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Thank you for your interest in educational materials


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									Thank you for your interest in educational materials! Because I am only one man and
only have 24 hours in a day to get things done, I have created this reply for various types
of requests from people. If you are not seeing what you were requesting, keep reading.
If this still does not answer your request, please be patient and write again, as I never did
claim to be perfect and I do sometimes make misteaks… <grin>

For those of you who may have received a copy of this list before you will note some
changes. As I find items that work, which will help you become more self-sufficient in
all areas of your life, I will be adding them to this list. Since it cost nothing more than a
simple email to get me to send this to you, feel free to ask for it every few months to see
if anything has changed.

As your Constitutional Counsellor, I live by the Common Law. However, what is the
Common Law? Well, put quite simply, it is Law that is common to us all, whether we
want to recognize it or not. Like the Law of Gravity… one may jump off a cliff and deny
the Law of Gravity until they are blue in the face, but eventually they are going to reach
the bottom and find out that the Law of Gravity applies to them whether they want to
recognize it or not!

I am amazed at how many people claim that “Constitutional Law” is the highest form of
Law in this country. Actually, at #3 on the list, it is pretty high, however twice in the
Constitution, other forms of Law that supercede the Constitution are mentioned, and that
Law is the highest form of Law, and forms the first basis of Common Law: Contract Law.
You will find reference where the Constitution tells you that all Treaties (i.e. Contracts)
supercede the Constitution, and my favorite is Article 1, Section 10 where the words “No
State (i.e. Country, like the Republic of Oregon, or the California Republic, or the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts) shall pass any Law impairing the Obligations of

This list of Educational Materials is the beginning of a Contract between us. As your
Counsel I have little more to offer you than choices and their consequences. It is up to
you to accept or deny, like the cliff scenario above! One of the tenants of the Common
Law are Maxims, and a favorite of mine is “A Man is Worthy of His Hire.” To give you
some examples of this Man‟s Hire, here is a list of suggested rates at which this Man may
be deemed Worthy of Hire:

If you want to seek counsel on an on-going concern or a one-time instance, I am available
over the phone at 503.753.5753 from 8:30am-9pm P.T. and I have unlimited incoming
minutes at all times so please do call during the day. If you need me to call you because
of L.D. charges, then we would need to schedule a time during my eve/wknd unlimited
outbound minutes, which are after 9pm and all day Sat/Sun Pacific Time. As the
suggested donation, for these consultations (depending on the intensity of the discussion)
anywhere in the range of 65-95 dollars per hour. Do keep in mind that there are some
that have deemed the counsel provided by your Constitutional Counsellor to be so
valuable that they have donated in the range of 1,500 per hour.
Please make sure you have “telephone tap” in place were you can clearly record and play
back the conversation. I will not repeatedly go over and over information so that you can
write down things exactly as I have said them. That is what the recorder is for! If you do
not understand things, it is one thing to ask for clarification, but to repeatedly ask for the
same phrase or concept to be repeated, that is inefficient use of both our time. You can
get “Telephone Taps” at many locations; Radio Shack even offers them with micro-
cassette recorders as one unit. Do test them out to make sure they work with a friend, and
remember, at the time of this writing, Federal Code states that ONE person involved in
the conversation must be aware of the recording going on. Since I am telling you to
record, I just presume you are… but this is very helpful when dealing with irritants, like
bureaucrats and other pen-pushers in “trapping them” in their own words.

If you want to have documents reviewed that you have written yourself, or gathered from
other sources and modified, then a rate of 80-100 dollars per finished page is suggested. I
say finished page, as, for an example, I have received a thee-page document, and by the
time all the revisions and “finishing touches” are completed, the document is now four,
five or sometimes more pages long as a finished product. With all document reviews, I
require that the documents be sent in .rtf format so that is does not matter about
differences in our word-processors. Also, as this Counsellor likes to use Microsoft Word,
you should be familiar with the “track changes” feature, which can be found by pressing
“Cntrl+Shift+E” or “Tools>Track Changes” from the menu bar of Microsoft Word. I
will turn this feature on and any changes will show up as highlights, both a vertical-bar, |,
off to the left of any sentence changed and text will be highlighted Red, so that you can
instantly see what you had sent and what has been changed.

