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									                         The Voyage Abstract
                                                   Newsletter of the Maritime Industry Museum at Fort Schuyler

                                                                                                                   Spring 2009

    Marine Piloting Celebration
   and 6th Annual Silent Auction

          n Saturday, April 26,
          2008, the Maritime In-
          dustry Museum held
its annual fundraiser honoring
the Marine Pilot Profession, and
also Museum Director Stan Bar-
     We received many compli-
ments on the party and the
museum collection. The crowd
was a nice size and the weath-
er was perfect. We could not
have asked for a better day.
Everyone enjoyed the presen-
tation made by Capt. Andrew
McGovern on the challenges
and rewards of the Marine Pi-
loting Profession. The opening
of the museum’s Marine Pilot-
ing Exhibit was another memo-
rable highlight of a wonderful
afternoon. It certainly was a
great day for everyone involved.                  VADM John W. Craine Jr., USN (Ret.), and Stan Bartels`47
         We are deeply grate-
ful to everyone that participated in this, the sixth of our annual events designed specifically to help ensure the future of our be-
loved museum. The support of the museum serves as an inspiration to our members, Maritime College graduates, and friends.

           VADM Craine, Capt. Robert Flannery, and                                   Capt. Roland R. Parent`68
                 Capt. Andrew McGovern
                    Benefactor                                      Jerzy Glowacki`70
                                                                   Alvin Golden`Oct.46
                      SIMS Metal                                      Sheila Golden
                                                        K-Sea Transportation ~ Capt. Tom Sullivan
                      Patrons                           London Lennie’s Restaurant ~ Joan Barnes
                                                              Capt. James. J. McNamara`64
               K-Sea Transportation Corp.                             Mary Muecke
             Port Newark Container Terminal              Sandwich Ship Supply Co. ~ Don Spring
      United NY Sandy Hook Pilots Benevolent Assoc.   Schooner Mary E. ~ Capt. Eric Van Dormolen`00
                                                            Sea Star Line LLC ~ Peter Baci`69
              Corporate Donors                           South St. Seaport Museum ~ Mary Pelzer
                                                                    Capt. Art Sulzer`75
           ACTA Maritime Development Corp.
            American Hull Insurance Syndicate                        Wyland Galleries
              Association of Maryland Pilots
            Association of Massachusetts Pilots
            Bay & River Delaware Pilots Assoc.                Individual Donors
          Board of Commissioners of Pilots of NY                      John Arntzen
          Fort Schuyler Maritime Alumni Assoc.                       Peter E. Baci`64
                  Harbor Pilots of NY NJ                             Stan Bartels`47
                       Houston Pilots                            Capt. James N. Carlo`55
                 Kirby Inland Marine, LP                               Frank Duffy
                    Lancer Insurance Co.                           Capt. Tom Garrett
             Maritime Chamber of Commerce                    Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Golden`Oct.46
                        Metro Pilots                                George Goldman
                National Cargo Bureau, Inc.                           Fred Gunther
                         RLI Marine                                 John Hannon`77
                         Sealift Inc.                                Gilbert Katz`47
                 Skuld North America Inc.                          Bernard Kovitz`47
                St. Lawrence Seaway Pilots                            Dr. John Loret
                  Tampa Bay Pilots Assoc.                        Thomas C. Mancini`46
                     Travelers Insurance                      Capt. James J. McNamara`64
            Tritec Marine Consultants Limited                   James J. Moore & Family
                                                                       Rob Quartel
                                                                Capt. Arthur H. Sulzer`75
           Silent Auction Donors                                    Fred C. Weber`47
                     John O. Arntzen                              Leonard Weiss`Oct.46
                    Charles D. Gibson                              Richard Wickboldt

    Maritime Industry Museum Salutes It’s Loyal Corporate Members
           American Hull Insurance Syndicate                      Maersk Line, Limited
             American Maritime Officers                  Marine Society of the City of New York
            American Maritime Safety, Inc.                    National Cargo Bureau, Inc.
             Arthur H. Sulzer Assoc., Inc.                    New York Cruise Lines, Inc.
                The Great Lakes Group                      Port Everglades Pilots’ Association
                 Heating Oil Partners                 Sandy Hook Pilots Benevolent Assoc. of NY/NJ
           Hornbeck Offshore Transportation                       Sealift Holdings Inc.
                  Hughes Bros., Inc.                                Sea Star Line LLC
                    ILA, AFL-CIO                                      SIMS Metal
             International Registries Inc.                    Skuld North American, Inc.
                 Jonrie Intertech, LLC                      Thompson & Co. of Tampa, Inc.
              K-Sea Transportation Inc.                      Tritec Marine Consultants Ltd.
               Kirby Inland Marine, LP                          Waterman Steamship Co.
                 Lloyd’s America, Inc.

