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									                                       AAT Applications I Instructor


This is an open-book test. You may refer to reference materials. Read carefully: Some
questions have only one correct answer; others have more than one.

1. How often do Pet Partners® teams need to renew their credentials? (Please circle one
   correct answer.)
   a. Every year
   b. Every two years
   c. Every five years
   d. Never – it is a one-time credential

2. In the Pet Partners Skills and Aptitude Test, which of the following are acceptable
   responses from an animal? (Please mark all correct responses.)
   _____ Wait at the handler’s side when a stranger approaches.
   _____ Approach a stranger (preceding the handler) during a visit.
   _____ Accept clumsy petting.
   _____ Hide behind handler when people are arguing.
   _____ Pee on the floor or on another object
   _____ Sit or lie down on cue

3. Which of the following are Calming Signals or signs of stress? (Please mark all
   correct responses.)
   _____ Lip licking
   _____ Shedding
   _____ Walking in an arc
   _____ Drooling
   _____ Sniffing the ground
   _____ Dilated pupils
   _____ Piloerection

4. What do you do if you notice clusters of Calming Signals or signs of stress? (Please
   mark all correct responses.)
   _____ Give the animal a break
   _____ Keep the animal working, just move to a different area or see a different
   _____ Allow the animal to go home
   _____ Give the animal a vacation
   _____ Give the animal to a different Pet Partner handler for the duration of the
5. Which are the primary steps involved in setting up an AAA/T program? (Please mark
   all correct responses.)
   _____ Do a site assessment
   _____ Bring in an unknown animal from the shelter to visit with patients to see if
             patients like the idea
   _____ Write policies and procedures
   _____ Provide staff training
   _____ Have a party

6. What are the primary components that are essential to be included in policies and
   procedures? (Please mark all that apply.)
   _____ Infection control procedures
   _____ Unusual incident procedures
   _____ Qualifications for teams to participate in the program
   _____ Volunteer recognition plan
   _____ Facility staff responsibilities to the Pet Partners team
   _____ Areas that are off limits to animals

7. True or False (Circle one.)
   The following is the definition of animal-assisted therapy (AAT):
   “AAT provides opportunities for motivational, educational, and/or recreational
   benefits to enhance quality of life. AAT is delivered in a variety of environments by
   a specially trained professional, paraprofessional, and/or volunteer in association with
   animals that meet specific criteria.”

8. True or False (Circle one.)
   The following is the legal definition of a therapy animal: “Any animal that is
   individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a

9. True or False (Circle one.)
   Effective and legal documentation about AAT treatment must emphasize information
   about the role the animal played in the treatment.

10. True or False (Circle one.)
    Healthcare professionals who are Pet Partners and who work with their animal during
    their paid work time are covered by the Pet Partners liability insurance.

11. If direct contact with an animal is contraindicated for a client, what are some other
    animal- or nature-related activities in which the client can participate? (Please mark
    all correct responses.)
    _____ Watching fish in an aquarium                 _____ Visiting a petting zoo
    _____ Watching outdoor birds at feeders            _____ Pony rides
    _____ Watching butterflies in a garden             _____ Planting plants in a garden
    _____ Watching fish in an outdoor pond             _____ Feeding or watering plants
12. What components are emphasized by Standards of Practice to describe the qualities
    which make a team appropriate for AAA/T? (Please mark all correct answers.)
    _____ Solicits attention
    _____ Reliable
    _____ Friendly
    _____ Predictable
    _____ Take-charge, exceptionally confident personality
    _____ Controllable
    _____ Suitable to the task
    _____ Inspires confidence

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