10th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference by Levone


									MICPEL (M)
1. M    Avoiding Mistakes in Estate Planning
Mark A. Binstock, Esq., Paley, Rothman, Goldstein, Rosenberg, EIG & Cooper, Chtd.
MATERIALS                                                                              37 pages
        Will Caveats and Revocable Trust/Inter Vivos Cases
                 Revocable Trust/Inter Vivos
                 Initial filing requirements
                 Practice Pointers
                 Burden of Proof
        Grounds for Will Contests
                 Execution and Attestation
                 Legal Competency
                 Under influence
                 Confidential Relationship
                 Transmission of Issues
        Contesting a Revocable
                 Legal Competency
                 Under influence
                 Confidential Relationship
                 Contesting Inter Vivos Transfers
                 Legal Competency
                 Under influence
                 Confidential Relationship
        Avoiding Fiduciary Duty Claims
                 Ascertainable Standard
                 Income and Residuary Beneficiary Conflicts
                 Role of the Trust Protector in Preventing Claims from Beneficiaries

2. M Workers Compensation Benefits
Benjamin T. Boscolo, Esq., Chasen & Boscolo, Chtd.
MATERIALS                                                                              24 pages
                Accidental Injury
                Occupational Diseases
                Average Weekly Wage
                Proximate Cause
                Medical Care
                Resolution of Workers’ Compensation Claim
                Practical Pointers
3. M Tips for Handling DUI Cases in Maryland
Patrick E. Maher, Esq., Towson, MD
         PowerPoint Presentation                                                   117 slides
                  Getting Started
                  The Initial Interview
                            Client Questionnaire
                  The Traffic Stop
                            Equipment Violations
                            Erratic Driving
                            Sobriety Checkpoints
                  Blasi v. State
                  Standardized Field Sobriety Tests
                  Cross Examination Tips
                  Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus and Important HGN Cases
                  Challenging the SFST’s
                  Understanding The Breath Test Result
                  The INTOX EC/IR
                  The Simulator
                  The Infrared Analysis System
                  Challenging the Breath Test Result
                  Brown v State 171 Md.App 489 (2006)
                  Melendez-Diaz v Massachusetts 129 S. Ct. 2527 (2009)
                  Confrontation Clause & DUI

        Sample Client Questionnaire                                                 21 pages
        Area Alcohol Programs                                                        1 page
        Demand for Presence of Technician or Analyst Who Performed Chemical Test      1 page
        Pleadings Discovery -ECIR                                                    5 pages
        Pleadings Discovery- Toxicologist Regs                                       4 pages
        PowerPoint slides on Standardize Field Sobriety Tests                       67 slides
        DUI Manual - Feb 2006                                                      321 pages
        NHTSA Cues of Impairment Phase 1 & II                                        2 pages
        Initial Interview                                                            21 pages
        ECIR Certification Form                                                      1 page
        INTOX EC/IR                                                                 72 pages
        Simulator Solution Certification Form                                        1 page
        Regulations of the Toxicologist                                             28 pages
        Pat Maher Biography                                                         1 page

4. M Family Law Update
Christopher W. Nicholson, Esq., Turnbull, Nicholson & Sanders, P.A.
Stacy LeBow Siegel, Esq., Towson, MD
MATERIALS                                                                                   103 pages
                Case Law Developments
                Grounds for Divorce
                Adoption and Guardianship
                Custody and Visitation
                Child Support
                Monetary Award
                Attorney’s Fees
       Appendix – Legislative Bills
              Chapter 666 (HB 267)             Family Law – Child Abduction by Relative
              Chapter 672 (HB 422)             Family Law – Child Custody & Visitation – Military Duty
              Chapter 531 (SB 299)             Child Custody & Visitation – Relocation of Child
              Chapter 564 (HB 98)              Domestic Violence -Temporary Protective Orders –Extension
              Chapter 489 (HB 296)             Family Law – Protective Orders – Surrender of Firearms
              Chapter 491 (HB 302)             Family Law – Temp Protective Orders –Surrender of Firearms
              Chapter 596 (HB 464)             Domestic Violence –Protective Orders–Custody Minor Child
              Chapter 612 (HB 971)             Domestic Violence–Protective Orders–Subsequent Act of Abuse
              Chapter 711 (HB 1196)     Domestic Violence –Protective Orders–Notification of Service
              Chapter195 (HB 72)               Del. John Arnick Electronic Communications Traffic Safety Act

