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                                        FUJINON BINOCULARS
     WHY FUJINON 7x50s?
    The only two binoculars rated
 as SUPERIOR by Practical
 Sailor magazine, were the
 Fujinon Polaris and the Zeiss
 7x50s (which cost about $500
 more). In fact Fujinon was rated
 best in dim light conditions.
 Thanks to a proprietary zirconi-
 um oxide, electron beam coating
 (EBC) process, they are able to
 transmit an incredible 95% of the
 light striking their objective lens.
 They are the brightest binocu-
 lars in the world in critical low-
 light dawn and dusk situations.
 Their housings are super-rugged
 lightweight aluminum alloy which
 are rubber coated. This makes
 the binoculars easier to hold,                                        POLARIS 7X50 BINOCULARS
 and helps to prevent damage if
 dropped. All models are 100%                Built to U.S. military specifications for optical performance, waterproofness, and durabil-
 waterproof and nitrogen filled to        ity, these are probably the very best marine binoculars in the world! In addition to their light
 prevent fogging and mold. They           enhancing EBC coatings, the Polaris has “flat-field” lenses to prevent distortion and astig-
 all carry a limited lifetime war-        matism from the center to the edges for the best edge-to-edge sharpness of any binoculars
 ranty.                                   available. The super long 23mm eye relief allows longer viewing without fatigue, and is a
    We chose the 7x50 specifica-          critical factor for those who wear glasses. It allows the eye to be further away from the eye-
 tion because this has long been          piece without image cutoff. The compass model features a very large, stable and accurate
 considered to be optimum for             compass and reticle. Binocular weight is 3.3 lbs. (3.4 lbs with compass). The binoculars
 marine use. This is because of           come with attached lens caps, and a comfortable padded neck strap. SW 4 lbs.
 excellent light gathering and
 maximum magnification useable            Polaris Binoculars   (FMTR-SX)              #2404         (List $1,030.00)       $565
 on a moving platform.                    Polaris with Compass (FMTRC-SX)             #2405         (List $1,160.00)       $639
    You can buy cheaper binocu-
 lars, but they wonʼt be as opti-
 cally good or bright, durable, and
 resistant to fogging and mold.
 Because these binoculars will                                                 Specifications
 last much longer than cheap                                   (common to all models unless noted in description)
 ones, they can be thought of as
 actually more economical in the
                                             Magnification               7 power           Exit Pupil Diameter          7.1 mm
 long run. The bonus is that all             Objective Lens Diameter     50 mm             Relative Brightness          51
 the while you will be enjoying the          Apparent Field of View      7° 30ʼ            Rubber Coated                yes
 best vision in the world.                   Field of View at 1000 m     131 m             Waterproofing                100%
                                                                                           Optics Coating               EBC

18                                      Order by telephone +1-316-686-9785

  The Poseidon is essential-
ly the same as the Polaris
except that it does not have
the flat field lenses, but
instead has the same type
of high quality lenses found
on other top-of-the-line bin-
oculars. It has the same EBC
coating giving it the same
95% outstanding light trans-
mission. It is slightly lighter
in weight at 3 lbs. (3.1 lbs with compass). The eye relief is also less at
12mm, which is in the normal range for most binoculars. If you intend
to wear eyeglasses while viewing, we recommend buying the Polaris
instead of this model. The compass model features a very large, stable       NIKON OCEANPRO 7X50
and accurate compass and reticle. The binoculars come with attached
lens caps, and a comfortable padded neck strap. SW 4 lbs.                       Rated a “best buy” by Practical Sailor for its high quality
                                                                             and relatively low price, the OceanPro is nitrogen filled and
Poseidon Binoculars   (MTR-SX) #2406                  (List $820)   $399     O-ring sealed for waterproof, shockproof and fogproof per-
Poseidon with Compass (MTRC-SX) #2407                 (List $950)   $464     formance. The binocular also incorporates a rubber armored
                                                                             exterior that provides a non-slip grip. These features, togeth-
                                                                             er with tough, lightweight polycarbonate construction, make
NAUTILUS 7X50 BINOCULARS                                                     the OceanPro durable enough for wet, rough environments.

  The Nautilus is essentially the same as the Poseidon and It has the          The OceanPro utilizes precision ground lenses with multiple
same EBC coating giving it excellent light transmission. It is slightly      layers of anti-reflective coatings to deliver superior bright-
lighter in weight at 2.9 lbs. (3.0 lbs with compass). The eye relief is      ness, enhanced resolution and critical high-contrast for low
also greater at 16mm, which is at the top of the normal range for most       light and bad weather conditions. The large, 50mm objective
binoculars. The compass model features a large, stable and accurate          lenses provide a 7.1mm exit pupil for maximum light gather-
compass and reticle. The binoculars come with attached lens caps. A          ing, while a diopter adjustment and large central focus knob
comfortable padded neck strap is an optional accessory. SW 4 lbs.            make focus easy to achieve and maintain.

