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									                              COMPANY PROFILE
Company Overview
PT Bintang Timur Persada (BTP) is a ‘one stop’ telecommunications company providing
a capability to support companies interested in marketing products and services into
Indonesia and deliver full range of telecommunication services such as In-Building
coverage, IT project management and outsourcing quality audit, network end-end
performance management, optimization including Managed Services. BTP is a team of
specialists and experienced support personnel committed to providing the highest in
quality telecommunication services.

Vision & Strategy
Our vision is to be dedicated to helping and supporting Indonesian telecommunication
sector especially for our customers like major telecom’s operators, key vendors & private
telecommunication investor.
Our aim is to build a long term relationship and partnership with our customers based on
our values (honest, friendly, inspiring, trusted, responsible, straightforward and

                        We are always open and honest. We say what we do and we do
     Honest         –
                        what we say.
    Friendly        –   We enjoy working and succeeding together.
    Inspiring       –   We create new possibilities.
     Trusted        –   We can be relied upon to do right thing.
  Responsible       –   We all contribute to the success of our & customers business.
 Straightforward    –   We make things clear.
                        We are passionate about what we do and confidence in
    Dynamic         –

Product & Services

BTP offers the following range of services and will tailor any particular service solution to
meet the customer’s precise requirements:

        Cellmax- Provision of High                 Contract Management & Material
        performance 3G Antennas                             procurement

      Supply of EziBuild-BTS Shelter                Construction & Commissioning

 Cellvision-High-level Cell management
                                                  Radio Planning, Design, & Surveys

          Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210
                        Telp : (021) 57951569, Facsimile : (021) 57951569
      Actix-Wireless Performance
                                                          TRiasX-RF Products
  Engineering for 2G and 3G Networks

   GSM-CDMA network benchmarking,
                                                         Testing & Acceptance
    optimization, drive test and tuning
                                                 IT & Telecom project management,
    Electric Generator Sets (Gensets)             system integration & consultancy
   IT & Telecom Managed Services &
                                                Surveys & Site Acquisitions (SITAC)

                                                 Wireless In Building Coverage (IBC)
   Quality Audit Inspection & Reports
                                                             & Provision

Network/Services Supported
There is no substitute for the depth of knowledge and experience gained in planning,
designing, building and integrating telecommunications networks. This is why you’ll find
we have the expertise to ensure our solutions place customers at the forefront of
efficient communications operation. BTP experience encompasses almost all
technologies, which form part of a modern telecommunications network. This includes:

      Broadband Network/Services                     Optical fibre cable networks

         Data Network/Services                              Radio Networks

BTP’s Resources
BTP has trained staff in Indonesia including engineers (RF, network, and systems),
project managers, and technical support specialist. We also have many years
experience of management and have high dedication and integrity on IT and
telecommunication solution industry sector.

         Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210
                       Telp : (021) 57951569, Facsimile : (021) 57951569
                               RF Network Optimization


RF Network Optimization is an ongoing activity for all wireless networks. By gathering
and analyzing network data and revising network parameters, BTP assists customers
achieve their key performance objectives. Beneficial to customers is BTP’s identification
and resolution of network problems. BTP propose cost-effective RF Optimization
solutions. The results of BTP’s successful optimization effort include additional and
continuous coverage, sufficient capacity and data throughput and excellent quality of
service throughout the optimized network.

BTP offers RF Network Optimization services as part of an end-to end solution or as a
stand-alone project.

RF Network Optimization Process

Preliminary Works Phase

BTP develops the optimization process and specifies software / hardware tools required
to complete the task.

This involves:

      Determining the customers requirements
      Selection and installation of optimization tools
      Obtaining the necessary base data
      Defining the protocols and reporting mechanisms

Data Gathering Phase

BTP gathers data on network performance and behavior by conducting drive tests, from
switches and customer care reports.

Throughout this phase BTP will:

      Define the region / area for which the data is to be gathered
      Conduct drive tests and log data

BTP provides a comprehensive analysis of RF networks and offer solutions to eliminate
problems that affect network performance.

      Obtain customer care reports
      Confirm integrity of data

Data Analysis Phase

         Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210
                       Telp : (021) 57951569, Facsimile : (021) 57951569
BTP provides an analysis of the network data gathered.