If you are sending a document that you have received from me, either as a previous
revision, like the above, one offered in this list, or one custom-prepared for you that you
want reviewed to see if any changes you have made need comment, then a rate of 30-45
dollars per finished page is suggested… and please keep in mind the comments above.

If you want me to create a custom document for you, then generally a rate of 100-150
dollars per finished page, plus any “research time” at 40-60 dollars per hour is suggested.
Obviously, at least I hope it is obvious, we would need to talk about what it is you want
done, and what it will take to create the documents you need.


If you enjoy studying things on your own, this is my current list of CD-ROM titles with a
sampling of what is on them:

 1. The Banker‟s Handbook, 6th Edition-1988, Disk Size 76.1MB
 2. A) Bouvier‟s 1856 Law Dictionary in .RTF Format; B) Legal Forms / Documents /
    Court Cases; C) Various Odd&Ends w/Pictures, Movies, Webpages; D)
    Sovereignty Files; E) Treaties & News Articles, Disk Size 459MB
3. Federal Judiciary Resource: A) FedCiv Benchbook; B) FedCt Rules; C) FedRules
    of Evidence; D) FedRules of App. Procedure; E) SupCt Rules; F) Judicial Code of
    Conduct, Disk size 4.67MB
4. The Law of Nations By: Emerich de Vattel, 1758, Disk Size 30.3MB
5. Tax Resources Compendium: A) CFR; B) USC; C) Constitution Annotated; D)
    Treasury Orders & Directives; E) Adobe Acrobat installer v4.05, Disk Size 336MB
6. USSC+ Database of U.S. Reporters from 1948-1998 including Historic Cases back
    to 1798. BONUS MATERIAL: TalkWorks Gold v3.0, Disk Size 477MB
7. How “The System” thinks of us compendium: A) “The Anti-Government
    Movement Handbook” published by The National Center for State Courts & SJI:
    State Justice Institute; B) “Courtroom Technology Manual” published by the
    Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts; C) “Constitutional Law Deskbook”
    published by The National College of District Attorneys; D) “The Coming Battle”
    an “Economic” History book first published in 1899, a “must read” if “The Creature
    of Jekyll Island” interested you; E) “The Judge‟s Book” published by The National
    Conference of State Trial Judges of the Judicial Administration Division of the
    American Bar Association & The National Judicial College; F) “The Red Pill”
    published by Valiant Liberty; G) “Understanding The Federal Courts” published by
    The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts; H) “The British Legal System of
    Mixed Common and Roman Law” presented & edited by Eldon G. Warman, Disk
    Size 184MB
8. Cornucopia of Information: A) Wade Starr Level III Seminar; B) Hidden
    Information, a collection of information, much of it used to be available on the
    internet, that is either difficult or impossible to locate anymore; C) Sea of
    Commerce 2; D) “Bush: The Unauthorized Biography” by Webster G. Tarpley &
    Anton Chaitkin, the true and shocking story of the 41st “President” of the United
    States, Disk Size 421MB
9. “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, read by Ken Mass. An audio recording of 13
    principles from the book with an introduction. Your CD Player must be able to
    “play” audio discs that are “burned” on a computer, as almost all do that are made
    today. Total play time 1:07:40
10. Selected Readings from The Creature from Jekyll Island. This book is a wonderful
    economics history book that will show how the Federal Reserve Act was
    deceptively foisted upon by the “Money Powers” during one weekend on Jekyll
    Island. Very chilling, and I highly recommend getting the book and also The
    Coming Battle which was published in the late 1800‟s and supports Creature as the
    Common Law says: The Truth will be established in the mouth of Two or Three
11. Law of Voids: A) Richard Cornforth Seminar at Cottonwood Shores, Texas, 8/17-
    18/02 in MPG format + Media Player installer if you don‟t have it; “Law of Voids
    version 4.0” by Richard Cornforth; C) various pictures supporting the concept of
    Void Judgment, Disk Size 454MB
12. Bank One v. Robert Ward. The true and revealing account of how Sara Fugate
    “paid” for her mortgage with a Bill of Exchange and “got away with it.” I say “got
    away with it” because The Money Powers could not let her do this, so after the
    Judge that handed her a righteous decision retired, The Money Powers came in and
     got a new “judge” to ignore the law and rule for them despite the fact that the case
     was res judicata. Disk Size 17.2MB
 13. Black‟s Law Dictionary, 1st Edition. This is the COMPLETE Black‟s Law
     Dictionary as it came out in 1891, except this is on CD-ROM! Each page is a
     separate .jpg and it uses your web-browser to navigate by letter, then each page
     heading, for example, choose “D” then pages 315-403 are listed and if you are
     looking for “Domicile” then you will see pg 386 is “Domestic-Domicile” and pg
     387 is “Domicile-Dominium Directum” so you will know you need to look at two
     pages for “Domicile.” This disk should simply auto-run your browser to bring up
     the index, but if it doesn‟t, just click on “index.htm” to start it up. I use this so
     much I put it on my HD with a shortcut on my desktop so that I don‟t have to wait
     for the CD to “spin up” with every search, to do this on your system, you are going
     to need a wee-bit of free space. Disk size 320MB