    Thanks For Your Support Of The Maritime Industry Museum at Fort Schuyler!

2   Maritime Industry Museum
     President                        Museum Staff
 VADM John W. Craine
                                        Captain Eric Johansson
        Chairman                          Executive Director
Capt. James J. McNamara             ejohansson@sunymaritime.edu
    Vice Chairman
                                            Ms. Patricia Perez
     John Arntzen
Executive Vice President    (Corporate and Individual Membership, Donations,
    Francis J. Duffy            Gift Shop Purchases, and Museum Tours)
Capt. Harold A. Parnham
                                            Mr. William Sokol
   Board of Directors                            Curator
       John Arntzen                 (Artifact Donations or Inquiries)
        David Allen               maritimeindustry@sunymaritime.edu
      Stanley Bartels
    Capt. Tom Garrett                  Captain Harold A. Parnham
       Alvin Golden
  Bradley D.M. Golden
   Thomas Haughton
      Clay Maitland                   Captain James J. McNamara
Capt. James J. McNamara              Maritime Research Consultant
Capt. Harold A. Parnham                mcnamara@natcargo.org
   Capt. Tom Sullivan
  Capt. Arthur H. Sulzer

                           Museum Hours
                       Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

                      •	 Admission and parking are free
      •	 Contact	the	Museum	Office	for	directions,	group	tour	information,	
            and membership application information at 718-409-7218
               Website: www.sunymaritime.edu/Maritime%20Museum

                                                                  The Voyage Abstract   3
      Signs of the Old Cuna

                 here have been volumes written about the Cunard Line and its history. A brief time line of its
                 past would include the following: founded by Samuel Cunard in 1840 as the British and North
                 America Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, name changed to Cunard Steamship Company,
                 Limited in 1878, and then shortened to Cunard Line. To maintain its fleet of coal burning
                 ships, in 1886 Cunard employed: 34 captains, 146 officers, 628 engineers, boilermakers and car-
    penters, 665 seamen, 916 firemen, 62 stewardess’ and 42 women to keep the upholstery and linen in order.
           In 1934 Cunard and the White Star Line merged but White Star continued to sail under its own livery.
    In 1949 the name changed again to Cunard Steamship Company, Limited and in 1962 to Cunard Line, Limited.
           When we think of Cunard, we think of its fleet of famous, magnificent ocean liners. Those
    coal burning liners would steam from Liverpool to the United States in 14 days at an average speed
    of 8 knots. The elegant Queen Liners, Mary of 1934 and Elizabeth of 1938 were indeed a lot fast-
    er. Many American GI’s remember well crossing the Atlantic in the Queen Mary without escort. In
    the 1950’s Cunard maintained a fleet of 12 liners carrying one-third of all the passengers cross-
    ing the Atlantic. The line also had freighters as well as 2 liberty ships, the Vardulia and the Vandalia.
           The first jet airplane crossed the Atlantic in 1959. This was the beginning of the decline of cross-
    ing by ship. On January 17, 1969, the Queen Elizabeth 2 made her maiden voyage to New York in 4
    days, and started to make cruises in the off season. In 1971, Trafalgar House took over Cunard Steam-
    ship Company ending their 131 years of independence. During the Falkland Island Campaign in
    1991, the Queen Elizabeth 2 was requisitioned by the British Government to carry troops to the area.
           In May of 1995 the cruise liners Crown Princess and the Crown Jewel left the fleet to go to
    new ownership. Trafalgar House, the parent company of Cunard was bought in 1996 by the Nor-
    wegian business group Kvaerner.          Cunard continued to concentrate on five star cruising.           In

