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					                 Cunard Newsletter
                                WELCOME BACK                                                                Cunard Junior High
                                     Message from Principal                                                 121 Williams Lake Road
                                                                                                            Halifax, NS B3P 1T6
                             Welcome back to a New School Year.
I want to take this opportunity to welcome our grade sevens, any new students in grades 8 and 9 and         Volume 1, Issue 1 Fall 2009
all returning students back from summer break. We are looking forward to a very successful school
                                                                                                            PTA 3rd Tuesday of the
Last school year was the first year of implementation of our school improvement goals for the Plan-
                                                                                                            month at 6:30pm
ning for Improvement/Accreditation Process. Three major goals were developed for school improve-
ment. These goals were focused on Literacy, Math and Positive School Climate. This year is the sec-         SAC meets on the 1st Tuesday
                                                                                                            of the month at 7:00pm
ond year of implementation. A report of the first year was created and forwarded to the Depart-
ment of Education. In the next few weeks a summary of the achievement towards our goals will be
sent home in a document called the Annual Report to the Community. This report reflects the suc-
                                                                                                                 Cancellation of
cess of our student as well as the challenges in meeting the goals in literacy, mathematics and posi-
tive school climate. I am pleased to say that we have made significant gains in literacy and math and
have addressed the learning environment in a positive and effective way. As we progress through the          If inclement weather
2009-10 school year the literacy, math and positive school climate teams will be focusing on strate-        deems it necessary to can-
gies to further student achievement. A copy of these goals as well as indicators of success is in-          cel school or buses early,
cluded in this newsletter.                                                                                  an announcement will be
                                                                                                            made over the local radio
I would like to extend a special thanks to all the support from the PTA, staff, parents and students        stations early in the morn-
in their participation in the programs. An effective and successful school has the support of the par-      ing (We are a feeder
ents/guardians and community. Parental/guardian and community involvement is an important part of           school to J.L. Ilsley High
school improvement and your input and involvement in PTA and School Advisory Council and events at          Family of Schools).
the school that promote school success is encouraged and required. The PTA meets in the library
each 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm. The SAC meets on the 1st Tuesday of month in the library
at 7:00pm. Parents are encouraged to join the PTA and SAC.                                               Inside this issue:
To start this year on a positive note, students participated in an afternoon of activities related to
anti-bullying. Students created a large mural of handprints declaring Cunard an anti-bullying school.    School Cancellation     1
The afternoon was excellent and provided an opportunity for all students to wear something pink and
proclaim their support of anti-bullying. Ninety-eight percent of the students and staff wore a some-     Staff List              2
thing pink. This event was part of the respect focus of our positive school climate goal and repre-
sents the importance of respect for all within the school and learning community. Cunard has ob-         Lates and Dates To      2
tained several grants to support our ‘Healthy Active Teens’ programs. Thanks to Ms Buckle we are         remember
able to provide a boot camp and yoga program. Mrs. March was able to obtain a grant to continue our      Christmas Craft Fair    3
breakfast program.

                                                                                                         From the office         3
Richard Crooks
Principal                                                                                                Fall Sports and Ac-     3

                                                                                                         Goals                   4
Staff for 2009-10
Mr. Richard Crooks - Principal             Ms. Phillips HR 703 —Healthy Living
                                                                                   Alana Robinson, Lunch Monitor
                                           /Family Studies
Ms. L. March, - Vice-Principal
                                                                                   Barb Sampson, Lunch Monitor
                                           Ms. Landrigan,- Tech Ed, 703 sci-
Mrs. Gillis—Secretary
                                           ence, 8 science                         Custodian –Mr Purcell
Mr. R Crawley HR 901 - 901, 903
                                           Ms. ML Buckle, - Phys Ed
SST, all 9 Eng
                                           Ms. M Williamson 7 and 8 Art
Ms. S Edmonds— HR 902 -math 901,
902, 801                                   Mr. Gallant -Resource
Ms. K Farrow HR 903- 9 science,            Ms M Burton –Learning Center
903 math, 802 math                         H. Booth - Library Support
Mr. J Curry– HR 801 —SST 703, 8’s,         B. Curtis Williams    Band/Choir
901, all 8 Eng
                                           Ms. Darlene Fleming - Literacy Coach
Ms. J Sabadash HR 802 – all French
                                           Mrs. Eva Doell,-J.H.Support/50%
Mr. Hickey-HR 701 - 7 Eng/ 702/03
                                           Tanya Ellsworth - Guidance 80%
                                           Mon –Thurs
Mr. McInnis HR 702- all 7 Math,                                                       Welcome everyone!!!!
                                           Ms. Erica Wilson – Social Worker
701,702 science