If there is anything that you think I should add to the list, let me know and if I can find it
I will add it to the list. As you can see, there are over 2.5 gigabytes of information
contained, plus over one hour of audio recording on these disks

Donation “schedule” for the disks:

Per unit donation:
One title: 25 Liberty Dollars + 5 Liberty Dollars Shipping = 30.00
Two titles: 45 Liberty Dollars + 5 Liberty Dollars Shipping = 45.00
Three titles: 65 Liberty Dollars, Shipping included = 65.00
Four titles: 85 Liberty Dollars, Shipping included = 85.00
Five titles: 105 Liberty Dollars, Shipping included = 105.00

If you order five titles, you can pick a SIXTH title FREE. If you want ALL 13 titles, then
just 200 Liberty Dollars will get you more information than you will know what to do

If you wish to order using F.R.A.U.D.‟s (Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Device)
instead of Liberty Dollars, there is a 10% premium for me to do the conversion to Liberty
Dollars, as I do not use F.R.A.U.D.‟s if I can help it.

If you do not understand what a “Liberty Dollar” is, go to www.LibertyDollar.org and
keep reading!

Debt Verification/Validation:

Are you tired of “Creditors” calling you at all hours? Have you ever asked yourself, “are
they really creditors?”

Then you must be interested in the Debt Verification/Validation “Package” that is a
three-letter series that forces the receiver (the 3rd party “Debt Collector”) to either verify
their claim, or withdraw. The letters are in Rich Text Format and all major word-
processors can import the file to where you can manipulate it and put your information
and then print. While the letters are setup for 1st Class Mail, I highly recommend putting
in a line that the Notice is sent Certified Mail and give the number. It is an extra expense,
however it creates a “Proof” that you have sent it and they have received it.

The 3-letter package has a suggested donation of 65 Liberty Dollars and you may use it
as many times as you wish for yourself, I ask that you do not “give” or “loan” it out as
you can see the donation is very reasonable. The three letters will be delivered to you via
Email along with a “bonus” of a “telephone script” to print and keep by every phone, so
when those pesky “debt collectors” call, you simply follow the script, no more fumbling
trying to remember the “right words” to use, just read the script!

Now, there is a “problem” if you will with this package. The “problem” is that while it
works, and works very well, the “creditors” will get the “last word” in on you by ruining
your Credit Rating (FICO Score). While this may not sound like a big deal, allow me to
illuminate some serious consequences of a low FICO Score… all these are true
experiences and are not atypical:

      A long-haul truck driver had his insurance rate increase over 35%. When he
       asked why, he was told because his FICO Score went below 500.
      A couple was denied “preferred rates” on their health insurance simply because
       their FICO Score was below 650, and that would add “stress” to their lives,
       increasing the need for health care.
      Many utility companies charge higher rates for people with lower FICO Scores,
       as they are deemed “bad credit risks” even though utilities are not “credit
      Sentencing “guidelines” in some states for things like “traffic tickets” are stiffer
       based upon ones FICO Score… and they do check, notice how many clerks of the
       court have internet connections right there and will write down your FICO Score
       and hand it to the thief in a black-dress.