4    Maritime Industry Museum
ard Steamship Line
 1998 Cunard became part of Carnival Corporation empire and merged with Seabourn Cruises.
        The ultra modern, 1,132 foot, Queen Mary 2 made her maiden voyage on January 12, 2004, with a
 crew of 1,300 and a capacity of 2,800 passengers. Going to and from Europe by ship may not be as popu-
                                                                                       lar as it once was,
                                                                                       but even with the
                                                                                       jet planes, making a
                                                                                       Atlantic Ocean pas-
                                                                                       sage is still an ad-
                                                                                       venture and cruis-
                                                                                       ing is big business.
                                                                                              Today,    evi-
                                                                                       dence of the mighty
                                                                                       Cunard remains in
                                                                                       New York City if you
                                                                                       know where to look.
                                                                                       One such place is 25
                                                                                       Broadway, the Cu-
                                                                                       nard Building. The
                                                                                       building was built
                                                                                       in 1920/1921 and
                                                                                       Cunard took occu-
                                                                                       pancy shortly after.
                                                                                       Cunard moved its
                                                                                       officers uptown to
                                                                                       Fifth Avenue during
                                                                                       the mid 1960’s. The
 old building on Broadway has been under renovation for some time. The author was not allowed in during
 a recent visit and could not find out any information on completion or the new owners/renters. Stay tuned.
        Anne Lutkenhouse lives on Staten Island and is an alumna of Wagner College.                  She re-
 called her East bound passage to Southampton, UK, on the Queen Elizabeth 2 in September 2001. She
 said, “as we approached the Verrazano Narrows Bridge over the loud speakers, I heard, not the ex-
 act words: Ladies and gentlemen, off to the starboard side, you will see Staten Island, one of the five
 boroughs of New York City. To the right of the tall square building, which is a student residence
 of Wagner College, is the former country home estate of Sir Edward Cunard, the son of the found-
 er of Cunard. The home is now one of the college’s administration buildings, named Cunard Hall”.
        The home was built in 1854 in the Italianate style and was typical of country homes of the peri-
 od. Cunard’s neighbors were Cornelius Vanderbilt and General William G. Ward. The home was
 reached by a private entrance off what is now Van Duzer Street. There is both a Cunard Place and
 Cunard Avenue in the area. Also on the Wagner Campus is an anchor from a Cunard ship donat-
 ed in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s. Unfortunately, after numerous telephone calls and letters, this
 writer was unable to determine the name of the ship. The anchor is kept well painted by the cam-
 pus fraternities and sororities. Sir Edward Cunard would sit on his veranda with its hilltop view,
 now called Grymes Hill; overlooking the New York Harbor and watch his ships come and go.

                                                                                       The Voyage Abstract     5
           We’ve moved! The museum office is now located
    in B-18 in the fort a few doors down from our previous
    office. Our old office is due to be renovated into a food
    serv ice center for our ever-expanding enrollment at Mari-
    time College. In 1994, my first year at Maritime, enroll-
    ment was at 650 cadets. Today, over 1,500 students grace
    the campus with over 1,000 in the regiment! So you can
    say that we were displaced be a mass of hungry students.
    Admiral Craine, President of SUNY Maritime College and
    the Maritime Industry Museum, and Dr. Hoffman, Pro-
    vost and Academic Dean, were instrumental in providing
    the Museum a great office and in addition, more much
    needed storage. The Museum is very grateful for their
    thoughtful consideration and dedication to the Museum.
           The Museum office is abuzz with activity, and the
    Museum has seen many new improvements. Our Curator
    Bill Sokol has a great team of dedicated Cadets who have
    worked hard creating new displays, performing mainte-
    nance, and organizing storage. The Museum has com-
    missioned workshops for our Curator Staff for inventory
    systems and display preservation. These recommenda-
    tions resulted from our CAP grant last year and will move
    our collection forward and Museum t o a higher level.
           Since our last newsletter, the Mus eum has held two
    significant events. The first event last spring was our an-
    nual fundraiser honoring the Pilot Profession.         The an-
    nual fundraiser is a great event and wonderful day! Cap-
    tain Andrew McGovern, Sandy Hook Pilots, provided a
    lively and professional lecture, Al Golden orchestrated
    another fun filled silent auction, Bill So kol crafted a very
    interesting display, and the food and grog flowed to the
    delight of the attendees. A very special thank you goes
    to Captain Roland Parent, Port Everglades Pilots (Ret.),
    for loaning his magnificent model collection, Captain
    Beth Christman, Maryland Pilots, for securing a print,
    Captain Howard Wyche, Delaware Pilots, for donating
    antique Pilot shares and documents, and Captain Jim Pe-
    tersen, for donating a 1910 Sandy Hook Pilot Certificate.
           Our second event was held at Homecoming this past
    September honoring Project Hope. The event was financed
    posthumously by the late Dorothy N. Sulzer and spearhead-
    ed by her son Captain Arthur H. Sulzer. The Project Hope ex-
    hibit display by Curator Bill Sokol, is unique, well deserved,
    and has attracted many complements from our visitors.
           Speaking of visitors, our visitor count, like the
    student population, has grown each year. The most re-
    warding tour provided this year was given to the Ed-
    win O’Hara WW II Merchant Mariners Veterans Group.
    The Veterans were awestruck by the expansive and
    well -displayed artifacts reminiscing of the days of
    the Merchant Mariners sacrifice to the United States
    of America. If you wish to book a tour, please con-
    tact Museum Administrator Pat Perez, at 718-409-7218.