         PLease do not call the office to leave a message for your child as we cannot guarantee delivery.

         Office Telephone                  Dates to Remember
                                                                                   Nov 25 Parent Workshop
                                                                                   “Teen Mental Health”
 The office telephone is avail-            Oct 16 Midterms
able to students for emergency
                                           Oct 23 PD Day
purposes only. A pay phone is
                                           Nov 4 Parent Teacher Interviews
available for student use just
outside the office door. Please            Nov 4 Take our Kids to Work Day
ensure your child has a quarter            Nov 10 Remembrance ceremony at
(.25) to make personal calls.              2:30pm —- Parents welcome
                                           Nov 14 Christmas Craft Fair
                                           Nov 20 PD Day– no students present

Lates and Absences 479-4418 –call 24 hours a day
                                          in one of the following two ways:
 Absence from School
                                          Call and leave a message – 479-4418 –
 Students are expected to report to all   This line is available 24 hours a day.
classes on time, every day. All atten-
                                          OR                                        If your son or daughter is late to
dance is tracked on a daily basis, on a
                                                                                   class or for school they will be calling
period by period basis.                   Provide a written excuse detailing the
                                                                                   home to explain why they are late.
                                          reason for the child’s absence.
Parents are asked to notify the school
to provide necessary information about    Academic success relies on consistent
your child’s lates or absences. Par-      attendance in all classes.
ents/Guardians can contact the school

Page 2                                                                                                  Cunard Newsletter
                                        Christmas Craft Fair
     This year the Christmas Craft Fair will be held on Saturday, November 14th. It
     is, and has been, a long standing tradition at Cunard. It is a very rewarding and festive ex-
     perience and it is the major fundraiser for the school, providing much needed extras for stu-
     Volunteers are always needed please call the school and leave your name.

     If you would like to book a table call Pat Gillis at 479-4418. We hope to
     ensure the Christmas Craft Fair is around for many years to come.

                                             Activities at Cunard

                                      BOOT CAMP                                     YOGA
Boys soccer– Ms Burton and Chris Gal- Boot Camp has started on Wednesday            Will begin mid October-all are welcome
lant –former student                  and Friday at lunch it is free for any stu-   Lunchtime on Monday.
Girls Soccer-Ms Sabadash              dent or community member or parent
                                      who would like to come and participate .
Cross Country-Ms Edmonds and Ms       We begin at 12 noon.                    Spirit Team
Surrette ( student teacher)
                                                                              Meets at lunch on Tuesday they are re-
Leadership-Ms Buckle                                                          sponsible for activities on PINK Day and
                                       Parent Bootcamp and nutrition ses-
Spirit Team-Ms Farrow, Ms Burton, Tara sion Thursday October 15th evening at  the mural created by our students and
Lee                                    6:30 pm in the gym. No experience nec- staff.
Football-Mr Curry                      essary!!!!!
Circus Group-Ms Booth                    Come with your child or alone.             Lakeshore Clean-up
Boys Volleyball-Ms Phillips                                                         Saturday October 17th 29 Wyndrock
Girls Volleyball– Ms Sabadash                                                       drive. (near CJHS tennis courts) Help
                                                                                    spruce up the district and lakeshore.
More to come soon…..