As you can see, these and many other things are effected by your FICO Score, so what to
do? Well, you are going to have to learn how to hammer the “Credit Reporting” agencies
for putting unverified information in your account... and where most people fail in this is
their lack of follow-up.

If you wish to order using F.R.A.U.D.‟s (Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Device)
instead of Liberty Dollars, there is a 10% premium for me to do the conversion to Liberty
Dollars, as I do not use F.R.A.U.D.‟s if I can help it.

If you do not understand what a “Liberty Dollar” is, go to www.LibertyDollar.org and
keep reading!

Constructive Notice:
Ever tried to open a “bank” account or enroll in a community college or some other
activity, just to be told, “can‟t do that unless you give me your Social Security Number!”
If so, then you are interested in the Constructive Notice that can be used whenever
someone “demands” a “Social Security Number” outside the bounds of The Law (See the
1976 Amendment to the “Social Security Act” which is codified at 42 U.S.C.A. 301 et
seq. for more info), to tell them what could happen to them for violations under the
Privacy Act of 1974 and 42 USC 408(a)(8). While this has been “formatted” specifically
to open a “Bank Account” without that dreaded 9-digit number, it has been minimally
altered and used for such purposes as gaining access to hospital services and forcing a
Fortune 500 company to completely redo their “Employee ID” cards that used to display
a certain 9-digit number on them.

Since the so-called “Patriot Act” many institutions have claimed that they must have that
9-digit number, however not one has been able to prove, in law, where such requirement
lies. However, this has made using this tool much more difficult and it is not for the
“faint of heart.”

The Constructive Notice comes in Rich Text Format delivered to you via Email for a
donation of 25 Liberty Dollars

Like the “Debt-Verification” package above, you can use this as many times as you wish
for your own personal use, please do not “give” or “loan” it to others.

If you wish to order using F.R.A.U.D.‟s (Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Device)
instead of Liberty Dollars, there is a 10% premium for me to do the conversion to Liberty
Dollars, as I do not use F.R.A.U.D.‟s if I can help it.

If you do not understand what a “Liberty Dollar” is, go to www.LibertyDollar.org and
keep reading!

Appearance Brief/Affidavit Denying Corporations Existence:

Have you “received” a traffic ticket while Traveling without a “drivers license,” been
“cited” for not having a dog “license,” or in some other way has a local Gestapo
“demanded” your “performance?” If so, then you are interested in the “Appearance
Brief/Affidavit Denying Corporations Existence” package where you have been made an
“Offer of Performance” that you wish to determine the “Nature and Cause” against you,
this package can be had for a suggested donation of 70 Liberty Dollars. Like the other
items above, these will come in Rich Text Format delivered to your email for your
personal use as many times as necessary.

If you wish to order using F.R.A.U.D.‟s (Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Device)
instead of Liberty Dollars, there is a 10% premium for me to do the conversion to Liberty
Dollars, as I do not use F.R.A.U.D.‟s if I can help it.
If you do not understand what a “Liberty Dollar” is, go to www.LibertyDollar.org and
keep reading!

“Waiver of Fees”

This is a very short (Brevity is the sole of wit — William Shakespeare) Memorandum of
Law and Affidavit for a “Public Servant” to waive the Constitutional Requirement for
fees to be paid in Gold & Silver Coin and give you “permission” to “pay” in something
other than said coin. While it is written with Oregon‟s Constitution in mind, check out
your state Constitution and see if there is a similar clause, otherwise simple rely on
Article I, Section 10, which is in the package. The whole thing, including the Affidavit,
fits on ONE PAGE! Furthermore, it is NOT in tiny type!

