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									2 Eyes to See
2 Fingers to Measure        VECTOR™
                       Rangefinder Binoculars
VECTOR eyesafe Rangefinder Binoculars
for observation, distance and angle measurement
Wouldn’t your mission be easier if you had the best pair of                         First class optics
binoculars plus the capability to measure distances and                             The optical performance and light transmission of VECTOR
angles at the touch of a key?                                                       rival those of the best binoculars. Its twin channel 7×42 design
VECTOR is the instrument which allows you to “point                                 ensures clear and comfortable observation even in poor or
and click” to determine the position and dimensions of                              twilight conditions, consistent with the laser measurement
inaccessible objects in the field, locate targets, etc.                             ranges.
                                                                                    Traditional survey instruments and laser rangefinders constrain
                                                                                    you to observe with just one eye. With VECTOR you use both
                                                                                    eyes, see more and reduce eye strain.
VECTOR is four instruments in one
all in a robust, water-tight, rubber-armoured housing:                              Efficient data acquisition
                                                                                    Measured data are displayed in the field of view and, in parallel,
Binoculars                                                                          can be sent to a computer, data terminal or recording device
Superb true binocular, high-resolution optics                                       – either via data cable, or via the option Bluetooth® wireless
Laser Rangefinder                                                                   Optional software enables VECTOR to communicate with
Measures from 5m up to 12km (depending on model, visibility                         Rockwell Collins PLGR/DAGR or Garmin GPS so that target
and nature of target object)                                                        grid coordinates are displayed by the receiver.

Digital Compass                                                                     Ergonomic and robust
Displays magnetic azimuth or grid azimuth in degrees, gon or                        Operators appreciate the compact and ergonomic design. With
mils                                                                                a weight of 1.6kg (60oz) and a volume of 1.9 l, VECTOR would
                                                                                    float should it accidentally be dropped into water. VECTOR
Clinometer                                                                          boasts a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 13’000 hours.
Displays vertical angles between –45 to +45 degrees
                                                                                    You will use VECTOR instinctively after minimal training, and
                                                                                    operate it confidently even when wearing eye glasses, gloves or
                                                                                    full NBC protection.

                                                                                    Range booster
                                                                                    By attaching the Binocular Enhancer in front of the objectives,
                                                                                    the user boosts the range performance of VECTOR IV or
                                                                                    VECTOR 21 as and when required. Total magnification
                                                                                    increases from 7× to 10× resulting in an average gain of 25%
                                                                                    in distance measurement as well as in visual recognition.

VECTOR measures the polar vector            From your position to a remote object   VECTOR also computes and displays    A traditional magnetic compass must
from your position to the object you        VECTOR also displays:                   relative values between two remote   be held level so that its needle can
sight:                                      d horizontal distance                   objects such as:                     swing and point to north. The digital
r range (slope/slant distance)              h height difference                     Δr slope distance from A to B        compass inside VECTOR gives you
a azimuth (bearing, angle between                                                                                        correct bearings even when tilted by
   north and object)                                                                                                     as much as 45 degrees.
v vertical angle (inclination, elevation)
                                                VECTOR 1500 GMD          VECTOR IV                   VECTOR 21

Distance measurement                            5m to >2km               5m to >4km                  5m to >10km
Distance accuracy (1σ)                          ±1m (50m to 500m)        ±2m (50m to 2km)            ±5m
                                                ±2m (<50m / >500m)       ±3m (<50m / >2km)
Distance resolution                             0.5m                     1m                          1m
Height difference resolution                    0.1m                     1m                          1m
Laser diode                                     860nm                    1550nm                      1550nm
Laser visible through image intensifier         yes                      no                          no

Choose the right VECTOR                                        VECTOR 1500 GMD
Today’s VECTOR product family includes different models to     GMD stands for Gap Measuring Device, a favourite of engineers
suit different budgets and applications. The key differences   who need decimeter resolution in height measurement. Widely
are shown in the table above. All models share the following   used in rapid surveying, including minefield mapping for
features:                                                      explosive ordnance disposal.
• Observation: true binocular
• Magnification: 7×                                            VECTOR IV
• Objective diameter: 42mm                                     The all-purpose infantry reconnaissance, observation and
• Field of view: 120mils / 6.75°                               measurement device. A variant named VECTOR AERO features
• Eye safety: laser class 1 in accordance with IEC 60825-1     an increased elevation mesurement range, from –30° up to
  Ed 1.2 (2001-08) and ANSI Z 136.1 (2000)                     zenith.
• Azimuth accuracy: ±0.6° / ±10mils (1σ)
• Elevation accuracy: ±0.2° / ±3mils (1σ)                      VECTOR 21
• Elevation range: –45° to +45°                                The top of the line. The VECTOR 21 GL variant is equipped
• Autonomy: >3000 measurements with one 6V lithium battery.    with an electrical/mechanical interface to GonioLight for use in
                                                               Vectronix’s latest Digital Observation Stations.
How far can you measure?
VECTOR benefits from Vectronix’ proprietary know-how to
measure great distances at amazingly low laser output power.
How far you can actually measure in practice depends on a
number of factors as illustrated in the diagram.*

*For range specifications please refer to the product technical data sheet.

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   Distance measurement under ideal conditions
Clear atmosphere, overcast sky or twilight
Good reflectivity of target object (smooth, bright wall)
Target surface roughly perpendicular to laser beam
Steady hold or support (to ensure that the laser beam will not
miss the target)

  Distance measurement under average conditions

 Distance measurement under poor conditions
Snow, fog, rain, dust, high humidity, heat
Small object (does not “capture” and reflect the whole laser
Difficult object (dark, uneven, gaping such as a leafless tree)

                                                                                                 Non-magnetic tripods, optional
                                             A commercial 6V lithium battery (type               software,data transfer cables,
                                             2CR5, non-magnetic) is sufficient for               pouches, etc. expand the VECTOR
                                             more than 3000 measurements.                        family into a full system.

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