Grade nine trip
First Fundraiser begins this week.       Scent and Nut Free
Information will come from the           In an effort to provide a safe and
school and by email                      healthy environment, Cunard Junior
                                         High is a peanut free and scent aware
                                         environment. We ask students, staff
                                         and visitors to help us maintain this
Homework Hotline                         status for the safety and comfort of
Via the school website and the indi-
vidual teachers links on their pages
                                      Planning For Improvement/Accreditation
                                                          Goals 2008-13
  Mathematics-We will see improved student achievement in fraction operations and number sense.
      Indicators (what it will look like):
           Students will use manipulatives to model operations with fractions.
           Students will use appropriate math language verbally and through written expression
           Students will represent fraction operations in various forms
           An increased number of students will be proficient or confident in fraction operations and number sense.
           Students will demonstrate knowledge of the outcomes involved in the fraction and number sense unit.
           Students will be able to use fraction operations in problem solving situations.

  Literacy-We will see improved student achievement with respect to proficiency and confidence scores in reading compre-
  hension in both fiction and non-fiction.

      Indicators (what it will look like):
           Improved student performance in reading comprehension in English Language Arts.
           Improved student performance in reading comprehension in all subject areas.
           Improved student performance in posing questions, making inferences, supporting ideas from text, using text features
               for understanding and synthesis using both fiction and non-fiction texts.
           Students will demonstrate an understanding of reading comprehension strategies.

  Positive School Climate-We will see an improvement in our school climate that is supportive of learning for all.

      Indicators (what it will look like):
           There will be a reduction in the number of behavioral referrals to the office.
           There will be a reduction in the number of disruptions in instructional time.
           There will be an increase in staff presence in all areas of the school during non-instructional times.
           Students, parents, community and staff will demonstrate an increased awareness of the Respects Matrix.
           Students, parents, community and staff will demonstrate an increased awareness of achievements of members of our
               school community (students, staff and parents).
           Students, parents and staff will experience equitable treatment regardless of their race, ethnicity and gender.
           There will be regular communication the accomplishments of our school community.
           There will be an increase in the number of students participating in school events.
           There will be a decrease in student absenteeism.
           There will be an increase in support for initiatives designed to enhance school climate.

Volume 1, Issue 1 Fall 2009                                                                                                   Page 4
                                     Guidance News

•   November 4th is not only the day we have Parent-Teacher Interviews but it is also Take
    Our Kids to Work Day and we have already notified the Department of Education that our
    grade nine students will once again participate. This is a great opportunity for parents and
    children to spend a day together and for children to develop a stronger appreciation for
    the world of work. Information will be sent home from grade nine homeroom teachers as it
    becomes available.
•   On Thursday, November 25th we would like to extend an opportunity for parents to par-
    ticipate in an informal information session with Dr. Stan Kutcher in the library (6:30-
    8:30pm). Dr. Kutcher is the current Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health.
    He is an internationally renown expert in building awareness and knowledge about mental
    health issues involving youth. Dr. Stan Kutcher and his team, have a wealth of free re-
    sources available to parents, students and siblings in areas of mental health, mental illness
    and student transitions. Keep an eye on our website for further details..
•   Grade seven students will participate in an eight week Teens Talk Program this fall
    through Family SOS. The focus of these sessions is to develop healthy relationships skills
    and make positive choices. Family SOS will provide us with two facilitators for a Boy’s
    Teens Talk and a Girl’s Teens Talk. The groups will run separately but concurrently during
    one Healthy Living class per week.
•   On Thursday, December 10, the grade nine students will participate in a one hour work-
    shop with Skills In Demand. This is a free, fun, and interactive presentation. The presen-
    tation provides information on the demand of skilled trades and technologies, educational
    opportunities, services available specifically for youth with disabilities, and how students
    can further participate in Skills Canada Nova Scotia’s programs and events.
•   On Thursday, December 10 we will once again be welcoming Pam Mood to our school. Pam
    is well known for her powerful and interactive presentations. She will be speaking to all
    students in the afternoon about Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use and will then be available
    that same evening to give an informal workshop for parents. There is a school dance that
    evening, so we encourage parents to drop off their kids and then join us in the library for
    this wonderful presentation.

Thank you for your support!

Tanya Ellsworth M. Ed., CCC
Guidance Counsellor

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