When they go apoplectic and see that they can‟t sign this and stay out of prison for
committing treason, the next page is a “Waiver of Fees.” This is the “trap door” as it is
not wise to paint a bear into a corner without giving that bear a way to “escape” without
killing you. When they refuse to give you “permission” to “pay” in something other than
what their Oath of Office requires, you give them the “out” to sign the “Waiver of Fees”
giving you the service that the Constitution requires, that is “free access” to the Courts of

Ever since I started using this, I have not had to pay one filing fee, any assessed “fine” or
“levy” and such from any “government” agency that has been demanded from me. It has
literally saved me thousands of F.R.A.U.D.s (Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Devices)
over the past 20 years.

This package can be had for a suggested donation of 65 Liberty Dollars. Like the other
items above, these will come in Rich Text Format delivered to your email for your
personal use as many times as necessary.

If you wish to order using F.R.A.U.D.‟s (Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Device)
instead of Liberty Dollars, there is a 10% premium for me to do the conversion to Liberty
Dollars, as I do not use F.R.A.U.D.‟s if I can help it.

If you do not understand what a “Liberty Dollar” is, go to www.LibertyDollar.org and
keep reading!

Contract for Assistance of Counsel Package:

Are you in a situation where you don‟t have Effective Assistance of Counsel? Are you
possibly going to spend some time in the clink? Are the “Powers that Be” only willing to
provide a “Public Pretender,” as in someone who is pretending to be in your best
interests? Do you wish to assert your Rights as found in Article VI of the Bill of Rights
to “Assistance of Counsel? Are you being “bullied” into “moving on” in the “interests of
our docket” despite the requirements of the Bill of Rights? If you are answering “yes” to
one or more of these questions, then the “Assistance of Counsel” package can help you
overcome these obstacles.

This package includes a 2-page PDF of the pre-2004 edition of 7 Corpus Juris Secundum,
Attorney & Client § 4, pgs 801-802. These two pages lay out in easy to understand
English why the “attorney” is NOT your friend, but is, at best, a “spy” for the “enemy.”
The “enemy” being “the state” that wants to deprive you of your Life, Liberty, or
Property. Once you read these two pages and understand what the courts are telling you
about the “relationship” between “Attorney & Client” you will never again use the word
“My” next to the word “Attorney” ever again in your life as you will be “inoculated”
against that disease! Also included is a 2-page document of major court decisions where
the supreme Court (that‟s the one in Washington, District of Criminals, er, Columbia, as
opposed to a “Supreme Court” which would be in one of the 50 Union States)
acknowledges and instructs “The Powers that Be” on the importance of not trampling
your Rights.

On this subject, of being deprived of your Life, Liberty, or Property, without being
afforded “Assistance of Counsel” the supreme Court laid it out in the case of Argersinger
v Hamlin which stated, “No accused may be deprived of his liberty… in which he was
denied the assistance of counsel.” The court made it very clear that an “attorney” is NOT
the same as “assistance of counsel” and the Contract for Assistance of Counsel takes
everything that is in 7 C.J.S. 801-802, stands it on its head, and then shoves it back down
their craw. Trust me, it is a most unpleasant experience for them, and as such they may
retaliate against you, so this is NOT something for the “faint of heart!”

Also included is Sections 1-10 of the 2004 Edition of the Corpus Juris Secundum. This
is 15 pages of materials to still validate the two pages above, and more!

Since I often teach “The Principle of Study: Don’t Take My Word For It”* I cannot tell
you to just “trust me” without actually backing it up. So, to back up what I am saying
regarding your Right to “Assistance of Counsel,” included in this package is 4 pages of
research on the subject of Counsel, and probably more importantly what Ineffective
Counsel means! Additionally, I will include information on FRAUD to help bolster your
confidence in combating the FRAUD that calls itself a “court.”

* See “Foundation Principles for Freemen” #14.

