. Adults not currently           available to students who are 15 years of age or
enrolled in school may also challenge courses             older. Information and registration packages are
provided they satisfy all other requirements.             available in the Kitsilano Career Centre, and
Student in Independent Schools must be                    general information about apprenticeship in B.C.
registered through their home school.                     is available through the Industry Training &
Students challenging a provincially examinable            Apprenticeship Commission Web Site:
course at the Grade 12 level will be awarded the
school portion of their mark on the basis of the


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