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									Giant Scrapbook Albums

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Giant scrapbooks are the newest way to create your scrapbook layouts.
Think outside the standard 12" x 12" pages and start dreaming big!

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A new and emerging trend in scrapbooking is the use of albums that aren’t
the standard dimensions of 12” x 12”, 8.5” x 11” or even 6” x 6”. Many
scrapbookers want to expand to larger pages so they can use larger photos
and more photos in their layouts. The major problem has been finding
albums in these non-standard dimensions to preserve these layouts.

Giant scrapbooks, by definition, are just really big scrapbooks! They
aren’t easy to find either, but there are a few companies that have them.
One company I found carries 2 giant scrapbook album sizes: 12” x 18” and
18” x 24”.   These giant art scrapbooks were originally designed to hold
the artwork that children bring home from school, but they work
wonderfully for oversized layouts!

Here are some of the things you can do with these oversized albums:
•     Use them to display the artwork your children create at school.
Standard art papers are 12” x 18” in size.
•     Create layouts with enlargements of your favorite photos like 8” x
10”, 10” x 13”, 11” x 14” that are too big for standard pages.
•     Incorporate full pages of text from newsletters, brochures and
•     Make lattice work using ribbons or paper strips in an “x” pattern
to create a memorabilia page with photos and mementos (like the popular
memorabilia boards with fabric).

Not only can you use these giant scrapbook album pages for single
layouts, you can also use some of the divided page protectors to make
multiple layouts within one page! Imagine being able to create 2 or even
4 layouts that all can fit on one side of a page! You can really start
to scrapbook “outside the box” by creating almost a puzzle of layouts
that fit together on one page.

These albums are very high quality. Like I said, they were created for
children so they are made to be durable and last! The simple covers can
easily be altered and decorated to fit your personality. Some of these
albums even come with a protective case!

So, if you’re ready to start working on some giant scrapbook pages, be
sure to check out the giant scrapbook albums! Let your pages expand!

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