Finally, since “The Powers That Be” will often try to “force” that Public Pretender upon
you, how do you “get rid” of it, since it is allot like a tic* and since trying to “scratch” it
out of your hide can leave parts of it behind to “infect” you, there has to be a way to
“cleanse” yourself of this “Public Pretender.” Well, to answer the question I can hear
you asking, “HOW?” is the Affidavit of Termination of Ineffective Counsel. This “fires”
the ineffective counsel as the “legal lunatic” they are! Of course, if the thief in the black-
dress will not “allow” you to “fire your attorney,” also included is an Affidavit of
Prejudice. Some of these cross-dressers will try to tell you that you only get to “recuse”
one “judge” per case. With this Affidavit you can remind them that you are NOT asking
them to “recuse” themselves, you are making the record that they are prejudiced against
you and if they continue to “preside” over the case, they are then creating an instant
reversal at an appellate level, for they are supposed to have an Oath of Office which
states they are “impartial.”

*A blood-sucking creature, when there are many of them, we say “poly” which means
“many” so the “shorthand” for allot of them is “politics.”

I have also included four “Quick Study” guides, to help illustrate to you exactly why you
do NOT want to “go to court” and have a “trial” but wish to exercise your Right to
Assistance of Counsel!

For those of you who may be “jailed” in some “mental evaluation institution” I have
included a Notice of Competency. This is a document you will need to fill out before you
start the process! If you want to know where to get an embosser to make up your own
private seal, contact me and I can get you that info.

There are two versions of “questions” for an attorney for when you have been told to “go
get your own” attorney. One is simply longer with more questions, both are effective, it
is up to you to decide which best fits your personality.

There is, for those who are specifically involved in “Tax Cases,” a letter/questionnaire
for, like above, you are told to “go get your own” attorney to show that there is no
“competent counsel” out there.

To show you that all “crimes” you may be charged with are “commercial” in nature, also
included is the definitions from 27 CFR § 72.11.

This package can be had for a suggested donation of 1,000 Liberty Dollars. Like the
other items above, these will come in Rich Text Format, PDF, and Microsoft Word DOC
files, delivered to your email for your personal use as many times as necessary, and will
include one hour of phone “consult” time, if you want in 20-minute increments and
please take note of the concept of a “Telephone Tap” as discussed above. If this sounds
“steep” remember, I have used this to personally get cases “dismissed” with prejudice
and “vacated” so it is like they never “charged” you in the first place. Over the past 4
years, my record has been 58-0. How much is your time/freedom worth? This represents
literally months of research and development. Just in case you missed it, here is a review
of the 54 pages that are included, along with suggested donations if you want just part of
the package:

27 CFR § 72.11, Commercial Nature of Crime in PDF format,
      2 pages, 10 dollars
2004 Edition of 7 C.J.S., §§ 1-10
      15 pages, 40 dollars
Pre-2004 Edition of 7 C.J.S. 801-802 in PDF format,
       2 pages, 10 dollars
Affidavit of Prejudice + Order of Disqualification,
       9 pages, 900 dollars
Affidavit of Termination of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel,
       5 pages, 350 dollars
Contract for Assistance of Counsel,
       2 pages, 200 dollars
Court Cites outlining Rights preserved,
       2 pages, 10 dollars
Foundational Principles for Freemen
      4 pages, 20 dollars
FRAUD information,
    2 pages, 10 dollars
Ineffective Assistance of Counsel research,
        4 pages, 20 dollars
Letter to determine competency of attorney in IRS cases,
        3 pages, 300 dollars
Notice of Competency,
       1 page, 100 dollars
Short and long versions of questions for Attorney as Assistance of Counsel,
       3 pages, 100 dollars
Four Quick Study Guides,
      Not for sale!! Only included as part of this package!

As you can see, the total “package” is less than half the price of all the pieces separately.

If you wish to order using F.R.A.U.D.‟s (Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Device)
instead of Liberty Dollars, there is a 10% premium for me to do the conversion to Liberty
Dollars, as I do not use F.R.A.U.D.‟s if I can help it.

If you do not understand what a “Liberty Dollar” is, go to www.LibertyDollar.org and
keep reading!


I also offer other Educational Services, like removing the “I.R.S.” (Individuals
Representing Satan) from your wallet through the Claim of Right (the 1040X Program)
that is given to you in their code and full-service “decoding” of your IMF to prove, using
their own words that you are not a “taxpayer” subject to their system. In addition I teach
how you can “get private/stay private” using such tools as the Corp. Sole. All of these
can be more thoroughly examined at your leisure by going to
www.FreedomCommittee.com/5537 and if you have any questions or are ready to “get
started” click on the “Contact Us” link to “find” me.


