In Memoriam Doan J. Hansen by tyl42823


									In Memoriam:
Doan J. Hansen
    SCAPA 2005
   New Orleans, LA
This Past March…
We were shocked and deeply saddened to
learn about the untimely loss of our
respected colleague and dear friend.

Doan suffered a heart attack and passed
away at his home on Long Island, N.Y. on
March 12th.
Doan will long be remembered for:
 His many technical accomplishments in
 Industrial Hygiene and related disciplines
 His books and other publications
 His many years of leadership and service
 to SCAPA and the American Industrial
 Hygiene Association (AIHA)
 His personal warmth and flair for life
Doan’s formative years…
 Doan grew up in Michigan
 He earned his BA in Biology (1975) from
 Albion College
 He received his Masters of Public Health
 (1981) and PhD in Industrial Health (1986)
 from the University of Michigan
 In 1986 he began his professional career
 at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL)
While Doing Great Work at BNL,
Doan also found time to serve as an…
 Assistant Professor of Industrial Hygiene at
 SUNY Stony Brook
 Assistant Professor and Director of the
 Doctoral Program in Occupational Health at
 New York University
 Associate Professor of Industrial Hygiene
 at Hunter College
Doan’s Many Accomplishments…
 Certified in the practice of Industrial
 Hygiene (CIH) by the American Board of
 Industrial Hygiene
 The first Chairman of SCAPA
 Developer of the first SCAPA website
 The past Chair of the AIHA Emergency
 Response Planning Committee
Accomplishments (cont.)…
 A member of the EPA Federal Advisory
 Committee for the development of AEGLs
 Played a key role in the development of
 Winner of numerous professional awards
 Author and editor of several Industrial
 Hygiene-related books
Accomplishments (cont)…
 Past editor of the AIHA’s annual ERPG
 A member of the CDC Working Group on
 Became an entrepreneur when he started
 his own company: Urban Health Inc.
We will long remember…
 His witty sense of humor
 His personal warmth
 His helping and caring nature
 His insightful observations
 His dedication and commitment to protect
 human health and safety
Doan is survived by:
 His mother and step-father
 His sister and her family
 Countless friends and colleagues at BNL,
 throughout the U.S., and around the
A Moment of Silence…

 Doan J. Hansen


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