This includes the following:

      Analysis of drive test results
      Analysis of switch data
      Analysis of customer care reports
      Reports on the results of the analysis including but not limited to:
          o Neighbor cell list for new network configuration
          o Aggregated coverage for new network configuration
          o Revise frequency plan for existing and new infrastructure
          o Issue final coverage, capacity and performance reports
          o Frequency assignment report/PN offset report and final data
          o Definition of new switch boundaries
          o Antenna orientation and tilt adjustments
          o RF parameter variations

          o BSS dimensioning
          o Optimization of database update report
      Post optimization performance overview


The success of our services is built upon the knowledge and capabilities of our key RF
engineers. BTP’s extensive resource pool offers expertise across a broad spectrum of
telecommunications systems and we are focused on using these skills to address our
customer’s specific requirements. Our RF engineers are equipped with the latest
knowledge of wireless technologies, industry standard tools.

                     Wireless in Building Coverage (IBC) & Provision

BTP provides indoor coverage solution to help wireless operator provide coverage and
services within buildings or public area. These include:

      Shopping Complexes
      Airports
      Office Buildings
      Hotels
      Stadiums
      Hospitals
      Etc.

BTP’s indoor coverage planning based on capacity, coverage requirement and design

Work flows for indoor coverage solution/in building coverage (IBC) solution are:

   1. Design Criterion.
   2. Gather the building info and specific requirements.

          Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210
                        Telp : (021) 57951569, Facsimile : (021) 57951569
   3. Complete site survey and determine equipment room location.
   4. Coverage planning, capacity planning, frequency planning and parameter
   5. RF Propagation Test
   6. Choose BTS type, distribution topology, cable type, and estimate cable length.
   7. Select antenna placements and antenna types.
   8. Enter the data in Link Budget Design spreadsheets.
   9. System diagram
   10. Cable routing Plan
   11. The system design is complete
   12. Construction
   13. Performance Test & Optimization

BTP provide a full turnkey service from simple indoor coverage planning to multi
operator and corporate data service active systems including GSM, CDMA, WCDMA,
GPRS, WiMax , PMR, SMR etc.

        Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210
                      Telp : (021) 57951569, Facsimile : (021) 57951569
                         Quality Audit Inspection & Reporting

A Quality Audit is a structured, independent review to determine whether project
installation activities comply with organizational and technical standards, and report
deficient installations which may require rework in the future.

The subsequent effort to correct these deficiencies will result in reduced cost of quality
and an increase in the percentage of acceptance of the product or service by the
customer or sponsor within the performing organization.

BTP can provide this service for telecommunication audit include the reporting. Quality
audit may be scheduled or at random, and carried out by our properly trained auditors.

BTP‘s quality audit confirm the implementation of approved change requests, corrective
actions, defect repairs, and preventive action

         Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210
                       Telp : (021) 57951569, Facsimile : (021) 57951569
                            Surveys & Site Acquisition (SITAC)

Planning a network rollout requires all necessary preparations to be carried out as early
as possible. This is especially true where site acquisition is concerned, since the task is
complex, resource-intensive and uncertain. Site acquisition in the network build concept
entails identifying, evaluating and procuring the most suitable sites for your
telecommunications network.

Site Acquisition service is country-specific and dependent on various local factors, such
as the real estate market, land and property owners, local building regulations and
environmental regulations. BTP has the experience and knowledge of how to engage
and manage partners, consultants and contractors who can deliver the best possible
service in terms of speed, capacity, site portfolio and financial considerations.

Site Acquisition is not a stand-alone service, but is offered solely in conjunction with a
total network build solution or In-building solution.

In today's competitive telecommunications market, operators need to concentrate on
their core business, leaving specialized tasks, such as site acquisition, to the experts.
This is exactly the service you get when you engage BTP to handle your turnkey
network rollout project.

         Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210
                       Telp : (021) 57951569, Facsimile : (021) 57951569
                      IT & Telecommunication Project Management,
                       System integration & Consultancy Services

BTP has developed project management systems for IT & Telecommunication
services, which from the key to develop a comprehensive project management
plan for delivering quality solutions matching customer needs within scope, on
time and within budget.

