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      Network Marketing Downline - How To Make Your Network Marketing Downline Grow Like
                                                            By Marius Ystenes

   It is one simple reason for you reading this and that is that you want to grow a huge network
marketing downline. Well, you're in luck because that is exactly what you will learn all about in this

Since you are someone who are actually reading this article right now, I am going to assume that you
have realized that the internet is a great tool when it comes to finding new leads for your network
marketing downline.

Chances are really good as well though, that you are not marketing your business in a very effective
way on the internet, because of the simple fact that 97% of all distributors are doing it dead wrong.

My aim here right now is to take your arm and pull you up into the top 3% of the top producers that
have learned how to use online marketing techniques efficiently to grow a massive network marketing

You see, there are only 2 basic principles you need to implement in your business for you to be
successful in the online marketing world:

1.You will have to learned the skills on how to market YOURSELF instead of your business

2.You need to involve yourself with a good marketing system to use in conjunction with your primary

That’s really all there is to it.

You now have more knowledge than 97% of network marketers when we are talking about growing a
successful business; both offline and online, but these principles are extremely visible online.

You see, the majority distributors who are trying to develop a huge network marketing downline on the
internet are simply pitching their product line, business opportunity, payplan or anylike in that area
everywhere they are able to and they hope that some people will swallow the bait and join them out of

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What you must do is to separate yourself from everyone else out there though, by learning how to
market YOURSELF around who you are as a person FIRST, in good time before you start mentioning
anything that has to do with your opportunity.

In network marketing, people join people, they do not join products or compensation plans.

The best way to accomplish this is through an online network marketing system which brands YOU as
a leader in the market place others would feel like team up under.

And her I am not talking about a replicated website your business opportunity has given you, but I'm
talking about a generic internet network marketing system you need to use in combination with your
main opportunity.

When you do this the right way, you will be able to build a gigantic network marketing downline faster
than you ever imagined possible.

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                         Tips For Growing Your Mlm And Network Marketing Downline
                                                              By Jason Paul

 Are you frustrated with the lack of growth in your business? Are you looking for some ways to grow
your MLM and network marketing downline faster? If so, then this brief article will give you some ideas
that you can steal and begin applying to your own business.

Growing a network marketing downline doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, it shouldn't be. The very
nature of MLM encourages growth, so why doesn't it always happen?

Actually, it's not your fault. Most of the network marketing programs out there today use very outdated
marketing methods that require way too much of new members. The key to growing your business
virally is making it as easy as possible for a brand new person to duplicate exactly what you're doing.

Stuff like cold calling, approaching people on the street, speaking publicly, and explaining complicated
pay plans are barriers which block the success of your downline. If you want to experience massive
and unstoppable growth in your downline, you must streamline the sales process and automate as
much of it as possible.

Providing your downline with a fully automated, high converting marketing process is the equivalent of
putting it on steroids. Instead of worrying about all of the stuff mentioned above, your new members
simply focus on driving targeted traffic to their landing page. After that, the system takes over.

If you're still using antiquated, outdated methods to market your MLM business, I encourage you to
simplify things for your downline by implementing automation systems. Not only will you make more
money, but you'll also enjoy your business much more as a result.

Hopefully this article has opened your eyes to a few of the reasons why your downline might not be
growing. Remember, working hard is important -- but so is working smart.

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