5. M Practical Tips for Solo Criminal Defense Attorneys
Christopher S. Flohr, Esq., Blackford & Flohr, LLC
        PowerPoint Presentation                                                          24 pages
                  First phone call
                  Getting Hired
                  Danger Signs
                  Initial Consult
                  Arrest Warrant Case
                  Bench Warrant Case
                  Bail Review Case
                  Trial Work
                  Plea Bargaining
                  Tips and Take Aways
        Additional Materials
                  Prospective Client Phone Sheet                                         2 pages
                  Motion To Recall Bench Warrant                                         4 pages
                  Property Bond Fact Sheet                                               1 page

Reinventing Your Practice (RYP)
6. RYP          Succession Planning: Because You Never Know What Can Happen
Frederick R. Franke, Jr. Esq., Annapolis, MD
       Overview of Succession Planning for the Solo and Small Firm Practitioner           5 pages
                Ethical Considerations
                Planning for Death and Disability’
                Sale of a Law Practice
       Practitioner Checklist from California State Bar                                  10 pages
       Interrupting a Law Practice from Maryland Bar Journal                             1 page
       “When You Go To Heaven, Will Your Practice Go to Hell” from ABA LPM                3 pages
       “Succession Planning for Solo Practitioners” from The Complete Lawyer             3 pages
       ABA Study Committee on Solo and Small Firm Practitioners                          2 pages
7. RYP          Credit Card Basics: What You Need to Know to Accept Credit Cards
Janelle Benefield, Law Firm Merchant Account
       PowerPoint Presentation                                                   24 slides
              What is a merchant account?
              Credit card transaction
              Requirements for attorneys
              Trust v Operating
              Working with Clients
              Sample invoice
              Managing Collections
       Additional Materials
               Properly Process Credit Card Transactions                           1 page
               Overview of the Credit Card Process                                 4 pages
               Tips for Handling Chargebacks                                       2 pages
               Glossary of Terms                                                   2 pages
               Sample Form                                                         1 page
               Informal Advisory Opinions                                          2 pages
               “Solutions to Fee Problems” California Bar Journal                  2 pages
               “What’s in Your Trust Account? When clients pay by credit card”     3 page

8. RYP Avoiding Nuclear Lawyering: Collaborative Law, Arbitration, Mediation
Robert L. Baum, Esq., The Law and Dispute Resolution Office of Robert L. Baum
       Mediation Materials                                                                   90 pages
               What is mediation                                                 2 pages
               How can I become a mediator                                       1 page
               Mediation Resources                                               3 pages
               MD Rules 17-101 - 17-109                                          13 pages
               Application to be listed for designation as Mediator              6 pages
               Application to be listed for designation as ADR Practitioner      6 pages
               Application to be listed for designation as Business
                         and Technology Mediator                                   6 pages
               Health Care Malpractice Claims ADR Program Application              8 pages
               District Court ADR Volunteer Mediator & Settlement
                         Conference Neutral Application                            6 pages
               MACRO - Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence                    2 pages
               MD Standards of Conduct for Mediators, Arbitrators
                         and Other ADR Practitioners                               8 pages
               MD Standards of Conduct for Mediators                               8 pages
               MSBA Ethics Opinion 2007-19 - Attorney - Mediators
                         preparing legal documents for unrepresented litigants     4 pages
               MSBA Ethics Opinion 03-02 - Partnership of Attorneys and
                         non- attorneys to render mediation services               4 pages
               MSBA Ethics Opinion - 97-30 - Ethical implications of
                         attorney acting as mediator                               2 pages
               MSBA Ethics Opinion - 96-50
                         Attorney mediators in Domestic Cases                      1 page
               MSBA Ethics Opinion - 91-28 Referral fees for divorce
                         mediation clients                                         2 pages
               MSBA Ethics Opinion - 80-55 Family mediation: Participation
                         as impartial advisory attorney to husband and wife        7 pages
       Collaborative Law Materials                                                                       39 pages
               Collaborative Participation Agreement                                          9 pages
               MSBA Ethics Opinion - 2004-23 - Propriety of a collaborative
                        dispute resolution non-profit organization                           2 pages
               Uniform Collaborative Law Act                                                 15 pages
               Letters of endorsement of Uniform Collaborative Law Act                       3 pages
               ABA Formal Opinion - 07-447 -
                        Ethical Considerations in Collaborative Law Practice 5 pages
               Websites:                                                                      4 pages
                        International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
                        Maryland Collaborative Law Association
                        Collaborative Dispute Resolution Professionals
                        Maryland Collaborative Practice Council