IT & Telecommunication projects are unique and have progressive elaboration
characteristic. BTP establishes a project management team that has professional
responsibility to its stakeholder including customers.
The detail key process in our business system is BTP’s project management process
group and mapping.
This process, which recognises the various phases in the life cycle of a product or
project, requires the same set of key quality management processes be applied at each
By adopting this approach to project management, we ensure that all relevant functions
are consulted and that functional specialists provide the necessary inputs at the relevant
stage for the success of IT & Telecommunication project.
The framework of BTP’s Project Management and Delivery Systems incorporates the
following elements:

   Develop Project Management Plan                Plan Purchases, Contracting, &
Create WBS (Work breakdown structure)                        Acquisitions
         Schedule Development                          Information Distribution
 Cost Estimating, budgeting and control            Monitor & Control Project Work
       Human Resource Planning                       Integrated Change Control
 Quality Planning, Assurance & Control                  Manage stakeholders
Risk Management Planning & Identification              Contract Administration

BTP can provide IT and Telecommunication project management, system
integration & consultancy service to make sure the customer’s project on the
right track.

         Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210
                       Telp : (021) 57951569, Facsimile : (021) 57951569
               IT & Telecommunication Managed Service & Outsourcing

BTP can provide IT & Telecommunication managed service and become manage
service provider. A managed service provider (MSP) provides delivery and management
of network-based services, applications, and equipment to enterprises, residences, or
other service providers.

BTP will typically deliver infrastructure management services on a subscription basis,
similar to the model used by application service providers (ASPs). They most commonly
offer network- and application-monitoring services to e-businesses

BTP also serves as outsourcing agents for companies, especially other service providers
like banking area, telecommunication company, public service, that don't have the
resources to constantly upgrade or maintain faster and faster the IT and
telecommunication networks

           Contract Management & Material Procurement

BTP has established partnerships for the provision and support of equipment. This is a
distinct advantage in ensuring the best possible pricing and full life support of the

BTP Contract Management staffs ensure that the primary task of all parties to the
agreement is the management of project deliverables in accordance with the agreed
contractual terms and conditions, hence minimising the commercial risk for the client.
The meticulous management of all contracts within the project ensures a seamless
delivery of projects worldwide

         Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210
                       Telp : (021) 57951569, Facsimile : (021) 57951569
Material Procurement and Logistics are most critical to the success of a project and this
activity forms an integral part of the roles and responsibilities of the BTP Project
BTP has developed close relationships with a range of suppliers and has in place proven
methods and systems for material procurement. The Project Manager will ensure that
these are utilised for the purpose of this project to ensure timely delivery of material for
the project so that no delays are encountered to adversely affect the scheduled
completion of works

Current Available Resources:

   1. Surveyors – 5 Teams
   2. Installation, Testing & Commissioning for RBS Equipment - 15 Teams
   3. Installation, Testing & Commissioning for Radio Transmission Equipment – 5
   4. BTS Support – 10 Teams
   5. BTS Integrator (2G Network) – 2 Teams
   6. Drive Tester – 15 Engineers
   7. RF Engineer / Optimization Engineer – 15 Engineers
   8. Rigger – 10 Teams
   9. RF Planner – 6 Engineers
   10. Drafter – 6 personnel
   11. Sitac & CME – 8 Teams
   12. IT Support - 3 personnel

          Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210
                        Telp : (021) 57951569, Facsimile : (021) 57951569
                             Supporting Tools & Software

1. Software’s Pathloss 4.0
2. DeskCat 5.4
3. MapInfo 7.0
4. Actix Planning Tools (GSM/CDMA & 3G Planning)
5. Net Act Planning Tools
6. NEMO Planning Tools
7. Laptop Centrino Duo Core 1.7GHz, Memory 1 GHz, Multiple USB port (total 15
8. Digital Camera (4 Mpix)
9. Altimeter
10. Clinometers
11. Compass
12. Tilt Meter
13. Binocular
14. GPS
15. Walky Talky
16. Tems Mobile GSM Handset T68i (software version TEMS Investigation 4.1.1)
17. Tems Mobile GSM Handset T610 (software version TEMS Investigation 5.1.2)
18. Tems Mobile GSM Handset Z800 (software version TEMS Investigation 6.1.4)
19. Tems Mobile GSM Handset K600 (software version TEMS Investigation 7)
20. Tems CDMA CDMA Handset / kyosera
21. Tems
22. SIM card for Drive Test / Optimization :
          Telkomsel – 25 pcs
          Indosat – 20 pcs
          XL – 10 pcs
23. Spectrum Analyser Agilent 1 GHz – 26 GHz – 1 Pc
24. Network Analyser – 1 pc
25. BER Test Equipment (E1 bert) – 3 pcs
26. Site Master Anritsu S331D – 2 pc
27. BIRD Power Meter – 2 pcs
28. Safety Belt & Others tools – 35 sets
29. Tool for ITC – 20 sets

      Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210
                    Telp : (021) 57951569, Facsimile : (021) 57951569
   30. Operational Car – 15 Cars

                                    List of Experiences

Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Works (Outdoor):

          RBS Installation
          Shelter Installation
          APCBD Installation
          Monopole Installation
          Cable tray Installation
          Feeder Entry & Grounding system
          Switching System
          Tower & BTS Construction
          Site Acquisition
          Fabrication Workshop

Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Works (Indoor):

          Cable Tray Installation
          Feeder Installation using PVC conduit
          Omni antenna installation on the ceiling
          Omni antenna installation using bracket
          Planar & bi-direct antenna installation
          Splitters installation & connection

     Site Location                     : Jawa Timur & Kalimantan
     Job Type                          : Sitac & CME (Telkom – Flexi)
     Job Order                         : Subcont
     Number of Project                 : 80 Sites


      Site Location                    : Jawa Timur, Jawa Barat, Sumatera Utara
      Job Type                         : Installation Antenna System Comtest BTS.
                                         (Nokia-Indosat, Nokia –Telkomsel, Alcatel –
      Job Order                        : Subcont
      Number of Project                : 30 Site Nokia Jatim, 25 Site Nokia Jabar, 50
                                         Sites Alcatel Sumatera Utara

          Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210
                        Telp : (021) 57951569, Facsimile : (021) 57951569
     Site Location          : Jabodetabek, Sulawesi Selatan
     Job Type               : Installation & Comtest
     Job Order              : Subcont
     Number of Project      : 8 HOP SDH NOKIA, 24 HOP SDH NEC, 45
                              HOP MINILINK ERICSSON

         E.X. Plaza (Indosat)
         Permata Apartment (Excelcomindo)
         Jayabaya University (Indosat)
         Setiabudi Atrium (Excelcomindo)
         Semanggi Apartment (Excelcomindo)
         Santika Hotel (Excelcomindo)
         BBD Plaza (Excelcomindo)
         Samudera Indonesia (Excelcomindo)
         Pondok Indah Mall 2 (Excelcomindo)
         Semanggi Apartment (Excelcomindo)
         RS. Gleneagles-Cikarang (Excelcomindo
         Setiabudi Entertainment (Excelcomindo)
         Plaza DM (Excelcomindo)
         Plaza DM (Excelcomindo)
         Apartment Brawijaya (Excelcomindo)
         Medan Fair (PT. Bakrie Telecom)
         E.X. Plaza (Excelcomindo)
         STIE Trisakti (Indosat)
         Ramayana, Pasar Anyar (Indosat)
         Hero, Padjajaran (Indosat)
         Puri Casablanca (Telkomsel)
         Hotel Hard Rock Bali (Excelcomindo)
         Hotel Bali Hai Bali (Excelcomindo)
         Hotel Hilton Lagoon (Indosat)

     Site Location                    : RS Jakarta
     Job Type                         : Installation IBC Excelcomindo
     Job Order                        : Maincont
     Number of Project                : 1 Site

      Site Location                   : PD Pasar Jaya Tanah Abang
      Job Type                        : Installation IBC Excelcomindo & Telkomsel
      Job Order                       : Maincont
      Number of Project               : 1 Site

         Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210
                       Telp : (021) 57951569, Facsimile : (021) 57951569
Our Contacts

PT. Bintang Persada Timur
Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A
Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang
Jakarta, 10210, Indonesia

Telephone        : +62 21 57951569
Facsimile        : +62 21 57951569

Contact Person:

Ananda Sukma             Director                        Email:

            Jl. Danau Dibawah No. 22A, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210
                          Telp : (021) 57951569, Facsimile : (021) 57951569

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