6   Maritime Industry Museum
The Voyage Abstract   7
 Donations & Contributions
Capt. Eugene B. Ackerman`49         Alvin Golden`46                            Marine Society of the City of NY
LCDR Cecil S. Ashdown               Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program        Dorothy Marks
William E. Baird`53                 Ethan Habicht                              Susan Molloy
LCDR Peter E. Baci`64               Hecht Family Foundation                    Dr. Robert A. Newhouse
Brian Beresford                     Thomas R. Hinman                           Robert M. Newhouse`05
Richard P. Bremer                   Charles E. Hoffman Jr.`60                  John Olsen/Society of Miniature Ship
LCDR David H. Booth                 Edward Josberger                           Collectors
Capt. James N. Carlo`55             John & Nancy Kasius                        Capt. Roland R. Parent`68
Beth Christman`87                   Gilbert Katz`47                            Capt. Hap Parnham`48
Capt. David H. Cory`50              Thomas M. Kennedy`75                       Donald Quartel Jr.
Edward Creighton                    Capt. Robert E. King`43                    Capt. Christopher W. Roehrig
Dwight B. Demeritt Jr.              William Krupp                              Capt. Lada Simek
Jack Dempsey                        Capt. David A. Leech`68                    Steamship Historical Society of
Estate of Bob Doyle                 Capt. Allan J. Lonschein`46                America
Frank Duffy                         Dr. John H. Loret                          Len Sutter`53
Robert J. Falaguerra                J. Robert Lunney                           Andrew Triandafilou
James Giammatteo                    Scott Mackenzie`58                         Women’s Propeller Club of United States
Paul J. Ginnane                     Filomena Magavero                          Howard B. Wyche`79
Judith M L Godfrey                  Thomas C. Mancini`46

 Donation In Memory Of:                                                         Ebb Tide
Norma Brown, SP 3/c USN            George Panitz                               Capt. Matthew M. Drag`40
~ Leslie G. Brown USNR, USMM       ~ David F. White                            Jeanne Haslwanter
                                                                               Capt. George L. Maier`48
Capt. Joe R. Gerson`47             My Dad, Capt. Bob Sherman                   Lawrence E. Olufsen`60
~ Audrey D. Gerson                 ~ Capt. Richard M. Sherman

Robert Kreckle`77
~ Joseph T. Cotter`77

 Donation In Honor Of:
Capt. Hap Parnham`48                                  Capt. Joe R. Gerson`47
~ Charles A. Lewis Jr.`59                             ~ Capt. Ted Mason`57
~ Martin Silver`48
                                                      Capt. Catherine T. Hanft`85 – on becoming
Project Hope                                          Commanding Officer, Naval Support Activities
~ Estate of Dorothy N. Sulzer                         ~ David Lambert`47

SS United States                                      Capt. James J. McNamara`64
~ Charles B.Anderson, Skuld North America, Inc.       ~ Audrey D. Gerson

 New Members - Welcome Aboard!
Beth Christman`87                        Hans I. Haselbach`74                              Robert M. Newhouse`05
Dwight B. Demeritt Jr.                   Thomas R. Hinman                                  Donald Quartel Jr.
John Hannon`77                           The Honorable John G. Ingram`64                   William Skody

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