For those of you who like to listen to ongoing information, I have the Constitutional
Crusader‟s Show on The American Voice Radio Network. The show airs live on
Monday afternoon from 3-4 P.T. or 6-7 E.T. and is rebroadcast later in the week. The
easiest way to listen in is live off C-Band satellite at (G7) Galaxy 11 Transponder 12
Audio 8.10. Alternatively, by listening in on the „net at www.AmericanVoiceRadio.com,
www.AmericanVoiceRadio.net, or www.TheAmericanVoice.com. For people that have
high-speed connections, the direct URL for your media player is
http://chicago7.thepuremix.com:8016/listen.pls. For people that have neither Internet or
C-Band Satellite, they can now participate via a “Phone Bridge” by calling 712.580.1100
and entering the code: 97524#. You can also check the “program schedule” there for
rebroadcast times. Most shows are call-in, so CALL IN with your questions/comments
and support the show by giving donations there online, or to my advertisers and tell them
you are supporting them because of their advertising on the Constitutional Crusader‟s


For donations on any of the above, I accept Silver Liberty‟s, Silver Certificates, and
eLD‟s (www.eLibertyDollar.com) (The “Liberty Dollar” you have been reading about
above). If forced to: F.R.A.U.D.‟s in the form of M.O. or PayPal “credits” to
KC7AQK@yahoo.com, however, there is a 10% premium for me to convert back to
Liberty Dollars, as those are what I use.

If sending “credits” via PayPal, please do NOT do so as a “Credit Card” Payment, as
for me to “receive” it would require me to have a “commercial” account which costs
money. Please either have a PayPal account setup to where you can “e-Check,”
“instant transfer” via a debit card, or send via a “funded” account. If I receive a
donation this way, I will have to decline it and ask you to resend in a form that
won’t cost me money just to get it.

Every complete package from above or CD-ROM order of two or more titles, will
include as a bonus “Foundation Principles For Freemen” which are 14 Principles that I
have tried to live by ever since I “discovered” them. Included is a page on how to get
started doing “research” in a law library which many have found to be helpful.

If you have not signed up to be a NORFED Liberty Associate, and you are thinking about
those CD-ROM resources here is a “deal” you can‟t pass up: I will give you SEVEN CD-
ROM titles for only 85 Liberty Dollars (or F.R.A.U.D.‟s) if you signup using me as your
Sovereign Sponsor. (I will not ship until NORFED has cleared your order; I have had
people say they have done it then shipped material to them just to find they cancel
“payment” leaving me holding the bag... I am not saying you would do this, it is just have
been “burned” once, I do not intend on it happening again)

If you want my most popular package, the Assistance of Counsel Package, I will accept
40 Silver Liberty‟s, or simply 800 transferred into my eLD account, if you also sign-up
for the Liberty Dollar using me as your Sovereign Sponsor.

For more info on the Liberty Dollar, go to www.LibertyDollar.org.


Finally, as if the above was not enough! I am available for seminars on various
educational subjects, such as: Privacy; The Law & You; Personal Sovereignty; and
others, just tell me what your needs are and we can see if it is possible to “customize” a
seminar for your group. As a general rule of thumb, the Honorarium for a weekend
seminar is 3,000-5,000 plus round-trip air-fare depending on the size of the group. You,
as Host, have the privilege of transporting me and inviting me into your home for “after
the seminar” talk. Please make sure, when you are gathering 100-150 of your close,
personal friends to come and enjoy this weekend that they bring plenty of Excedrin, as it
will be a mind-altering event… and that usually makes for headaches!

Don‟t forget, you can find my latest “contact information” by clicking the “Contact Us”
link at www.FreedomCommittee.com/5537.

M. Roy Bendshadler
Constitutional Counsellor,
Host of The Constitutional Crusader‟s Show, heard on The American Voice Radio
Network, www.AmericanVoiceRadio.net

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