Nautilus Binoculars   (AR-SX)             #2408       (List $520)   $299       Two versions of the Nikon 7x50 OceanPro are available,
Nautilus with Compass (ARC-SX)            #2409       (List $630)   $355     depending on user preference and requirements. Besides
                                                                             the standard version, a model is available that incorporates
                                                                             an illuminated compass for easy direction finding. Each
                                                                             model has a 7.2 degree real angle of view, which equates to
                                                                             a 50 degree apparent angle - true wide angle performance.
ACCESSORIES                                                                  The field of view for each model is 378 feet at 1,000 yards.
  Accessories available include a Universal Carrying Case for rubber         They utilize fold-down rubber eyecups that protect the eyes
coated binoculars, a compass Illuminator for use after dark, a comfort       from bumps in rough water conditions and provide 22.7mm
neck strap, and a tripod adapter. A Lens Pen is recommended for opti-        of eye relief to accommodate eyeglass wearers and non-
cal care. Shipping weight is included when ordered with binoculars.          eyeglass wearers alike. Weight is a relatively light 2.4 lbs.

Case for Binoculars                                  #2501          $59       Comes with Nylon floating neck strap, lens caps, carrying
Compass Illuminator                                  #2503          $55      case, and 25 year warranty. SW 5.0 lbs
Comfort Neck Strap                                   #2504          $39
Tripod Adapter                                       #2505          $33      OceanPro Binoculars             #2412        $249
Lens Pen (see page 13)                               #1405          $9.90    OceanPro with Compass           #2413        $299

                                                  Order online at                                                19

        Many people say that buying image stabilizing (IS) bin-
     oculars ranks among the top 3 most important things they
     have ever bought for their boats. You will see buoys, radar
     contacts, and navigational hazards much farther away than
     with non-stabilized models.
        How much stabilization is needed? When binocular
     power increases above 8, hand tremor and platform motion
     begins to blur the image so that increasing magnification
     gives no better results. IS systems allow power to be
     increased without blurring. IS systems are described by
                                                                               NIKON STABILEYES 14X40
     the number of degrees of oscillation over which they have
     authority. Models with ±1° of stabilization are adequate for         WATERPROOF STABILIZED BINOCULARS
     controlling hand tremors, but not the platform motion asso-
     ciated with being underway in a boat, airplane or car. For          Nikonʼs dual mode StabilEyes provides the power, razor sharp
     these, models with up to ±5°of stabilization is desired.          resolution, and rock steady hold necessary for long range view-
        How is stabilization achieved? Models with up to ±5°           ing on land or sea. Phase correction coated prisms and fully
     of stabilization do this through a battery powered system         multicoated lenses provide unparalleled optical capability, while
     of gimbaled digital servos, and piezo-vibration sensors.          durable, waterproof/fogproof construction makes it the ultimate
     This system does away with the power hungry high speed            optic for any situation. Its distinguishing feature is having two
     gyros in older models and allows a lighter weight. Both           modes of operation. By selecting LAND mode, the binocular is
     models shown here use the same system, have the same              optimized for use under stable conditions with ±1° of authority.
     size and weight, and have essentially the same specifica-         Switching to ONBOARD mode, gives a full ±5° of authority for
     tions throughout. We have seen mechanically stabilized            a moving platform. This gives better viewing on land, and con-
     models at half these prices, but have found them to offer no      serves battery power.
     observable advantage over un-stabilized 7x50 binoculars.            The polarizing and haze filter sets shown for the Techno-Stabi
       Specifications for both models include: eye relief-13mm,        below will fit nicely on the StabilEyes. Comes with handsome
     diopter adjustment-±4, exit pupil-2.9mm, relative bright-         soft neoprene carrying case. One year manufacturerʼs war-
     ness-8.18, interpupillary distance-60-70mm, dimensions            ranty. (List price $1700) SW 6.0 lbs
     (wxhxd)-7.3x5.8x3.4 inches, weight-2.8 lbs. Power is from
     4 AA batteries for up to 3 hours continuous use.                  StabilEyes 14X40                           #2420            $1,099 MAP

                                                                              MAP - Some manufacturers insist that we publish their Minimum
                                                                              Advertised Price, or MAP. Please call, fax, or email us for our
                                                                              actual selling price, as it may be lower.

 The TECHNO-STABI delivers a full ±5° stabilization freedom unlike
some other stabilizing binoculars which are not waterproof, and com-
pensate only for hand tremor (Canon). Naturally, you get 100% EBC
multi-coated lenses and phase coated prisms—a feature shared with
Fujinonʼs other highest priced binoculars.
  It comes in a waterproof, pressure proof carrying case. One year
mfrʼs warranty. (List price $2000) SW 10 lbs.

Techno-Stabi 14X40                 #2411            $1,099
Polarizing Filter Set (Gray)       #2411PF          $ 130
Haze Filter Set (Orange)           #2411HF          $ 90

20                                             Order by telephone +1-316-686-9785

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