       Arbitration Materials                                                                             103 pages
               Federal Arbitration Act                                                         7 pages
               SCOTUS            Arnold M. Preston v Alex Ferrer, No. 06-1463                 12 pages
               SCOTUS            Hall Street Associated, LLC v Mattel, Inc No 06-989 14 pages
               SCOTUS            Arthur Anderson, LLP, et. al v Wayne Carlisle et al 7 pages
               MD COA            La'Tia Holloman v Circuit City Stores Inc, et al             14 pages
               MD COA            David G. Walter et ux v Sovereign Bank,
                                           No 61Sept Term, 2004                               30 pages
               Article: Cafeteria style arbitration from CA Bar Journal                        1 page
               Rules of the Arbitration Committee of Bar Assoc of Montgomery Cnty              5 pages
               Petition for Voluntary Arbitration from Bar Assoc of Montgomery Cnty            6 pages
               Arbitration Application Bar from Assoc of Montgomery Cnty                       5 pages
               Arbitration Award Form                                                          1 page

9. RYP         Representing Small Business Clients: Valuations for Your Clients and Your Practice
Mark Norris, CPA/ABV, CVA, CFFA, ASA, Tucker & Meltzer
S.G. Brooke Tucker, ASA, Tucker & Meltzer
       PowerPoint Presentation                                                               15 slides
              Definition of Business Valuation
              Purpose of a Valuation
              Valuation Roles
              Standards of Value
              Approaches to Value
              Cost Methods
              Net Asset Value
              Income Methods
              Capitalization of Earnings
              Market Methods
              Comparable Transaction Method
              Valuation Synthesis
              Common errors
              Key Issues Today
              Goodwill Issue
              Selecting a BV Expert
10. RYP        Major Business Mistakes That Can Sink Your Practice
Sonya Smith-Valentine, Esq., Valentine Legal Group, LLC
No Materials for this session

11. RYP        Emerging Issues and Legislation in Employment Law
Adele L. Abrams, Esq., Law Office of Adele L. Abrams PC
Ronald H. Jarashow, Esq., Franch, Jarashow & Smith, P.A.
       PowerPoint Presentation                                                           16 slides
              ADA Amendments of 2008
              ADA Covered Disabilities
              ADA Amendments: Proposed Regulations
              ADA Amendments “Type of Work”
              FMLA Amendments
`                      Light Duty
                       Paid Leave
              Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
              Tips for Employers

