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 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                         Summer 2008                          ns, Ohio

        Children in the Middle (CIM) Online
        Two years in development,       make required physical movements
CIM Online was just launched this       in choosing and responding to
spring. How is it different from        content. The spoken and written
the CIM video used in groups of         content is crafted to bypass a
divorcing parents? Additional scenes    person’s defensiveness and allow
were filmed when CIM was re-            open-minded learning.
filmed in 2005, with an instructional           The combination of these
design that allows parents to choose    factors results in very rapid gains
between two methods of handling         in understanding and skills,
the conflict in the opening scene.      far outperforming face-to-face
Parents are required to interact with   instruction, reading, watching
the content, at their own pace, and     videos, or text-based online
are quizzed on what they learned        programs.
from each of the five scenarios in              We recommend parents
the program. To pass the course,        take both a class-based course
they have three attempts to get 70%     and the online course for several          and skills to use to reduce those
of the questions correct. An online     reasons. Each method has its unique        risks, they will be eager to share
e-bulletin board or discussion forum    advantages. Participating in a class       this in class, thereby having a
allows parents to respond to the        lets other parents benefit from            contagious effect on other parents.
content and each other, mimicking       discovering that their experiences         Leading such classes will be more
the interaction they might have in a    are not unique, and interaction with       satisfying because of the level of
class with the safety of anonymity.     a skilled facilitator can motivate         sophistication and enthusiasm of
An Ask the Expert page gives            and inform parents. If parents use         some of the participants who have
parents an area where they can          the online program after attending         used the online program. The
request a phone consultation, for a     a class, they will benefit from            families will benefit as the earlier
fee, with leading national experts on   repetition of the content in a different   parents learn these skills, the sooner
divorce and its effects on families.    format requiring interaction, and          they can prevent damage to family
When parents complete the course,       see the skills demonstrated again in       relationships.
a certificate of completion can         the video scenes. Their motivation                 For out of state parents,
be printed and/or emailed to the        to apply these skills and knowledge        where the court wants both parents
referring professional.                 will increase, which is important as       to attend, the online CIM course
        The        cutting       edge   often their motivation is high when        will afford convenience and
instructional design of this program    the class ends but wanes over time.        economy. When rural parents have
makes use of brain research to          If parents take the online course          to drive considerable distances to
accelerate learning to unprecedented    prior to attending a class, they will      take a class, the option of an online
levels. Users process the visual        be more enthusiastic and informed          program provides savings in gas
images in the video along with          participants in class. Because they        and child care expenses, as well as
multimedia presentations. They then     have learned about risks to children       missed parenting time.
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       Brochures Available for CIM Online
        We have recently created         the program or we will refund the
two       high-quality     full-color    $45 subscription fee, no questions
brochures describing all the benefits    asked.
of Children in the Middle Online.                We can also mail you
These brochures are intended to be       brochures for professionals if you
sent out to parents who would be         want to share information about this
more willing to use the CIM online       program with other professionals in
course than a directed course. We        your community. These brochures
will be happy to mail you as many        have more in-depth descriptions
brochures describing CIM online as       of our online course. If you
you wish. These are intended to be       are interested in either of these
given to parents and should motivate     brochures please contact us through
them to use the online program. We       the information on the back of this
guarantee their satisfaction with        newsletter.

                                           Children in the Middle Online Research
                                                 Drs. Don Gordon and Karen         is randomly assigning parents to
                                         Blaisure (a professor at Western          either the online program or the
                                         Michigan University) received a           class, which is the golden standard
                                         federal grant to study the differences    of research designs. The program
                                         between online and class-based            contains content to prevent substance
                                         CIM, as well as developing a Spanish      abuse in parents and teens.
                                         version of online CIM. Through                    The same study will be
                                         focus groups and measuring (pretest       replicated in South Africa, using
                                         and follow-up) parental acrimony,         parents referred through mediators.
                                         child adjustment, and substance           Another study is planned for
                                         use, they will learn about the effects    Ireland.
                                         of each approach. A Michigan court

 Divorce Innovations in Australia and Canada
       During an international           No divorcing parent in the country
conference for family court              can file with the court until they have
personnel in Vancouver, Canada,          been through mediation. In Canada,
Dr. Gordon learned of innovations        a similar focus on mediation and
occurring in Australia. In an effort     counseling is diverting parents from
to provide support and reduce            the adversarial process.
harm from divorce to families,                    Dr.    Gordon       gave     a
the government has, in the past          presentation on Online CIM during
two years, established 65 Family         a symposium with Drs. Shirley
Relationship Centers. Through            Thomas, Les Herold, and Laura
these, parents receive mediation         Backen Jones. Drs. Thomas and
and counseling to help them avoid a      Herold, leading authorities on
contested divorce, and to amicably       divorcing families, are on the Ask
prepare for the changes to the family.   the Experts page for CIM Online.
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              Children in the Middle In Holland
         Marjan Pot, a child therapist   with “Kinderen in het Midden”). She
in Holland, has received her             has arranged for a major university
government’s support to translate        to study the effects of the CIM
CIM materials into Dutch and is          program on Dutch families.
training dozens of “coaches” to                   Dr. Don Gordon will address
facilitate CIM classes throughout        a symposium in Holland this
                                         November to further introduce the                                KINDEREN
the country.                                                                                               IN HET
         She has arranged with           program to Holland. Marjan plans                                  MIDDEN
major child advocacy organizations       to export the Dutch version of CIM
to refer separating and divorcing        to all Dutch-speaking countries.
parents to the classes, and uses other            A link to Holland’s Children
innovative marketing methods (i.e.,      in the Middle program can be found
driving around in a car emblazoned       in the links section of our website.

      Children in the Middle Passes National Registry of
     Effective Prevention Programs and Practices Review
        NREPP, in partnership with       Human Services, is reviewing all of     detailed information on the research
the Substance Abuse and Mental           the Model Programs SAMHSA has           and description of the program. For
Health Administration (SAMHSA)           endorsed. Children in the Middle has    more information and links please
of the US Department of Health and       successfully passed the review, with    visit our website.

                                                                                   CDE Partnerships
                                                                                         Dr. Don Gordon has been
                                                                                 employed as one of the leading
                                                                                 experts     on      FirstWivesWorld
                                                                                 website, offering advice to divorcing
                                                                                 and divorced moms. His monthly
                                                                                 columns will include access to
                                                                                 various scenarios from online CIM
                                                                                 and Parenting Wisely, in an effort
                                                                                 to help visitors learn skills using
                                                                                 the advanced instructional design
                                                                                 mentioned above.
                                                                                         Strategic partnerships are
                                                                                 also in the works for Mediate.com,
                                                                                 the principal website for divorce
                                                                                 mediators in North America, and
                                                                                 Our Family Wizard, a website for
                                                                                 parents to do their child exchange
                 Visit us online at:                                             scheduling online to avoid conflict.
                                                                                         If you are interested in
    http://www.divorce-education.com                                             partnering your site with CDE,
                                                                                 please contact us at info@divorce-
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