       Outline                                                                               10 pages
                        Workplace Fraud Act of 2009
               Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay
               COBRA Relief/Assistance
               Unemployment extended benefits
               Civil Rights Tax Relief Act of 2009
       Recent Maryland Employment Cases
               Duty to defend employee
               Idemnification of employee
               Workers comp, surviving spouse to obtain spouse’s benefits
               Discrimination – gender race
               Discrimination – gender retaliation
               Failure to pay wages, attorney fees
       Other Employment Issues
               Age Discrimination
               Associational Discrimination
               Workplace violence or threatening behavior
               Computer employee or ex-employee access to company computer system/documents violates the law
               Employer’s accessing employee personal email – privacy violation?
               Furloughs, layoffs, etc.
       MD LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT                     Title 3: Employment Standards and Conditions
               Subtitle 9. Workplace Fraud                                                   20 pages
       MD CODE Flexible Leave Act Title 3: Employment Standards and Conditions
               Subtitle 8: Leave                                                              5 pages
       Chapter 56, SB 368 Lily Ledbetter Act                                                 5 pages
       COBRA PREMIUM REDUCTION Fact Sheet                                                     3 pages
       What Can You Do If You Lose Your Health Insurance Coverage Fact Sheet                  3 pages
       What Employees & Employers Should Know About Continuation of Coverage                 2 pages
       COBRA FLYER                                                                           1 page
AMERICAN RECOVERY & REINVESTMENT ACT Flyer                                               1 page
Implementing the Model Provisions of the Unemployment Insurance
          Modernization Act in the States                                                21 pages
Press Release from Sen. Patrick Leahy – Bicameral Legislation Will Protect
          Older Workers from Discrimination, Restore Civil Rights                        4 pages
US CODE Title 18. Crimes and Criminal Procedures Part 1. Crimes
          Chapter 47 Fraud and False Statements                                          29 pages
MD CODE Commercial Law Title 11. Trade Regulation
          Subtitle 12 Maryland Uniform Trade Secrets Act                                 12 pages
Letter from US Dept of Labor on Furloughs                                                 4 pages
Letter from US Dept of Labor FSLA Furloughs                                              2 pages
Letter from US Dept of Labor on Furloughs                                                 3 pages
          Board of Education of Worcester County v Horace Mann Insurance Co 8 pages
          Kramer v Liberty Property Trust f/k/a Republic Property Trust                  20 pages
          Larry Holmes v Wal Mart Stores, Inc. et al                                     14 pages
          Giant of Maryland, LLC v Julia M. Taylor                                       19 pages
          Kathleen Gasper v Ruffin Hotel Corp of MD, Inc                                 14 pages
          Programmers’ Consortium, Inc. v Karl Clark                                     12 pages
          Jack Gross, Petitioner v FBL Financial Services, Inc                           16 pages
          United States COA for the Fourth Circuit                                       19 pages
                   A Helping Hand, a Maryland Corporate Entity: v Baltimore County,
                   MDOffice of Zoning Commissioner of Baltimore County,
                   County Council of Baltimore County; Baltimore County
                   Department of Permits and Development Management
United States COA for the Second Circuit                                                 17 pages
          Josephine Loeffler as Administratrix of Estate of Robert A. Loeffler
          and individually Robert C. Loeffler and Kristy Loeffler, Plaintiffs –
          Appelants Joanne Amore and Ann Rappoccio, Plaintiffs v Staten Island
          University Hospital, Defendant – Appellee
United States COA for the Fifth Circuit                                                  19 pages
          Charlie Floyd v Amite County School District; Amity County Board
          Of Education
United States COA for the Sixth Circuit                                                  19 pages
          Lynette Barrett: W.T. Melton; Treva Nickens, Plaintiffs – Appellants,
          Eugene Julien; Larry Schuster; Diana Simmons, Plaintiffs, v Whirlpool
          Corporation, Defendant-Appellee
United States District Court for the Eastern District of PA                              7 pages
          Stezzi, Plaintiff v Aramark Sports, LLC, Defendant
United States District Court for the Eastern District of CT                              11pages
          Josier Juenes v John E. Potter, Postmaster General
United States District Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit                            12 pages
          LVRC Holdings LLC v Christopher Brekka; Plaintiff-Appellant
          Employee Business Solutions, Inc., Carolyn Quain; Stuart Smith;
          Brad Greenstein; Frank Szabo, Defendants – Appellees
United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit                                    11 pages
          Bonnie Van Alstyne, Plaintiff-Appellee v Electronic Scriptorium, Limited
United States District Court for the District of South Carolina, Florence Division       10 pages
          Sarah Holladay, Plaintiff vs Burch, Oxner, Seale, Co. CPA’s, PA Defendant
United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit                                     14 pages
          Jerry Arculeta, Billy Presley, Cindy Wacaster, Michael Fiorenzi, for and on
          the behalf of themselves and other employees similarly situated, Plaintiffs-
          Appellants, v Wal – Mart Stores, Inc
Ronald Jarashow Biography                                                                1 page
Software Showcase (Soft)
12. Soft       Adobe Acrobat 101 for Your Law Practice (for beginners)
Catherine Sanders Reach, American Bar Association, Technology Resource Center
       PowerPoint Presentation                                                  12 pages
              Why PDF
              Alternatives to Acrobat
              Acrobat 9.0
              PDF File Types
              Creating PDF Files
              Printing Electronic Documents to pdf
              Scanning to pdf
              Email Archiving
              Saving Webpages to pdf
              Working with pages in Adobe
              Adobe Typewriter Tool for Filling Forms
              More details

13. Soft Adobe Acrobat 201: For the Advanced User
Catherine Sanders Reach, American Bar Association, Technology Resource Center
MATERIALS                                                                       14 pages
       Why pdf
       Alternatives to Acrobat
       Adobe Acrobat 9.0
       Combining Files and PDF Portfolios
       Metadata Removal
       Securing PDF Documents
       PDF for Archives
       Bates Numbering
       Trial Presentation
       Batch Processing’
       Collaborating with Clients

14. Soft       Taking the Mystery Out of Litigation Support for Solos
Catherine Sanders Reach, American Bar Association, Technology Resource Center
MATERIALS                                                                       14 pages
       Litigation Support
       EBriefs and More with Adobe Acrobat Professional
       Case Notebooks
       Case Analysis
       Search tools
15. Soft       PowerPoint for the Board Room and the Court Room
Buzz Merrick, President, Right Click Learning
       PowerPoint Presentation                                    17 slides
               Boardroom v Courtroom
               Creating Basic Presentation
               Slide Layout and Design
               Using Visuals
               Finalizing Presentations
       Written Materials                                          20 pages
               Buzz on PowerPoint
               Look and Feel of 2003
               Task Pane of Pain?
               Right Click your way to success
               Layout Options
               Printing Options
               Steal the Data not the Chart
               Inserting Media
               MS Training
               Practical Pointers
               ABA Techshow
               Beyond Bullet Points
               Pointers for Presenters
               Presentation Resources
               What’s New in 2007

Technology (Tech)
16. Tech       Free and Cheap Technology
Bruce Dorner, Esq., Londonderry, New Hampshire
       PowerPoint Presentation                                    33 Slides

17. Tech         Using Social Media to Expand Your Practice
Steven S. Stern, Esq., Legal Technology Solutions
       Outline                                                    1 page
               Why of Social Networking
               What of Social Networking
               How of Social Networking
               Demo #1 Good Form
               Demo # 2 Bad Form
               Social Networking Strategies
       Materials                                                  3 pages
               Quick Facts on Linkedin
               Quick Facts on Twitter
               Quick Facts on Facebook
               Key terms in Social Media and Social Networking    6 pages
18. Tech  Are You Smarter Than Your Phone: How to Use the New Smartphones
(Blackberry) Meredith Blake Martin, Esq., Astrachan Gunst & Thomas P.C.        9 pages
(iPhone) Timothy Sansom Faith, Esq., Towson, MD
         PowerPoint Presentation                                               25 slides
         Timothy Faith Biography                                                1 page
(Palm Pre) Donald McMillan, Esq., Washington, DC                               18 slides
         PowerPoint Presentation                                               1 page
         Donald McMillian Biography

19. Tech        E-discovery with Ease: How Email, Social Media and Other Technology Can Make (or Break)
Your Case
Brian E. Dykstra, Jones Dykstra & Associates
Keith Jones, Jones Dykstra & Associates
         Speakers declined to submit materials for website or CD Rom
         Brian Dykstra Biography
         Keith Jones Biography

20. Tech       Protecting Your Professional Reputation Online
Randi Kopf, Esq., Kopf Health Law LLC
        PowerPoint Presentation                                                37 slides
               What are the risks?
               What are online professional risks?
               Potential Media Risks for Breach of Confidentiality
               Risks to your online professional reputation online
               Risks associated with websites
               Risks associated with E-communications
               Risks associated with Email metadata
               Risks associated with Blogs/blawgs
               Assessing your legal exposure online
               Protecting your professional reputation online
               ABA Model Rules
               MD Rules of Professional Conduct
               MSBA Committee on Ethics

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